Whether you are new to SEO or just looking to boost your SEO strategy, curated backlinks can be a helpful place to begin. If you are unsure what curated links or even link building is, then look no further than the information we have gathered for you below.

We will provide information on multiple ways that curated link building can help you with your existing content or new content for your website.

Over 1,500+ SEOs Use Curated Links For Their SEO Campaigns

The benefit of using curated links as part of any SEO strategy is that the content you are linking to already exists online. As you are only linking to existing content, such as guest posts, and not creating new content, Google’s algorithm has already indexed the content and begun to rank it.

This is why so many companies are now concentrating on curated links as the backbone of their link building strategy.

Curated Links – The Most Important Part of Your Link Building Strategy

By using curated links to an existing blog post, you will benefit from the authority that link has already built with Google and other search engines. 

Curated links are also known as niche edits, as this is what you are essentially doing. The other company within your niche edits its web page to include a link to your business.

As that web page, blog post, or guest post already exists within the company’s website, search engines have already built up a ranking for it. Therefore, by placing your curated links effectively, you will begin to immediately benefit from the trust and authority already built.

Unlike with new content creation, niche edits do not need to build authority over time, and so can more quickly improve your website’s ranking.

Curated Link Building Service Core Focuses

A curated links service will focus on link placements that will improve your website’s search engine ranking through high quality backlinks within existing content. Curated links can be known as niche edits or contextual links, but they will all do the same thing for your business.

A link building service will do all of the hard work for you in terms of building relationships with other businesses, looking through relevant existing content, and reaching out to site owners for link placement.

Are Curated Links Black Hat – Is Getting A Curated Link Safe?

Curated link building can be difficult to get right in the beginning. It is important when adding a curated backlink that you ensure that the site you are linking to is reputable. You can use online tools to check the domain authority and how trusted websites are before building backlinks with them.

How Do You Get Curated Links? Manual Outreach

Manual outreach to curate backlinks is what it sounds like; your manual outreach team will contact website owners or moderators who work in the same niche as you. In contacting relevant websites, you will build links that are relevant to your business and so will improve the chance of conversion.

You can offer either payment for curated links or offer your business’ services in exchange for links to be added to the website of the company you are contacting. Alternatively, you can ask the company owners if there is an exchange you can do; they include a link to your site, and you provide other SEO or marketing services.

It is unlikely that another company will offer backlinks for free if they are the more established site, so the process of manual outreach will very likely take time and effort to complete.

Some companies will allow you to add your own backlink if it replaces a broken link on their site. However, the responsibility will be yours to go through and check each link in the company’s existing content to see if it is broken.

If you find a broken link, you can then report it to the website owners and ask to have your own link replace it. The risk with this strategy is that not all sites will allow you to replace the broken link with your own.

It is important that you only target websites that are relevant to your own business, as building links to irrelevant or unrelated websites will not look good to Google or other search engines. 

When you find a suitable website, simply review which page or section would best serve you for link placement and reach out to the website owners. If you find the right page and receive the go-ahead from the site you wish to link with, the next step is to see which area of your site you wish to link. 

You should look at the most relevant page or section of anchor text on your site to build the link to. The link should then be added in a natural way within the linked website.

Contextually Relevant Links that Drive Results

The only way to drive results through curated links is to ensure that the niche edits are blended into the content. Slight edits to a relevant blog post may be necessary to ensure that the link to your site or anchor text is not jarring to the reader.

Curated links, used well, are a powerful digital marketing tool, but only when used in such a manner as to not be too obvious. Link curation usually involves adding a couple of sentences to guest posts or other content to blend the link.

Bespoke, Unique Content

Although you will be linking your site to content that already exists on the linked website, it is important that the links you build are seamless. 

In order to create seamless links, you will need curated content to add to the existing website or guest post link. This is where bespoke content will be needed to make your links feel natural.

Benefits of Curated Links

There are many ways that curated links can benefit your business. Curated links are an excellent way to increase your website’s domain authority and relevance within your niche. Backlinks send link juice between your website and the linked site, which works to increase your authority over time.

The benefit of high quality backlinks to existing blogs or other content is that the content is already trusted by Google’s algorithm, so there will be a steadier stream of link juice being transferred.

As you will not need to create the content that you are linking to on your website, the process of increasing your authority will begin in just a few days instead of you needing to commission blog posts or guest posting as link builders.

If you intend to buy links, a curated link will be cheaper as the webmaster you are contacting will need to make small edits to existing content to add your target URL. You could link absolutely any anchor text into an existing article as long as it links to relevant text and quality content.

If you see that a company is selling links, you can review the relevant content on their website to see how curated links to that site would fit with your website. Then, have your outreach team contact the website owners to make a deal.

Professional Writers and Editors

Using professional writers to ensure that content is high-quality for curated backlinks is important. You will be competing with other companies in your niche to rank the highest with each search engine; therefore, it is important that all of your content is high-standard and relevant.

Curated Links Pricing

The price of curated backlinks will depend on what you need from the package; most companies will offer a range of packages. Also, you will often pay a higher price for a bespoke package.

Vetted Link Prospects

Using an SEO professional to help you with curated links will ensure that the links and sites you are linking to do not include spam sites, as they have all been vetted by the company. Most services that offer to help with links will have checked the domain authority before beginning to work with the sites so they know they can be trusted.

Only Get Links in Relevant Blog Posts

If a page is not relevant to your target audience, it can be the highest-rated page on Google and will not help your site. It is important that you are looking at high quality content but only where it is relevant to your website, or it will not help your site to rank higher.

Use a Variety of Backlink Techniques

It can be easy to find a backlink technique that you like that works for your business and stick to solely that type of backlink. However, there are different benefits to the different types of backlinks that can be created.

We recommend that you do not limit yourself to only one type of backlink, as this can limit the growth of your site.

Get Curated Links on a Variety of Websites

Using a variety of websites will serve you better than adding several links to the same site. Although it can be tempting to add multiple links to a site that you have spent time creating a relationship with, you will not get a variety of customers if you only use one website.

Written by our In-House UK Based Experts

When choosing a link building service, you should use a company based in the same country as you. They will be uniquely placed to ensure that content links are seamless and that links built are quality backlinks.

How Do You Choose the Right Websites for Niche Edits?

You should always look to build backlinks with trusted websites that already have a high authority and use content of high quality. Search for websites within your niche and then work through the top-ranking sites to look at how and where you can build backlinks.

If you choose to use a professional company as part of your SEO improvement strategy, the company will have a list of sites they work with to create high quality backlinks. If working with a company, you can leave this part of the strategy to them, as they will know which sites can be trusted.

Avoid Pages with Too Many Outbound Links

If you find relevant content on another website that has several links already included, it is best to thoroughly read through the text to see how it flows. If there are too many links included in one piece of text, SEO professionals would recommend that you do not add an additional link.

Too many links that look unnatural to you will also look unnatural to search engine algorithms and can again damage your website’s authority.

Mix Up Your Link Text

You should not use the same link for every curated link that you place. As part of your digital marketing strategy, you should work out several pages on your site that you wish to link to. Building links to the same URL or piece of anchor text will look suspicious to search engines and can, therefore, damage your site authority.

Pitch the Link Acquisition

This process can only be completed after establishing that a website is suitable for a curated link. Even a newer guest blog post could be suitable if the niche edit is to reputable websites with relevant content and the site owners place the link organically.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Niche Edit Order?

From contacting a company to discuss your needs to the niche edit backlink being placed, it will take between 7 and 14 days. It is important to note that this will be dependent on the receiving website and when they are able to edit their content to include your backlink.

Curated Link Building Packages

Most companies will offer packages that will be built around certain aspects of your SEO plan. We recommend that you look at companies that will build an individual package based on your needs.

High Metric Links Driven by Referring Domains

There are tools available online that will measure the referring domains to ensure that you build curated links to companies that will benefit your business. This will also ensure that the links being built are genuine rather than spammy websites.

Final Thoughts on Curated Link Placements

Curated backlinks should be contextual backlinks that are added to existing content, like a blog post, to refer customers to your company. Curated links are the best type of backlink if you are looking to increase the ranking of your website in the Google Search Engine rankings.

Curated links can increase your ranking as they are viewed by Google as trusted, relevant, high quality links. Although you will spend some time building the relationships that will facilitate curated link building, you will not need to write new content to build links as the content will exist.

If you are serious about but are new to curated links, you may wish to employ the services of a link building service. This type of service will have link building relationships with other websites over a range of niches that can help to improve your link building and link placement.

A link building company will do all of the contact and link placement for you, and you will pay for the service instead of manual outreach to build links. For those who wish to improve their website authority and ranking but do not have the time for manual outreach, a link building service is an asset to consider.