As a digital marketing agency, you may have a lot of requests for search engine optimization services that you simply cannot afford to provide. However, failing to provide such services will also lead to losing customers, so you find yourself in a strange predicament.

Whether you are working with a small SEO agency or need additional skills to provide the SEO services requested, you may not be able to afford a whole new team dedicated to this kind of work.

Even though SEO may be a part of your income, this may not yet justify adding a whole new team to the roster, and this is where SEO reseller services can come in very useful.

What Is SEO Reselling?

Many white label SEO services offer SEO reseller services, which essentially means they can take on your workload as well as work with their own clients.

Essentially, SEO reseller is a form of outsourcing SEO services to ensure you can meet the needs of all your clients without the additional cost or workload this may require.

Why Does It Matter?

Being able to outsource SEO to an SEO reseller allows you to focus on what you do best in-house while still meeting the needs of your clients.

There are all kinds of white label SEO agencies out there that provide SEO reseller programs, taking on all the work of your client’s SEO campaigns so you can focus on other aspects.

Working with resell SEO services is very useful for all kinds of marketing agencies and can help you manage your workload better while also ensuring quality results for your clients.

What This Guide Offers

In this guide, we are sharing everything you need to know about SEO reseller services, how you can use them, and what this means for SEO agencies today.

What Is An SEO Reseller?

An SEO reseller is a specialist form of SEO agency that provides white label SEO services.

This includes all of the aspects of search engine optimization that you are familiar with, from link building to keyword research.

However, what sets an SEO reseller apart from other agencies is the fact they provide SEO services to other agencies in the form of an SEO reseller program.

They provide SEO reseller services to digital marketing agencies, design agencies, and development teams to aid with their workload and client requirements.

Do My Clients Know About The SEO Reseller Program?

The operation of resell SEO services can vary based on the agency you work with. In some cases, the end client may never come into contact with the SEO reseller and may not even know of their existence at all, instead allowing the services they provide to be considered as from the same agency.

Some SEO resellers may act as an extension to the marketing agency, working with existing clients to provide additional service offerings on top of the work currently being done.

What’s The Purpose?

Working with an SEO reseller program is a way to provide more and better SEO services to clients, and this can be a mutual relationship for both agencies involved. 

The aim is always to offer SEO services that are high quality and deliver the best results in terms of online marketing to clients.

How Does SEO Reselling Work?

There are many SEO reseller programs available, and each SEO company has its own focus when it comes to the services it provides; however, the overall process for working with an SEO reseller is usually the same.

Provides Connections

An SEO reseller usually has connections with publishers, editors, content creators, and writers, which allows them to provide more SEO services than standard agencies.

It is these connections that allow an SEO reseller to provide white label SEO packages to SEO agencies, ensuring they can reach the needs of their clients. 

With all of this knowledge and skill at their disposal, an SEO reseller can help you outsource SEO to other professionals to contribute to a well-executed SEO campaign for your client.

Reaching Goals

Outsourcing elements of SEO to SEO resellers is a way of reaching your business goals and deadlines without the additional strain on your business.

There are SEO reseller programs designed for specific areas of digital marketing and white label SEO, ensuring there is something out there to help with your business no matter what you require.

What Is White Label SEO?

Before we move on to learn more about SEO reseller services and how this can help your business, we first need to talk about white label SEO and how this applies.

It is common to see an SEO reseller refer to their services as white label SEO services, and if you are not familiar with this term, it can make things seem more complicated when you want to outsource to an SEO service.

What Does It Mean?

Essentially, white label SEO services are those that can be rebranded to be seen as a company’s own. The term white label SEO comes from physical products, where a white label would be printed so the product could easily be rebranded to suit the company buying the product.

As SEO is not a physical product, this does not apply not literally here but rather figuratively when you sell SEO services in-house.

Services Offered

Working with a white label SEO partner allows you to provide link building services, content creation, and other SEO services that increase your clients’ search rankings and rebrand them as your own.

As we have mentioned, this process can vary based on the SEO reseller program you work with, but if you offer SEO services, it is a good idea to consider those who provide white label SEO so you can present them as part of your standard digital marketing services to clients.

Privacy And Rebranding

Likewise, working with a white label SEO reseller can also ensure that the service you are working with to outsource SEO will not reach out to your current clients without permission.

SEO companies can put their clients in contact with the reseller account manager if required, but they will not appear as a third party and instead operate as part of your company. This is known as private label SEO and is important to check for when working with an SEO partner.

Why Consider White Label Services

A white label SEO agency is the best option for reseller SEO for most digital marketing companies who want to provide additional services because they do not interrupt the existing client relationships you have.

This is especially the case for private label SEO, so make sure you consider those that offer white label SEO services when trying to find the right SEO reseller program for your company.

Most Popular SEO Reseller Programs

There are many types of reselling SEO services available these days, which is great news for a professional SEO agency that cannot keep up with their current demands or that needs additional support without expanding their in-house team.

However, if this is your first time outsourcing to an SEO company, you may be unsure of what kind of support is out there.

There are some essential services within SEO reselling that you can find with any agency that provides white label services, and these are usually the most popular ones, too. SEO outsourcing aims to make your work easier by connecting you with experts who can handle specific tasks on your behalf to increase your client’s rankings in search results.

Understanding the services you can find at any SEO white label agency can make things easier for you when working on SEO projects.

Most SEO tasks can be outsourced these days, but the most popular services within an SEO reseller program include:

Link Building

Link building is considered to be one of the most vital aspects of search engine optimization, so it makes sense for SEO resellers to provide this. A good link profile shows search engines, like Google, that a website has good domain authority and is reputable, but with all elements of SEO, there is a careful balance that needs to be met. 

This is why it is common for businesses and brands to reach out to an SEO agency for help with link building, as it may be something you cannot handle with your existing team.

How It Helps

In terms of link building, SEO resellers can provide the services of an SEO analyst who will work to increase both the number and quality of inbound links to your client’s website. Link building not only works to increase rankings on search engines but also increases traffic to a particular website, and with their connections, an SEO reseller can ensure these results for your clients.

Guest Posting

This is similar to link building, and guest posts can contribute to the overall link profile of a website because it is focused on developing connections with other websites. Due to the connections an SEO reseller has, guest posting is more successful when it is outsourced because there are more opportunities for your clients to consider.

Like with link building, guest posting is only successful when it is done with similar websites that also have a high domain authority rating. It can be difficult to build connections with these websites from scratch, which is why clients reach out to an SEO agency in the first place.

How It Helps

Working with an SEO reseller takes this to the next level due to the connections they have and will ensure the best results for your client. SEO reseller programs also usually include content creation, which means quality guest posts will be created and marketed in this service.

Content Development and Creation

As we have mentioned, a reseller SEO company will have quality SEO freelancers on board, which gives clients access to a range of services, including creating content. Outsourcing SEO to a reseller connects you to not only experts in this field but also professional content creators and writers, which can then be used to provide more services to your clients.

Content is one of the most overlooked tools for SEO, yet the quality of content on a website can play a significant role in the ranking of a website in search results.

There is a lot of SEO work that goes into content and ensuring it is perfectly optimized for search engines, which is why outsourcing it is a good idea for your agency.

How It Helps

A white label SEO reseller will provide content development services, from the research to the writing of blog posts, which you can then rebrand as your own work.

Keyword Research

Keywords are a vital aspect of SEO, and finding the right ones to use within content can be a difficult process. Keyword research is a long process and one that needs to be continuous to ensure good ranking of websites, which is why many businesses and brands turn to SEO agencies to help with this process.

SEO resellers have the expertise to make keyword research better and ensure the greatest results for your clients, which is why outsourcing this particular task is so common.

How It Helps

An SEO campaign is not complete without the right keywords. A white label SEO professional will help with keyword optimization to ensure higher search engine rankings for your client’s websites.

It is not only about finding the right keywords but ensuring how and when these should be used in content for the best ranking.

Local SEO

Local SEO is valuable for all kinds of companies because it helps them stand out in specific searches. It is common for small businesses and local services to require this kind of SEO on their website, as it helps them reach potential customers in their region.

How It Helps

Like all other aspects of SEO, this particular SEO service takes a lot of work and requires ongoing research to get right, which is why agencies offer it.

Reselling SEO services also specialize in this kind of optimization to help clients reach their desired audience. Similar to keyword optimization, there is a key balance required for local SEO to be successful, and experts can ensure these results when you outsource this work to them.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the term for all the behind-the-scenes elements that can contribute to a website’s ranking.

A website needs to function well, such as have a fast loading time and work on all screen sizes, to rank highly in search engines, and this also requires consistent attention.

How It Helps

As the name suggests, technical skills are required for this kind of work, and outsourcing to a white label SEO reseller allows you to provide this kind of service to your clients without the additional work on your team.

Various elements of technical SEO can influence the ranking of a website, which your digital marketing service may not be able to manage. Outsourcing to resellers allows you to provide all elements of optimization to your clients while also ensuring the best results, even without the additional training in technical elements.

Website Analysis

While you may be doing a lot of work to improve search engine rankings, this may be all going to waste if you do not know where results are coming from.

This is where SEO audits can be very useful, and they can be done by an SEO expert to highlight both areas of success as well as areas that need additional attention in terms of optimization.

How It Helps

SEO consultants can perform analysis of websites to determine where organic traffic is coming from as well as missed opportunities, which can then be addressed in future SEO campaigns.

This is the backbone for most SEO work, and having a dedicated account manager to do this regularly is a huge help for clients, which is something you can get through a white label SEO provider.

Detailed Reports

Similar to website analysis, SEO professionals need constant information regarding the performance of a website within their current SEO campaign to determine which methods are most successful and which need additional attention.

Providing regular detailed reports takes a lot of work and requires skills that you may not yet have on your team, which is why resell SEO services are so useful.

How It Helps

An account manager can provide the reports to your client, with the rebranding to your company, to showcase your client’s progress as well as highlight the work your team has done for them.

These reports are useful for both your clients as well as SEO resellers who want to see the progress of their SEO efforts and are easier to provide when this service is outsourced.

Why Work With SEO Resellers?

With the many services they offer, it may be clear why working with an SEO reseller program is ideal for digital marketing agencies or those in a similar field.

SEO resellers can help agency owners make more money by providing better services to their clients, as well as providing these clients with quality SEO tools to improve their rankings.

Many benefits can come from using an SEO reseller program within your agency, including:

Providing Essential Services

SEO is an essential service for all businesses these days, considering the majority of work is done online these days. SEO is a way to get your content out there and ensure the websites are noticed by the right people, so it makes sense for your clients to be so concerned with this kind of work.

This is why clients have turned to your agency in the first place; even if you started as a social media marketing agency or something similar, which may seem unrelated, you will soon be seeing the demand for SEO services.

Everything you do for your clients should be SEO-ready, but it can be difficult to determine whether you are doing the right thing if this is not where your skillset lies. 

To ensure you are providing the best service to your clients, maintaining the relationship you have with them, and preventing them from working with a competitor agency, you need to also be offering SEO services in some capacity.

Add More Services To Your Business

On a similar note, outsourcing SEO allows you to provide a whole new range of services to your clients. This allows you to meet their demands and ensure the best results for them every time because SEO experts are taking care of it on your behalf.

SEO resellers allow you to add SEO services to your catalog without the additional training and costs that usually come with this. You can begin providing SEO tools and services instantly by outsourcing them to SEO experts like these, allowing your current team to remain focused on the tasks at hand.

Increase Revenue From Existing Clients

By offering more services to your clients, you can also bring in more money from your current customer base. Of course, by providing more services and specialist SEO services at that, you are going to reach a wider audience, which in turn will bring in more money, but this new catalog of services also encourages your existing clients to spend more with you, too.

Marketing your business and sharing that you now offer SEO services can lead to more revenue in the future, but it also allows your current customers to bring in more money for you now. 

While they may have originally come to your agency for social media management, for example, they can also get SEO services as you work with an agency that is selling SEO and, therefore, will spend more money working with you.

Saves The Agency Money

As well as bringing in more money for your agency, it is important to note that the profit margins when outsourcing to an SEO expert are also an advantage. The total cost of outsourcing SEO is significantly lower than retraining your whole team to learn these new skills or hiring experts to work in-house. 

Paying for this kind of outsourcing is a great investment for your agency, as it is cheaper than your other options while also allowing you to provide expert SEO services to your clients.

Working with an SEO partner like a reseller is significantly cheaper than paying for individual tools such as PPC management or social media marketing.

Also, working with the same reseller over time may also lead to price discounts for their work, which only increases the profit margin for your agency and allows you to make more money with these new services.

Improve Quality Of Your Service

While you may not have considered it until now, working with SEO resellers is a great tool for reputation management as it allows you to remain connected to your audience while still increasing your service catalog. 

As you are outsourcing this work, the attention of your team can remain focused on delivering amazing customer service while the SEO resellers handle their demands for optimization.

Being a digital agency means it is unlikely for you to develop a literal connection with your audience, as most of the work is done through a screen. This means your work has to be of the highest quality, and your team has to be available to provide the best reputation for your agency.

There is a lot of competition out there, and by maintaining a focus on customer relationships, you are preventing your clients from looking elsewhere for the same services. Outsourcing gives you the time and energy to focus on customer service while knowing your SEO needs are being met by experts in the field.

Saves The Need For Ongoing Training

It should come as no surprise that SEO is a complicated matter and one that continues to become more complicated as time moves on. There is a lot of work that goes into not only providing SEO services but also maintaining these tools to ensure they are working the best way for clients.

To provide these services consistently, training is going to be required regularly so your team can keep up to date with the changing matters within SEO. This takes not only a lot of time but can also be expensive, which is something you want to avoid when running a digital agency.

Instead of retraining your team all the time, you can rely on people who are already experts in the field and have the necessary knowledge required to provide a good service.

What SEO Experts Need To Do

If you are not convinced that outsourcing SEO is a good idea for your company, let’s take a look at the kind of work SEO experts need to do:

Keep Track of Changes

There are many search engines out there, all of which are subject to change along with the market. An SEO expert has to always keep their eyes on the changes within search engines, like Google, and understand what this means for their work.

Be Aware Of Market Trends

Similarly, understanding the changes in the market and the way this influences consumer behavior needs to be monitored by SEO professionals as this will influence the best tools to use for their clients.

Develop Connections In Niche

For each of their clients, SEO professionals need to be continually working to develop connections in the niche or industry that applies. This is essential for tools such as link building and guest posts, which rely on relationships with other top websites in the same niche to be successful.

Maintain Relationships With Other Websites

As well as developing these connections, those working in SEO also need to continually maintain these relationships and ensure there is a mutual interest being met to ensure they can get the best opportunities for their clients.

Perform Regular Market Outreach

On behalf of their clients, professionals in SEO will always be working to find new marketing opportunities that require a lot of networking and communication in specific fields.

Provide Consistent Content Development

We have already mentioned how important content can be for SEO, but this only applies to consistent uploads of quality content.

SEO professionals need to not only have the skills in optimization but also writing and production so they can create content for their clients to be uploaded online.

The Value Of Outsourcing

It is clear that a lot of work goes into providing SEO services, and this is something your agency may not be able to provide right now. 

Providing quality SEO is an ongoing process that requires a lot of dedication and training to get right, which is why outsourcing is often the best option for agencies wanting to expand their catalog.

If you know that your agency is unable to handle these aforementioned skills and tasks, then outsourcing is the best option for you.

Why Can’t I Offer SEO In House?

It is expensive to hire even one SEO professional to join your team, let alone the team that may be required to keep up with the demands of your clients.

Most SEO professionals have a starting salary of over $54,000, and this will go up annually as their skills, as well as the work they do, increase.

As a small agency, it simply does not make economic sense to hire an SEO professional when you can instead outsource these skills.


SEO resellers can be a great tool for agencies who want to offer more services but do not have the capacity to do so in-house. It is a cheaper and easier option for many agencies, as it gives you access to the tools and services your customers require without the additional training that comes with it.

If you are looking to provide SEO to your clients, then consider working with an SEO reseller for the best results.