Link building is one of the most valuable tools for better search engine rankings and attracting more traffic to your website.

Developing a link building strategy can take a long time as it requires you to build connections with other websites so they will share links, providing increased traffic and contributing to domain authority scores. However, the results and benefits of link building are long-term and can work to provide more revenue for your business.

There are various link building strategies that you can use to get links with other sites, increase referral traffic, and improve your rankings in search engines. As this is a lot of work, in most cases, you may be wondering whether it is worth it.

In this guide, we are sharing everything you need to know about building links and the benefits of link building that you can experience when you put in the work for your website.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a valuable tool for search engine optimization and can effectively increase traffic to your website.

The practice of building links requires you to make connections with other websites so you can share links. Sites link back to your website, using your content as a resource for their audience, which not only encourages their own readers to visit your website but also impacts the way your website performs on search engines.

The main link building benefit for all websites, regardless of the strategies you use on your own website, is more traffic, and there are several ways that this works.

Finding Sites Through Searches

Link building is one of the most valuable tools for SEO, which is the process of increasing a website’s ranking in search engines.

Whenever people are looking for information, they turn to sites like Google and other search engines.

With every Google search, thousands of results appear, and your website needs to get noticed within this.

Websites on the first pages of search results get the most traffic because people do not want to crawl through pages of links to find information. There is a lot of competition out there, with many other sites battling for the same audience as you.

Web users know that quality sites appear on the first pages of results and will, therefore, look no further.

To attract quality traffic and reach the right people, you need to get onto the first few pages of results, and link building can contribute to this.

Link Building and SEO

One of the ranking factors considered by search engines like Google is domain authority, which refers to how relevant and valuable a website is.

Authoritative sites are those that appear on the first pages of search results as they are deemed to be the most useful and relevant to the searches made. Link building campaigns contribute to SEO by improving the domain authority of your website, which in turn can increase your ranking for more traffic.

Whenever websites link to another site, they are sharing what is referred to as link juice.

This is link equity, which relates to the relevancy and quality of links being shared and, therefore, its impact on SEO. This is why when building links, you need to work with other high authority sites for the best results.

By sharing content and links with these kinds of sites, you are showing Google that you are a reliable resource and should be recommended to users in specific searches.

The whole purpose of link building is to get more traffic, which can be done through referral traffic from the websites you work with as well as from searches by increasing ranking.

Understanding how links contribute to SEO is a great way to ensure you are focusing on the best link building strategies for your needs.

What Is Domain Authority?

To understand how link building works and the benefits you can experience in terms of SEO, you also need to understand website authority.

All sites are given domain authority scores, which reflect how they appear to search engines and, therefore, whether they are worth working with. As we have mentioned, effective link building strategies focus on connecting with sites and web pages that have high domain authority to improve your own rating.

To appear at the top of search engine results, you need to have high-quality links with not only relevant sites but also high-authority sites. Google considers the domain authority of all its results to determine how they rank and, therefore, whether they will get web traffic from searches.

When you have quality backlinks from sites with high authority, you are actively increasing your own domain rating because this shows Google that you are a resource worth recommending.

During your development of link building campaigns, you need to get familiar with domain authority and find sites that have higher site metrics than your own to reap the benefits of link building.

This means considering resources that have a greater brand visibility, more social media followers, and a higher authority rating when building backlinks.

Benefits Of Link Building

Now that you understand the basics of link building and its purpose, it is time to consider the benefits it can provide for your website.

An effective link building campaign can offer a great range of benefits for your website and business, so it is a technique worth working on for greater success.

Benefits of link building include:

Increased Traffic

As we have mentioned, the main appeal of building links is the increased traffic it can provide to sites.

The benefits of link building in terms of traffic are two-fold, as there are two forms of traffic you can get with this particular SEO tool:

1) Higher Ranking

One of the ways link building increases traffic to your site is through your ranking in search engine results.

The higher you rank on search engine results pages, the more people will see your link and visit your website.

Link building is one of the most effective SEO tools you can use for a higher ranking, which will bring organic traffic to your site from keyword searches.

2) Referral Traffic

Sharing internal and external links with other sites is a way to also share website traffic.

The linking website that offers you a backlink is telling its audience to visit your page, which offers referral traffic to you. While you need to consider a site’s authority when developing link building leads, you also need to work with relevant websites so the connection makes sense.

Working with websites that have the same target audience as you is a great way to ensure the linking site will provide referral traffic for you. If the audience does not have an interest in the content you provide, they are not going to click the link and want to learn more.

Improved Brand Awareness

All of your link building efforts are going towards making your company better known.

Having inbound links on other sites, as well as ranking higher on results pages, means more people see your brand, become aware of what you do, and are therefore more likely to rely on your company.

This is the purpose of all your digital marketing efforts, and link building should be no exception.

Brand awareness is essential for the success of your business, and this can be achieved with more links to your content. Exposure is a way to get people to become aware of your brand, but there is a careful balance that needs to be met.

The Value of High Authority Sites

Appearing on a high authority website in the form of backlinks is a great tool for the reputation of your brand while also contributing to better exposure.

Chances are, an authority site has a bigger audience than you, which means when you create links with them, you are exposing your content to a bigger audience. The fact they are high authority is also valuable in terms of your brand reputation.

If high authority websites refer to your site and content, you are deemed to be a reputable resource.

This reflects well on your brand and makes it easier to build connections with your target audience because they are essentially being recommended by another reliable resource.

This is why you need to ensure that the linking websites you work with have a high DA rating and can reflect well on your brand.

Regular Income Online

The whole purpose of digital marketing and SEO strategies is to help you make more money online.

Your website should be a hub for your business and a one-stop shop for potential customers to not only learn more about your brand but also be able to buy goods and services from you.

With greater exposure online and more traffic, which can come from tools like link building, you have more opportunities to make money online.

Like other SEO tools, the benefits of link building are long-term. They will continue to provide traffic and brand exposure following their initial development.

An Example

For example, creating guest posts with other websites where internal links are used to direct people back to your own site can have long-term benefits after the publication of the post.

Website traffic will continue to come to you from this guest post, which may continue to be read and shared long after the publication.

Many of the tools used for search engine optimization can provide long-term benefits, including link building as long as the link remains active on the other site.

Higher Metrics and Scores

Domain authority (DA) is not the only metric that is used to measure how successful websites will be in searches.

There is also Domain Rating (DR), which is the rating of your overall website, and Page Rank (PR), which is the rating of the one page you are focusing on.

Understanding the rating of all the important factors for the websites linking back to your content is important if you want to improve your own scores.

With careful consideration of these factors, you can seriously increase your own metrics, which in turn improves the way your site ranks in searches and the traffic obtained from these.

Better Connections In Your Niche

Relationship building is the cornerstone of link building, as you need to be able to make connections with other sites before you can get links.

As relevant links are vital, you need to reach out to website owners in your niche. While there can be a mutual agreement where links are shared without a prior connection, the most effective way to build links is to connect with the website owners you want to work with.

With a relationship, it is very likely that you will get more links with the same website in the future and can be recommended to other website owners, all of which benefit your own site.

How To Get Links For Better SEO

Developing a successful link building strategy requires more work than simply getting links.

While there are some ways you can shortcut the process, such as buying links, for the best results, you want to do things organically and put the work into your website.

This work includes:

Create Quality Content

If you want to appeal to high authority websites, as well as your target audience, you need to offer something valuable.

No matter what kind of website you run, creating quality content can greatly benefit your business and is required for successful link building.

With quality content, you have something worth sharing, which can make it easier to build links with websites within your niche. You can show your skills in content creation and writing, which can then make guest posts easier to pitch, as well as offer linking websites something in return for a link.

Content needs to be engaging, relevant, and good quality to get the attention you want, so ensure you work on this.

This refers to all content, both on your website and social media, if you are looking to build connections across the internet.

Improve Website Structure

While a lot of link building strategies rely on other websites, there are ways you can work alone and get results, too.

The work you do on your website can improve all other SEO efforts and will make it easier for the right people to find your work. For link building, you need to ensure that your internal linking structure is fully functional and easy to navigate.

This means crawling every web page on your site to ensure that all links direct people to the right places across your website. During this process, make sure to resolve no-follow links to ensure that every link counts and people can easily navigate through your website.

Bounce Rate And Rankings

The easier your website is to navigate can also contribute to another ranking factor, known as the bounce rate. If people find your website to be well organized and it is easy for them to find what they want, they are going to spend more time there.

Your bounce rate refers to how quickly people click out of your website, and the higher it is, the worse your website is considered by search engines.

Not only does a better linking structure make it easier to share the right links with other websites, but it also makes a better experience for your audience, which can reflect well in search engine rankings.

Improve Conversion Rates

To ensure that your link building campaigns are successful and bring in more money to your business, you need to make it easy for customers to shop with you.

Improving the conversion rates on your website is a way of turning website traffic into paying customers, and there are various tools out there that you can rely on for this. You need to ensure that your site makes it easy for people to shop with you so they can add money to the business.

While link building may get you the traffic you want, this is not necessarily going to convert into revenue for your business unless you improve your website.


Link building is one of the most valuable tools in terms of SEO because it can increase your result page ranking, bringing in more traffic and eventual revenue to your brand.

Building links with relevant and authoritative websites in your niche can offer great benefits to your own business. This includes increased traffic and, therefore, more money for your business when done well.

As with many other tools for SEO, there is a lot of work that goes into building links, but the benefits can be long-term. Improving your own site structure, creating quality content, and making connections within your niche can all aid in getting backlinks so you can experience the benefits for yourself.