Frequently Asked Questions.


What Are Contextual Edits?

Contextual edits are different from guest posts, in the sense that the website owner is editing an existing related post that is already indexed, aged, live and sometimes has organic traffic and existing backlinks.

This combination will ensure your links are picked up quicker and enable you to rank faster. The best type of link possible, in our eyes.

What Is RSOS?

Reverse sink or swim (RSOS) is a term coined by the guys at OMG (One Man Gang). Links that include your keyword or are directly related to the page you are trying to rank, get an additional boost and become the most powerful link type you can get.

Can I Use These for Foreign Language Sites?

Yes, although we recommend URL/branded anchor text in English. As they will be placed on websites with content in English.

Why Do You Send Social Signals To All Your Links?

Included free with any of the links you buy is a social signal blast. We feel this helps Google pick up on your new backlink quicker and sends additional trust signals that your link is authoritative.

This is completed by our team, as soon as your link is placed. Social signals are drip fed over a 30 day period.

Is There a Limitation On Anchor Text Selection?

No, we are very flexible and we allow the use of any type of anchor text you’d like. 

On rare occasions, some webmasters may not like the anchor text chosen, we will contact you with the necessary information.

Do You Offer Links for Pharma, Gambling, Adult Etc?

Yes. Please see our “Naughty Niches” packages.

My Question Hasn't Been Answered Here?

You can contact our friendly support team with any questions or suggestions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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