Link Audit Service

One bad link can undo the work of 10 good ones based on the evidence we see.

If you have been building links for years or have been involved in difficult/competitive industries, then your website will need a link audit. This allows us to map out what links are positive and work well and also which ones are negative and need to be removed.

We can then work with you to ensure all future links we build only help build a positive profile.

What is a link audit?

A link audit is where we use all of the latest tools like AHREFs, MOZ, Majestic, SEMRush and LRT to evaluate your site’s entire backlink profile.

We then get an initial score of how toxic the links are and start to work out which ones we should remove to try and improve the overall quality of the site.

We can also suggest which links are good but lack power so they require some tier2 links to be built to them to further help boost your link profile in general.

Once we have done the work and evaluated which links need to be removed we send you a list to add to the disavow.

How much will a link audit cost?

Our pricing starts from $1000 but varies dependent on the size of the website and the backlink profile. Which is why we require you to enter a form submission so we give you an accurate quote.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a link audit?

    A link audit is where we review all of the referring domains/backlinks that point toward your website and make up your link profile. We then decide which ones are negative and which ones are positive.

    How long does it take to do a link audit?

    A link audit can take a varied amount of time primarily based upon how toxic the profile is to begin with, how many links have been purchased/built in the past and how many referring domains/backlinks are being reviewed by our team.

    We typically say it will be delivered in under 30 working days.

    Can you disavow too many links?

    Yes. You can in effect, kill your entire link profile by adding them all to the disavow; however, this is why we recommend link rejuvenation/rehab packages, we map out your link profile and only build positive links that will help keep your site out of the toxicity thresholds.

    Do we disavow the links?

    We provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the links we would disavow and a video showing you how toxic your profile was before and after our suggestions. You then need to login to Google Search and upload your disavow.

    How immediate is the effect?

    Dependent if your website is suffering due to poor links, we find as long as the link audit is then accompanied by a backlink rejuvenation package, we tend to find it helps within 6-8 weeks, and you should start to see some form of positive movement. Otherwise the audit will need to be re-reviewed.