The travel business is as broad as it is fascinating. People of all races, religions, economic levels, and occupations like travelling will spend freely to do so.

However, this unprecedented demand for travel services implies fierce competition from a commercial standpoint. If a travel company wants to compete in this competitive market, it must be visible and distinct.

At Searcharoo, we know that, while many tactics may help organizations accomplish both, few have the same long-term impact as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link building.


Link Building Tactics for Travel SEO

In search engine optimization, there are many things to consider.

Website security and accessibility, page speed, technical components (such meta tags and URL structure), content optimization, social signals, and user experience are all factors to consider if you want to rank well for specific keywords.

While each element is crucial, one SEO component stands out above the rest: links.

When one website connects to another via an embedded hyperlink, it creates a backlink, also known as an “inbound link.” If a website is a city, and different pages are city blocks, the highways connect these cities.

They let internet users traverse between various sites in the same manner that an interstate allows a vehicle to drive from one town to the next in terms of functionality. On the other hand, Backlinks are votes of trust in the eyes of search engine algorithms.

Backlinks indicate to Google that others have endorsed your content. Both number and quality are essential in this respect.

More links are preferable than fewer connections, but the source of the links is crucial. A backlink from a high authority website connected to your sector will be more SEO value than a link from an obscure blog unrelated to your niche.


Ways To Build Links for Travel Websites

Analysis of Competitors

Choose a few rivals that you KNOW do well online. Using Open Site Explorer or a similar tool, pull your rivals’ backlinks. Look at the backlinks to see their plan. Even if they’re a step up from your high-end firm, this strategy allows you to aim for the sky.

You never know when an opportunity may present itself with a link. Take a look at their backlinks and begin analyzing them, clicking on the most authoritative links to learn more about their approach.

This practice might reveal chances for your luxury travel company that you never imagined.


Create Linkable Content

Publishing valuable, high-quality content on your website is the greatest strategy to gain organic backlinks. These are the pieces that other travel companies or publications would be interested in linking to since they offer value to their material.

Travel statistics postings are excellent link-worthy material for any tours or activities website. These are articles optimized for statistical keywords or provide up-to-date industry statistics on various themes.

Another travel site will happily link to similar stuff to bolster their link building success. For example, you might write a piece titled “How much do tourists spend on a trip in Bosnia?”.

You would provide excellent statistical information on travel expenses in such an article. This will also give you the appearance of being an authoritative website.


Use Social Media

A site’s organic search ranking is influenced by social signals, letting search engines know how popular an article is.

Once you publish your posts, you should immediately share them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Look for link-building possibilities on social media or reach out to contacts through Facebook groups.

Although social shares are nofollow links and don’t carry as much weight as other backlink types, they still count as backlinks.

Pinterest is proving to be a great success for many bloggers. When you do a Google image search, you will see images from Pinterest at the top. You could generate thousands of page views if your pins go viral. You should post at least 15 images per day to your Pinterest boards.


Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting is contacting other websites and offering to write a one-time article for them in exchange for a backlink to your website being included in the piece. Demonstrate how helpful your material would be on their website as part of your pitching process.

However, you should remember that you may need to pitch a few firms before receiving a favourable reaction. As a result, a guest post may be a laborious, energy-intensive, and time-consuming process, but it can also be quite lucrative if done correctly.

Don’t pitch your rivals while seeking guest writing possibilities since they won’t want to promote their competitors.

Find out which firms service your consumers before you, for example, if you’re a tour company that offers walking city tours. Companies in your business that are either above or below you on the supply chain are good candidates. Airlines, hotels, and resorts are possible candidates.


Collaboration Opportunities with a Travel Blogger

The travel industry has many influencers who share video blogs about their travels.

Travel bloggers are well-versed in SEO and digital marketing, and they rely on brand collaborations to support their journeys. They often offer media kits that may assist you in improving your approach by suggesting more successful methods to promote your business on their websites or social media platforms. In a nutshell, the possibilities for cooperation are limitless.

While some bloggers are concerned that having too many do-follow links on their blog may harm their site, most are content to have links to other sites.

Writing your emails simply without letting readers worry about your demands and offerings makes things simpler for everyone concerned.


They Are Skilled Negotiators

Most bloggers will email you their media packages or do-follow link costs if they don’t like your first offer. Don’t be hesitant to speak out if you believe they’re attempting to overcharge you – or if you’d prefer to swap a product or service.

A do-follow in the new material is more expensive than an old blog post with little exposure. Not only will the SEO value remain the same, but the cost will also be drastically reduced. Inquire whether they’d be willing to discover an appropriate position in a recently published piece.

It’s simple to form connections with travel bloggers. They can suggest continuous cooperation or anything in addition to the do-follow link once you’ve previously engaged with them and built confidence.


Create Unique Surveys

Depending on the audience and the topic, surveys may be pretty effective.

They may be susceptible to the same nuances as the visual content area, but you have a bit more discretion since you’re giving unique data rather than simply repurposing existing information with a new design.

Surveys work exceptionally well with genuine journalists and the national press if they have a broad appeal. Find a unique perspective to convey new information to journalists, and they may be receptive.

Another option is to target your poll to bloggers and journalists in the travel industry, such as cybersecurity.


Scholarships for Hospitality Students

Offer a hospitality scholarship on websites that post scholarship offers for students. A special scholarship for your luxury travel brand is a great marketing endeavour in the hotel business.

Obtain connections from hospitality-related websites, including schools and universities that provide hospitality courses.



Building a profitable company around a travel-related website is difficult. It will be well worth the effort if done right. There’s a lot of money to be earned in the travel industry, and you can grab a piece of it if you create and maintain an efficient link-building strategy.

Need help with that? Contact us, and we’ll help you find the strategy that suits your business structure and can fulfil your expectations.