Links for ‘Naughty Niches’

These are contextual edits where your naughty backlink is placed on an aged article that is as relevant as possible to your topic, and on an established website.

This is a separate inventory of websites, for peace of mind of our other clients.   

Select Your Niche

CBD / Marijuana Links

We offer a wide range of CBD, THC, Marijuana, Cannabis and other topics relating to this fast growing niche. 

Adult Links

If you know you’re in the adult niche, then you know how difficult it is to obtain quality and relevant links. We’ve solved that issue.

Gambling / Casino Links

“There just isn’t enough gambling links available” – said most casino owners. Here at Searcharoo, we’ve compiled a specific list, for this niche. 

Health / Pharma Links

Finding links in the weight loss, pharma or diet niche, that haven’t been spammed can be tricky. Our team will do all the hard work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Links for Pharma, Gambling, Adult Etc?

If you know you’re in a “naughty niche”, then you require these difficult to reach websites. 

We class naughty niches as: Gambling, Adult, Pharma, Loans, Cannabis, CBD, Porn, Weight Loss, Diet and similar.

Note: We do not provide content for these services.

Why Only Semi-Relevant?

We always strive to get your link placed on the most relevant page possible. However, for these types of links, we cannot guarantee the direct relevancy. 

E.g Your page is about Slots:
The link we acquire for you may a post on ‘slots’, ‘casino’, ‘gambling’ or slightly broader, ‘games’.

Can I Use These for Foreign Language Sites?

Yes, although we recommend URL/branded anchor text in English. 

What Are Contextual Edits?

Contextual edits are different from guest posts, in the sense that the website owner is editing an existing related post that is already indexed, aged, live and sometimes has organic traffic and existing tiered backlinks.

This combination will ensure your links are picked up quicker and enable you to rank faster. The best type of link possible, in our eyes.

Is There a Limitation On Anchor Text Selection?

No, we are very flexible and we allow the use of any type of anchor text you’d like. 

On rare occasions, some webmasters may not like the anchor text chosen, we will contact you with the necessary information.

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