And what it can do for your business

So, you bump into a friend who runs a successful online business and he mentions that you need to start doing some link building. At first, you might be a little confused. What on earth is a link? And better yet, how do I go about building them?

Link building is part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, and it aims to improve a website’s organic rankings within Search Engines. This is done by getting other sites in your niche to link to yours via a hyperlink and anchor text. Doing this directs more users and Google towards your website. 

Generally, the more links and more authoritative links you have, the more authority and popularity your website will have within the Search Engines. This can move your website up the SERPS (search engine results page), thus gaining more traffic and more visitors to your site.

 When it comes to Link Building, you have to be aware that links have different values, pass various levels of trust or authority, and some niches require a lot more links than others to move you up the result pages. 

The best Link Building practices in the market look for outreach links based on a metric called DR or Domain rate. Meaning that the higher DR a website that links to yours has, the more effective that link will be in generating a higher authority for your site. 


Content or Links? (or both)

Content vs Links

Having fantastic content on your website that is relevant to users doesn’t necessarily mean that it will rank well and receive the visits you expect it to get. There are two critical elements to ranking a website. That is content and links. 

Why? Well, having well-optimized content without links is like having a Ferrari with no gas. You need both content and links to get the website relevant to users and moving through the ranks.

One of the best ways to get links is through Link Building, and having links that lead to your site is a way of telling search engines that your content is relevant and deserves to rank well online. 

Also, it can encourage the search engines to find your site, crawl it, and index new pages that you publish, making its visibility and accessibility even higher.


Why link building?

Even though there are many benefits to Link Building, you might still ask yourself, “Why should I use this strategy when there are other techniques perhaps more accessible or affordable? 

The answer is simple: inevitable growth

Link building helps you to:

  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Connect with a bigger audience.
  • And increase your brand awareness.

Oh, and about that last one, increase your brand awareness enough, and people will start looking for your brand instead of performing a general search, which leads us to the next question. 


What can link building do for your business?

Having Link Building done the right way, which is smartly and professionally, can have a significant impact on your website. If you start linking to sites with high authority and audience, a user can easily find a link that leads to your website, which in turn increases your traffic and makes it almost inevitable for them to end up surfing through it. The more authority sites link to yours, the more chances you have to boost your site’s visibility and rank in the first results of a user’s query. 

Think of link building in this analogy – You’re trying to find the best restaurant in your area. You heard food critics were raving about the place, which most likely would make you trust them as a source and visit that restaurant. 

The same analogy applies to Google. If Google sees that your site has many recommendations from other websites (Link Building), then it’s more likely to see your site as an authority and will make it more visible to an increased number of users. However, you need to be prudent. Link building needs to be done objectively and accurately. 

This means you can’t just link to any site you find online; your link needs to be placed in a website relevant to your niche inside the paragraph of a related existing article. 

For instance, let’s say you sell dog food online and you would like to increase your sales. The ideal course of action would be to place a link to your website in a site or blog dedicated to pets, preferably in an article that discusses how to give your puppy a long and healthy life with a balanced diet. 

Then the user reading the article finds the link to your website, clicks it, as it’s relevant to his/her query, and ends up going through your site, which may lead eventually to buying your products. Linking out to a website that has nothing to do with your business in any way doesn’t make much sense. And yes, all of this means that links placed in sidebars or as a footnote are not considered quality links.

Nevertheless, without link building, it is almost impossible for users and search engines to find your content, regardless of how relevant and appealing it may be. 


How to do it the right way?

How to link build the right way

By now, you know that Link Building is vital for any online business that wants to grow, and it’s not as simple as you might have thought before. Link building is an essential factor in the road of increasing your website’s traffic and growing your business. It makes you more visible, allowing you to stand out and reach a broader audience.

That is why you need to have it done with professionals that can offer you editorial edits placed on websites relevant to your niche and with quality metrics. Moreover, the idea is to reach out to a company able to handle all your SEO tasks and give you personalized and all-encompassing services.  

The growth or boost your business needs might be just one link away. 

Here at Searcharoo, we have a full team of outreach link building professionals, ready to assist you with your next link building campaign. Our link building services include Guest Posting and Editorial Links or Link Packages.

Alternatively, schedule a 15-minute strategy call with our SEO experts, and see how we can help your business succeed.