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Let us work with you and try to get your brand in the big newspapers.

We craft the stories that Journalists love and they then tweak and share

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Unlike Other Digital PR Agencies We Guarantee Placements

Looking to get your story out there? We’ve got you covered. With our digital PR service, we guarantee at least 10 placements for your story.

We don’t just send out press releases blindly. We dive into each publication, matching our pitches to what journalists are currently covering.

This way, we craft stories that are not just seen, but heard.

Got a message you want to spread? Leave it to us.

We research, we write, and we pitch.

Your story will hit the desks of journalists who are most likely to publish it, because we tailor each piece to fit the unique style and needs of their papers. With us, it’s not about if your story will be told—it’s about where.

Every story is unique, and so is every publication. We make sure they meet in just the right way. Our team is relentless in getting your news out there, crafting and recrafting stories until they catch the eye of the right journalists. With our service, your story doesn’t just go out—it goes places.

Let’s get your story the attention it deserves. Choose our digital PR service and watch your story unfold across the media landscape. Guaranteed visibility, tailored content, and strategic placements—that’s our promise to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Digital PR Service

What exactly does your digital PR service include?

Our service includes tailored story crafting to align with the styles of specific publications, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience. We guarantee at least 10 media placements, meticulously researching and matching your content to what journalists are currently interested in.

What makes your service different from other Digital PR agencies?

Unlike other digital pr agencies that might use a spray and pray approach, we focus on quality and precision. We continuously craft and recraft stories, tailoring them to fit the unique editorial styles and preferences of the publications and journalists we target. This personalised approach ensures higher success rates and more impactful placements.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work with a diverse range of clients from startups to established enterprises. Our team is adept at handling various industries and tailoring messages that resonate with different sectors, whether it’s tech, fashion, finance, or non-profit.

What is the average turn around time on a Digital PR Campaign?

Results can vary based on the complexity of the story and the target publications, but generally, you can start seeing placements within a few weeks of launching the campaign we usually say allow for up to 6-8 weeks. Our proactive approach ensures that we move quickly to capitalise on current trends and journalist interests.

How do you guarantee 10 placements?

We have a dedicated process that involves deep research into both your story and the current trends in relevant publications. By understanding what journalists are looking for and crafting stories that meet these needs, we significantly increase the likelihood of your story being picked up and published.

Can you help with crisis management or only positive publicity?

While our primary focus is on spreading positive news and stories, our skills and tools are well-equipped to handle crisis management. We ensure that your narrative is controlled and communicated effectively, helping to mitigate negative publicity in challenging times.

How do you measure the success of your PR campaigns?

Success in digital PR is measured by the reach and impact of your story. We track the number of placements, the prestige of the publications, the relevance of the audience reached, and the engagement generated. We provide detailed reports to show how our efforts are translating into real visibility for your brand.

What sort of publications can you get us in with your digital PR service?

We can get in all types of newspapers, tabloids. Anything that has an active journalists we can usually reach out to them and see if they are willing to work with us on a story.

Examples; The Sun, Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, Washington Post etc.

Note: Orders may take up to 60 business days due journalists response times and publication schedules.