If you are like any other local business, then it is very likely that you are looking to bring more customers to your site. No matter what sector you are in, lead generation is a highly valuable strategy and one that can oversee the success of your brand by bringing in more people.

As a local business, you probably have a selection of loyal customers that interact with you regularly, but this is not enough to keep things going. All business owners strive for higher levels of success, and it is natural to want to see your brand become more renowned in your sector.

This is where lead generation comes in, as the focus is on bringing more people to your business where they can spend money and help you out. Whether you are a small business primarily on social media or a service business operating in a local area, you can benefit greatly from leads generated from your Yelp page.

In this guide, we are sharing the various ways that local businesses can bring in potential leads from their Yelp business page and how this could lead to the success of your brand.

What is Yelp?

First things first, let us discuss what Yelp is and how it can help you as a small business owner.

Yelp was founded in 2004 and continues to be one of the main sites for helping to connect people with local companies to this day. This is a site for potential customers to find any kind of service or business they may be looking for in a specific area, from locksmiths to hair salons.

This is one of the largest search engines today that connects people with companies meaning it can be a great site for lead generation. With a Yelp business page, customers can not only find out about your business and what you offer but also leave a review.

The site has millions of business reviews which are used by customers every day to determine whether and where they should spend their money. It is common for Yelp reviews to come up in search engine results whenever people search for services in their area.

Yelp continues to report millions of visitors every month, both to the website and the mobile app. With this in mind, it can be worth your time to open a business account on Yelp and start getting noticed by local customers.

The Top 3 Benefits Of Having A Yelp Business Page

It is extremely important for business owners to have some kind of web presence these days, as this is where most lead generation takes place.

While there are many places for small businesses online, you should certainly have a Yelp account if you want to see great success with your brand.

There are many benefits that having a business link on Yelp can bring, including:

Brings In Many Unique Visitors

Your Yelp listing is a perfect place to advertise your business and bring in more potential customers than anywhere else online. On this site, customers are actively looking for services near them, and they will pay attention to your business if it fits the bill.

With millions of people visiting Yelp regularly, having a business link here gives you access to a wealth of customers. These are the people who can put revenue into your business if you meet their needs, so being without a Yelp page means you are missing out on this amazing advertising opportunity.

Improves Brand Reputation

Being able to build trust with customers is invaluable for all kinds of companies, especially small businesses and local companies. A Yelp listing can be a way to build trust with your target audience as well as work on brand reputation.

Every positive review contributes to this trust between your company and potential customers.

While positive reviews are the aim for all brands, you will see that most customers can even appreciate negative reviews as long as the business has reacted well to them.

With a dedicated account manager for your Yelp page, it is possible to turn a bad review into something that can build trust between yourself and your audience by showing how much you respect all customers. This is something we will address further, but it can be highly valuable.

Share Customers with Similar Businesses

A lot of high-quality leads can be found on Yelp, including leads coming from other companies in your area.

Seeing a review for a similar service can lead potential customers to your page, where they will learn more about what you offer and may choose to spend money with you. As Yelp is a hub of information for customers, it makes sense that being connected with other high players in your field can be good news for your brand.

This goes along with the trust that you can build from Yelp reviews, as being associated with other top brands in your field will also build trust with your intended audience and mark you as a top service business in this field.

What Every Yelp Listing Needs

Yelp can be a great tool for any business and may generate new leads if you use it correctly.

To ensure that your business is setting the best example to every customer that comes across your page, you should include the following on your listing:

  • Business name
  • Contact information, including service hours
  • Customer reviews and your responses
  • List of services
  • High-quality images of services and products
  • Links to your website and social profiles

Yelp is a highly valuable service for both companies and their customers, as long as it is used well. Before you can think about the sales that Yelp can generate for your brand, you first need to determine whether you are providing the services your customers expect here.

Your Yelp listing is a way for clients to learn more about the business, the services available, and how to get in touch. Reviews are done to give any viewing customer an idea of the quality of service they can expect and are an integral part of Yelp.

Once all of the basics are covered, as listed above, you can start working on other areas of your Yelp page to generate sales leads.

How To Use Yelp For Lead Generation

As we have mentioned, lead generation is one of the most valuable tools for all kinds of businesses. Lead generation relates to bringing in potential customers and introducing them to the sales funnel, which is vital to making money as a company.

Various strategies can be used in generating leads across the internet, from search engine optimization to social media, all of which should be included in your marketing plan. However, as a small business, you can generate leads exclusively from Yelp.

To find potential customers on Yelp and work on generating leads from these, you can try out the following strategies:

Keyword Research

One of the biggest aspects of lead generation is keyword research. This is what ties lead generation and optimizing your content for search engines, as both rely on keywords to get you noticed.

Similarly to find keywords that work with search engines and will get you noticed here, you need to do some research regarding the unique terms you can have on your Yelp business page. These keywords will connect potential customers with your website based on what they are looking for.

For lead generation on Yelp, you will want to ensure that the most popular keywords are included across your page and especially included in the company’s description, as this is the first thing customers will see when they find you here.

There are many terms that a potential customer may enter into a search engine to find what you offer. It is a good idea to use a variety of generic and niche terms based on your business and the service you provide to generate leads this way.

With keywords included in your content on Yelp, it will be easier for you to be found in search results and therefore generate leads this way.

There are specific services out there that you can use for keyword research. You can also check out the competitors on the first page of relevant searches to see what they are doing and how this can help your business improve by entering key terms into the search bar and seeing what comes up.

Ensure Quality Work

In lead generation processes, it is easy to get carried away with keywords and optimizing content for search engines. While adding things like key terms into your content can cause you to rank higher in search engines, including Yelp, you should not neglect the quality of your work.

Search engines, such as Google reviews and Yelp, consider the quality of content as well as how relevant it is to determine the ranking in search results. To improve search engine rankings as well as lead generation on Yelp, you should comb through your content here to ensure it is high quality and relevant.

This means checking the company’s description and contact information to ensure it is up to date, reads well, and is informative. Use keywords in the description of your Yelp listing to ensure it ranks highly in results and can be found from the search bar alone, but do not overdo it.

Yelp is a place for customers to get a first impression of the business, but they want to find things out fast. Make sure you have all your contact information clearly listed on your page as well as additional information any customer may need to know before contacting you, such as opening hours.

It is important to also note that while you cannot control the quality of writing done by a customer in their reviews, you can control the quality of your responses which affects the brand image and may be a way to get more leads over time.

Business owners should use Yelp as a representation of their brand, which means offering quality content and reliable contact information to reach high-quality leads.

Generate Positive Reviews

Positive online reviews are essential to lead generation, especially on sites like Yelp. Reviews are the first thing potential customers will see of your business and gives them an impression of what you offer, so you want to make sure there is a majority of positive reviews on your Yelp for business page.

In many cases, reviews found on Yelp are the first impression new customers will get of your business, and it is best if a positive review greets them. Reviews are a form of social proof, as they show that consumers use your brand and you are cooperating within the region.

The more reviews you get, the greater social proof your business has which can inspire customer confidence meaning they are more likely to choose your brand over something less established.

While it may seem obvious, to get the best reviews from customers, you need to be giving a good experience to every customer you encounter. The most effective way that companies can ensure positive reviews is to treat every customer well, whether they are new customers or the loyal customer base you have developed over the years.

Even if you go above and beyond for every customer that you encounter, you cannot avoid negative reviews forever, but this does not have to impact your Yelp leads. As we have mentioned, in many cases, customers can look past a bad review if the company behaves appropriately.

You will get more leads with good behavior, so it is always best to remain professional when working on any area of your business – including bad reviews. If a customer has left a bad review of your business, make sure you act appropriately. This means apologizing to the customer and offering them a condolence gift of some kind, such as a discount if possible.

The way that you respond to a customer who has left a negative review can say a lot more about your business than the review itself, and this is something to remember when trying to generate leads on Yelp.

Link To Other Pages

In your contact information, you should connect the business’s social media and other content that can bring in more potential customers. A great strategy for lead generation is to share audiences across channels, and this is something you can also do on Yelp.

For any Yelp listing, there should be ways for consumers to find your website and social media as well as any other page you may appear on. This not only gives them more ways to connect with your company but can also give a wider picture of what you offer.

All content, whether this is on Yelp, your website, or social media, should be consistent to ensure that customers are seeing the true representation of your company.

Reviews can be shared across accounts to share the customer base and ensure you are getting noticed elsewhere, and all listings should link back to your website, where sales can be finalized. You can also have links on your website to your Yelp listing, spreading the word about your business and making sure customers are interacting with you in more ways than one.

This can generate more leads because you are sharing customers with your platforms and directing them into the sales funnel. Online traffic is also a large factor for ranking in search engines and lead generation as a whole, so making sure all your content on Yelp and beyond is being seen can contribute to this.

Engage With Customers

As we have mentioned, when it comes to reviews, you can use your responses to customers as a way to generate leads. Yelp can be a great place for businesses to connect with their customers, answer customer queries, and lead people to their website, where sales can be finalized.

All of these are forms of customer engagement and this can be a wonderful tool for lead generation when used well.

A common form of engagement that you will find on Yelp is responding to reviews. Businesses can respond to all reviews to show that they are paying attention and care about what their clients say regarding their services. For this to result in generating leads, however, you not only need to think about the way your business is responding to reviews but also the response time.

You want to be available for clients at most times and you can demonstrate how available you are by engaging with clients on Yelp. This is something that will benefit both new and previous customers.

You may find that a customer asks an urgent question regarding your business, and you will miss this opportunity to generate leads if you do not respond in time. Make sure you have active hours on Yelp during your business hours when you can be available for every customer and provide them with the advice they need on time.

Engaging with customers is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with them, whether they are new or previous customers.

Answering their questions on time, replying to positive reviews, and generally showing your appreciation for any customer that interacts with you can go a long way when it comes to generating leads on Yelp.


Every customer starts somewhere, and most of the time, this is at Yelp.

Yelp is a great tool for all kinds of companies as it allows you to connect with local customers and offer a good first impression outside of your own website. Yelp is used by both businesses and customers alike to share reviews, images, and general information regarding the company.

It is possible to generate leads from Yelp by following the strategies given in this article.

With more leads comes more revenue for the business, all of which can come from Yelp when done well.

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