Diet / Weight Loss / Pharma Links

This is a separate inventory of contextual edits due to the fact this is considered to be a naughty niche by our company. Keeping this niche separate from the other services we provide will give our clients peace of mind.

For this niche, we can provide contextual edits in which your website link will be embedded into an aged article that is as relevant as possible to this naughty niche.

All websites used for contextual edits will be established and authoritative for the best results.

Note: Larger orders or complex niches may take up to 30 business days due to website owners response times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses that are based in the health industry will find link building with genuine and authoritative websites to be quite difficult, as many do not want to support this kind of content.

Not being able to use link building can drastically slow down the growth of your website and will reduce the amount of traffic you receive. Link building is a key part of SEO success, and it is a strategy that can make a huge difference to your website.

Fortunately, here at Searcharoo, we have thousands of websites in our inventory that will accept and support these kinds of health, Pharma and weight loss niche links. We are constantly striving to work with and find more websites that support niche links so we can offer the best SEO service possible.

For websites that are based in our healthy naughty niche, we have three link building packages available – Semi Powerful, Powerful, and Super Powerful. These will be determined by the number of referring domains.

We would recommend our Super Powerful link packages for websites that are in a competitive niche.

Are These Links Placed on Health Specific Websites?

Our main aim when providing link packages is to have them placed on relevant websites and within relevant articles.

This can sometimes mean that we will be able to place your links on a very specific healthcare website that directly relates to your keywords and chosen topic.

However, the majority of our links will be added to relevant posts and pages that will refer to the subject of Diet, Weight Loss, Pharma, etc.

Our requests for these kinds of subjects are rapidly increasing and we have more than enough backlinks to accommodate very large websites within this naughty niche.

What Is Considered the Health Niche?

At Searcharoo, anything that is even remotely connected to health is considered to be apart of this naughty niche.

This includes a good range of keywords, including pharma, weight loss, diets, or other similar topics. However, this niche does not include fitness.

You can purchase backlink packages from us for your fitness based website from our Topically Relevant Outreach Links service.

Why Use Our Links?

The inventory of Health and Pharma websites that we have at Searcharoo is continually growing, and we are more than equipped to provide backlinks for large websites in this niche.

We currently have more than enough backlinks to support the rapidly-growing websites in this niche as we have been collecting contacts for several years.

Each backlink that we provide will be vetted by team members in both the UK and the US before it goes live. This will ensure that it is relevant and authoritative.

As well as this service, we will also provide 1-3 additional sentences of directly relevant content that will be added to the post of your backlink. This content will surround your link to make it appear more natural in the post, while also providing additional relevancy and keywords that can be used by search engines.

All of the websites that we use for our backlinks are vetted, and many of them already use tier 2 links.

Can I Use These for Foreign Language Sites?

It is possible for you to use our link packages for your foreign language packages, but you will need to have an English URL or anchor text.

This is because we will be embedding your links onto English websites.

What Are Contextual Edits?

Another valuable SEO service that we offer is contextual edits. These differ from guest posts as they will embed your backlink into a pre-existing related post, rather than creating a whole new post for you.

This is an effective method of link building as the existing post is likely to have its own organic traffic and integration, which you can use to your advantage.

Using contextual edits will also ensure that your links will be recognised quicker by search engines, which will also allow them to rank it better.

Most SEO experts agree that this is the best form of link available. 

Case Study Using Contextual Edits: 
How We Grew 4 Affiliate Sites Daily Traffic by 2789% in 12 Months

Is There a Limitation On Anchor Text Selection?

We are very flexible and will allow a good range of anchor text selection, which means we will be able to accept your request.

It is important to note that some webmasters may not allow your requested anchor text, in which case we will contact you to discuss another option.

What Metrics Do You Guarantee?

We can guarantee the quality of referring domains in our services based on Majestic SEO metrics.

We may be looking into adding DR as another supported metric for our services if we find that there is enough interest in this.

Do You Provide Sample Links?

We are unable to provide sample links due to the NDA that we automatically sign whenever a client makes an order with us.

If you would like to try out our services, you can order a single link. You can then use this to test our quality, speed, and support to see whether we are a good option for you.

How Long Do Link Placements Take?

It can take up to 30 working days for our diet naughty niche backlinks to go live as we work through a priority queue system.

This time to go live is normally supported by our clients, as they prefer for their links to be drip-fed onto other posts for a more natural integration.

However, if you would like us to place your links as soon as possible, then we can do this for you. There will be a 25% charge for this service, and you will need to contact us before making an order so we can develop the best plan for you.

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