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Learn more about Kasra Dash by reading an inisights into his life and how began in SEO.

Who is Kasra Dash?

Kasra Dash is a Scottish entrepreneur; he has helped hundreds of businesses with SEO, improving their websites and earning more money over the years. Kasra Dash part owns a rank and rent agency with James Dooley and owns over 650+ rank and rent websites.

They have generated over 2 Million organic leads for businesses across the UK, Canada & Australia.

Kasra Dash has the biggest pool of test sites to see what works in Google’s algorithm. Kasra is a good person to follow after an algorithm update as usually, he is looking through 30/40 websites to see what has been effected and figuring out why.

Kasra Dash

What Does Kasra Dash Do?

Kasra Dash works on various projects; although being an integral part of Searcharoo, he also owns various businesses for which he relies on rankings and makes sure on a day-to-day basis that website rankings are going in the right direction.

Kasra Dash is a big affiliate in the IGB (iGaming Business) space, and for anyone who doesn’t know, the IGB space is fairly difficult to rank in. It requires a lot of content and links and really good technical SEO, So his know-how from that being passed to our Searcharoo clients works out very well as he learns in the hardest industry and passes on any test data to make Searcharoo client’s lives easier.

How Can Kasra Dash Help You?

Kasra Dash is very active in active groups. He attends masterminds across the world with some of the greats, such as:

Matt Diggity

Matt actively runs CMSEO conference, and this year, 2023 Kasra Dash Will be talking about Website Recoveries and how Kasra was able to recover a website from being hit and earnings dropping. He will be teaching the crowd what to look for and how you should avoid getting hit by algorithm updates.

Kyle Roof

Kyle roof is arguably the greatest of all time regarding an understanding of on-page SEO. Recently Kasra Dash Released a course called the Link Building PHD on IMG. He gives a lot of knowledge about link-building campaigns and how to build links for your website successfully.

Kasra Dash & Kyle Roof POP

James Dooley

James Dooley and Kasra Dash have various JVs together. They actively look to acquire businesses and together and plug the business into their ecosystem and increase the value of the business by improving the SEO of the business and also adding more avenues of traffic by also running PPC and Facebook ads.

James Dooley has been a mentor for Kasra over the years and has helped him a lot when it comes to mindset and how to run a successful business.

Kasra Dash & James Dooley Fatrank

Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a Scottish SEO, and over the years, Craig has provided lots of black hat tactics and has helped Kasra numerous times with various strategies to avoid; Craig knows all the tips and tricks and what websites should be avoiding to do especially the recent climate of Google algorithm Updates.

Kasra Dash has also appeared on Craig’s podcast various times.

Kasra Dash & Craig Campbell SEO

Charles Floate

Charles Floate, also known as the God Of SEO, has helped Kasra with various algorithm update tricks over the years. Together Kasra & Charles have audited tons of websites and pro-actively communicate what is working and what isn’t.

Kasra Dash & Charles Floate

Kevin Meng

Kevin Meng is the best copywriter in the digital marketing industry specializing in product reviews, landing pages and optimizing content for conversions.

Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan has the ability to onboard, train and scale SEO content writers through his amazing Workello tool. Many say you are not an elite SEO until you have 20 content writers working for you (Nick can help you build your team).

Kasra Dash & Nick Jordan

Kurt Philip

Kurt Philip is the CRO guy. It’s fine getting traffic to your website, but it’s all about converting those clicks into hard earned cash. Kurt is the best in the digital marketing industry at conversion rate optimisation.

Kasra Dash & Kurt Phillip Convertica

Rick Lomas

Rick Lomas is the world’s biggest unnatural link audit specialist and recovered more websites from Google penalties than anyone else. His knowledge of trust, power and toxicity is mind blowing, and James Dooley’s team works daily with Rick Lomas.

Lefteris Soulas

Lefteris Soulas is the AI data analyst who can run scripts and create tools to calculate data on a mass scale. Leo is very advanced in CTR, traffic and engagement signals in all search engines. Lefteris is also the proud owner of Keyword Cupid.

Kasra Dash & Lefteris Soulas

Vaibhav Sharda

Vaibhav Sharda is the founder of autoblogging.ai and autolinking.ai. Vaibhav is a genius coder and loved to create tools. Vaibhav is constantly looking for new innovative ideas on how he can make an SEOs life easier. 

Vaibhav Sharda & Kasra Dash

Karl Hudson

Karl Hudson is a great SEO which ranks over 40 websites in the toughest niches in the world. His SOPs and processes to scale SEO are on another level.

Kasra & Karl Hudson

Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson is a young, fellow Scottish entrepreneur who has a great ethic. His direct response ad copy and paid social skills are superb for growing brands online. Gary Wilson now runs Let Property.

Kasra Dash & Gary Wilson

Andrew Halliday

Andrew Halliday is over the years has helped Kasra out loads when it comes to Technical SEO and also understanding Server Logs. This is crucial when it comes to ranking bigger websites.

The SEO Stig

The SEO STIG character is a play on anonymity where nobody knows who or what is inside the Stig’s SEO suit. The Stig’s primary role is helping the whole SEO community. We have a dozen top-level marketers who want to remain anonymous, and we call them the SEO STIG. But they help, assist and bolster our testing labs.

10 Things To Know About Kasra Dash

  1. Only book a call if you are serious about growing your digital asset (strictly no time wasters)
  2. Kasra hates procrastinators
  3. Kasra enjoys networking with business owners and other digital marketers.
  4. Kasra used to be a developer and understands PHP; he now has 3 developers that work for him.
  5. Kasra enjoys travelling and wants to visit as many countries as he can.
  6. The best way to get information out of Kasra is by buying him a drink (he’ll spill the beans on the latest and greatest tests he and his team are working on).
  7. Kasra is super competitive and hates losing.
  8. Kasra was originally born in Iran but raised in Scotland hence the tan and the Scottish accent.
  9. Kasra enjoys going to the gym. A strong mind is a strong body.
  10. Every day is a school day for Kasra, so he is okay with learning and failing every day to improve in business and as a marketing genius.

Where To Find Kasra Dash

If you have any other questions, email me, find me on Facebook on Twitter.

Facebook : Kasra.Dash1

Twitter : Kasra_Dash

LinkedIn : Kasra Dash

Email : [email protected]

Website : SEO Expert Kasra Dash

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