One of the most effective tools for increasing your search engine rankings is link building. However, like many other SEO tools, link building is only effective if you work with high-quality links and ensure that you are improving your own reputation online.

There is a careful balance that needs to be met with link building in terms of quality links and quantity.

While having a lot of links can improve your overall backlink profile, you need to ensure you are connecting with other websites that have high domain authority for the best results, and this can take a long time to get right.

Blogger outreach is one of the best ways to obtain links with high authority and improve your search engine rankings, as you are exclusively working with quality sites in your niche.

A blogger outreach strategy focuses on guest posting, which is where you create content to be published on other sites with a backlink. While many websites focus on other SEO tools, there is no denying the value that guest posting can still provide when it is done right.

To ensure you get the best link placements within your niche, a lot of research into relevant blogs and websites is required before content creation can even begin.

There is a lot of work that goes into developing a successful blogger outreach strategy, and this may be something business owners cannot afford right now. This is why working with professional blogger outreach services may be the best option for your company and can ensure you get the results you want in terms of search engine rankings.

In this guide, we are sharing everything you need to know about blogger outreach campaigns and the professional link building services you can use to get the best results.

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is a tool used in link building campaigns to generate link placements on relevant sites within your niche.

The blogger outreach process is based on researching and reaching out to target websites to offer a guest post and link placement.

This can be a great link building tool that can help you connect with other websites in your industry that have high domain authority, which can then improve the ranking of your own website URL on search engines.

Blogger Outreach And Search Results

To understand why blogger outreach and guest blogging are so beneficial, you also need to understand what search engines look for when it comes to their results and the way these are ranked.

To obtain more organic traffic from search engines, your website needs to appear highly in relevant search results.

Every search done offers thousands of results, and most people do not even look past the first page. In order to obtain traffic from search engines like Google, you need to play along with their guidelines.

Google and similar websites rank their results based on relevancy and domain authority, both of which can be improved using SEO techniques.

With a blogger outreach campaign, you can increase the domain authority of your website and, therefore, the ranking in search results to obtain more organic traffic.

How It Works

Domain authority is increased because you will be connecting with influential bloggers and other high-quality websites within your niche.

This process not only gets you to share audiences for increased traffic but also gives your website more authority in the eyes of Google and similar platforms.

After all, websites would not put their own reputation on the line to recommend a business if it was not worthy, and this is reflected back to Google to indicate authority in URLs.

Link Building For Better Ranking

When done well, the connections made through blogger outreach can ensure your website is ranked highly along with other authoritative sites in your industry so you can reach more people.

Blogger outreach is focused on finding the best platforms and creators to work with in order to enhance domain authority, but more work is required after this.

Once you have found creators in your niche relevant to your target market that already have good authority, you need to begin working on blog posts that can be shared on their website for a link placement.

How Does Blogger Outreach Work?

In theory, the blogger outreach process is fairly straightforward:

1) Find relevant blogs that publish content related to your business and target audience

It is important to work with websites within your niche as you share not only an interest but also audiences.

2) Reach out to the blogger and develop a relationship with them

Start building a connection with the websites within your niche so it will be easier to ask for shared links. This can be done on social media, as well as through email, and should be consistent.

3) Pitch guest posts and ask for link placements

Pitch your ideas for guest posts that are relevant to both websites and share the benefits you can provide with this website through this process.

Is It Really That Simple?

With so many websites out there these days, it should not be difficult to find relevant websites that you can work with in your link building tactics.

Many creators are sharing the same interests and audiences, so there should always be someone you can connect with when looking into blogger outreach.

Again, this is all in theory, as, of course, the reality is more difficult due to how much competition there is online.

The Reality Of Blogger Outreach

Without the right skills and experience, you will not find your blogger outreach campaign to be successful.

No matter how good your pitch is or how many emails you send out to bloggers, it is most likely that you will not receive anything back and, therefore, have no new opportunities to improve your domain authority.

Link acquisition is not as easy to do as it sounds because not only is there a lot of research to be done beforehand to ensure you are connecting with the right people, but also you need to offer something in return.

Guest posting, which is usually offered in blogger outreach, can be mutually exclusive if your website also has a good reputation.

Professional Services Available

If you do not know what you are doing when performing blogger outreach, you are going to miss opportunities for link building and waste a lot of time.

This is why working with a digital marketing agency or a blogger outreach agency is the best way to go for most businesses.

These professional blogger outreach services can help with all areas of blogger outreach, from relationship building to content creation, ensuring you get the best results for your website.

What Is A Blogger Outreach Service?

A lot of work goes into developing blogger outreach campaigns, which is something you may not have time for, along with everything else you need to do.

This is why working with a link building agency that offers blogger outreach services can be the best move to make for your business, ensuring you get the results you want from this particular tactic.

How Link Building Agencies Work

Blogger outreach services and guest posting services are a way to connect with influential bloggers in your niche, helping you make the connections that impact your domain authority and obtain outbound links to improve your link profile.

As we have mentioned, your link profile plays a large part in your ranking within search results, and guest posting is one of the best ways to generate a diverse link profile with high-authority websites.

A blogger outreach service essentially does all the hard work for you and ensures that you get the best results from this kind of link building strategy.

The Process Of Blogger Outreach Services

While every link building agency will have its own unique process for blog outreach, most of the services operate the same way.

The blogger outreach service provider will take over this process for you and handle all of the various elements of this technique for link building.

As a basic overview, there are usually three main stages to a professional blogger outreach service:

1) Outreach

This is the beginning stage of any blogger outreach campaign and relies on researching blog owners and relevant websites that you can work with.

In this part of the process, the outreach team will evaluate suitable opportunities for your website in terms of guest blogging and shared links.

How Outreach Works

They will research all relevant bloggers, as well as develop plans for the link building strategies you can use with these sites.

While blog outreach services usually come with guest posting, where content is published on another site for a backlink, the outreach team will determine the best kind of resource links to use on each website based on the site’s domain authority and audience.

All of this research will be done before the outreach efforts begin, during which the outreach team will develop a pitch for your website and connect with other bloggers to ask for client links and guest posts.

2) Content Creation

Once the blog owner has been contacted and a plan for link building has been developed, the work moves onto the content creation team within the blogger outreach service.

This is the part of the service where a guest post is written to be given to the blog owner in return for a link back to your website.

While a forward-thinking agency can handle most of your needs independently, it is usually a good idea for business owners to provide anchor text that they want to be used in each blog post.

A Note On Anchor Text

Anchor text is what will be used within the blog post by the writer for editorial in content links.

While other forms of links can be used in blog posts, editorial links like this can be more effective as they do not impact the quality of the work and offer more value to the reader.

As a business owner, you want to come up with anchor text that applies to your work and can seamlessly work with any kind of blog post that may be published on your behalf.

It is a good idea to consider using exact match anchor text, such as your business name or specific anchor text referring to your services, as this can then be used by the audience in searches. With the exact anchor text, you can expect to see more traffic once the post has been published.

While agencies can create the anchor text for you and will include this in the work they produce for your business, it is a good idea to have your own say at this stage.

The best agencies will also ensure that yours is the only client link used in each post, ensuring you get the attention required with each publication.

Content Created And Published

Using your guidelines for this anchor text, the content creators will develop articles in the right ghost blogging style for the website you are working with to ensure it will be published.

This article with the in content links will then be sent back to the blog owner for approval and can be published on their resource pages.

3) Reports

While the majority of the work is done once the blog post has been written and published, this is not the end of the blogger outreach service.

Working with a blogger outreach service gives you access to a dedicated account manager who can access all of the work done by the agency and its effectiveness for your website.

To ensure that you are kept up to date throughout the blogger outreach journey, the outreach team will deliver white-label reports.

What’s Included In These Reports

These reports give a full snapshot of the link building and domain authority metrics that come from each guest post published, as well as highlighting issues that need attention.

For example, metrics will be offered in terms of the organic traffic obtained from each new link published, as well as highlighting areas of broken link building that need to be addressed.

Broken Links Outreach Service

Blogger outreach services not only refer to the current creation of content and new publications of your link but also the areas where your link may be present on other websites but is no longer working.

If you have been in business for a while, it is very likely that your name has already appeared on other websites in the past. These may be unlinked mentions, or they may rely on old links that no longer work, both of which can be addressed through these professional services.

The team at the agency will simply need to reach out to these website owners, much like if they were providing a pitch for a guest post and ask for your link to be used.

Again, providing specific anchor text that you want to be used in these posts will lead to more traffic for your website.

Services In Summary

Working with a professional agency for blogger outreach can ensure that all of your needs are being covered at once.

There will be different teams you have access to by working with the agency, allowing for greater control over each aspect of the outreach process, all the while preventing you from falling behind on other tasks.

This is a professional service that is handled by experienced experts, so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality of work at every stage.

This is just one of the reasons why businesses should consider working with these professional services.

Benefits Of Working With Blogger Outreach Services

When it is done right, blogger outreach can be highly effective at improving your search engine rankings and obtaining more traffic online.

To ensure this work is done right, many businesses opt to work with a blogger outreach agency.

Professional services can offer a lot of benefits for those who want to increase their ranking in search results and get more attention online, including:

  • Genuine Outreach

The best blogger outreach service will provide manual outreach, which means actively connecting with relevant bloggers and websites on your behalf.

By manually reaching out to these website owners, blogger outreach services prevent your link from appearing on link farms and in other harmful sites, which can have a negative impact on your domain authority.

There are specific rules regarding link building and the kind of sites that you can appear on, and trying to cheat the system can have detrimental effects on your URL.

The best services do the work manually and connect with websites they already have a good relationship with for the best results.

  • In Content Links Provided

Based on your anchor text requirements, working with a professional service can guarantee that you get in content links back to your content.

Your anchor text will be used to show the placement of links within the content, ensuring high-quality posts and better readability for the audience.

Due to the great connections, the agency has developed with their clients, they can offer the best kind of links each time and ensure that your website is the only one mentioned in each post.

With anchor text, the link to your website will flow in the post and not be included in the author box or anywhere else that does not get enough attention.

  • Great Connections In All Niches

With their experience and reputation, blogger outreach agencies can connect with high-domain authority websites.

This means they can get your link published on the best websites within your niche and ensure that you obtain the most traffic.

By connecting with websites that have a good reputation and authority, they are ensuring that their clients can increase their ranking in search results by also sharing this authority.

When working alone for blogger outreach, businesses may not have the necessary experience or connections to work with high-authority websites. This is why hiring a professional team can offer the best results and should always be considered.

  • Quality Content Published

Most marketing agencies have a dedicated content team who will take over the writing of all guest posts.

Paying for such a service gives you access to professional writers, ensuring that all content published for your website will be of a high standard.

Not only does this contribute to the good reputation of your brand, but the better quality the content is, the more likely it is to be published even on the most reputable websites, such as professional publications.

Working with specialist services like this ensures that your content is high quality and worthy of being published on all platforms, drawing in more people and increasing your own authority.

  • Original Content

Similarly, all content created by the agency is done on demand and made to be unique for your website.

These agencies keep track of all their previous work done for a client, ensuring that each new blog post is unique and relevant to their current cause.

Avoiding duplication is a great way to enhance the authority of your URL as well as ensure you can work with some of the best publications in your niche.

  • Ongoing Support Provided

The support provided by a professional agency does not end when the work is published.

Link building can continue to provide results for your business long after the initial publication of guest posts, and agencies provide reports to keep track of this.

As we have mentioned previously in this guide, these reports not only provide metrics on the successful link building actions done in the past but can also highlight issues that can then be repaired.

How Much Does Blogger Outreach Cost?

Blogger outreach pricing can vary based on the company you work with and what you require from them.

This service is an investment to make toward the success of your business and should be considered regardless of your marketing budget.

How Outreach Is Priced

Link building and blogger outreach is an ongoing service, which is why most agencies offer monthly subscription packages for this kind of work.

Subscriptions are offered based on the kind of links you want to generate and the websites you want to work with. Prices can start at £60 per month for the lowest tier.

An example of blogger outreach subscriptions includes:

  • Tier One: £60 +

This is the cheapest subscription offered by the agency and will, therefore, have the smallest list of benefits.

However, as standard, the agency should offer genuine outreach, but the kind of websites you will be connecting with in this tier may not bring in the most traffic for your business.

Websites will still have a high domain rating but will not be the best offered by the agency.

As the lowest tier, there will be limits regarding the anchor text, the number of links used as well as the word count of all blog posts.

  • Tier Two: £80 – £100

While there may still be limits in terms of the word count and number of links, this subscription gives you access to websites with higher authority ratings as well as greater organic traffic numbers.

The word count for blog posts under this tier may be larger than the lowest option, as well as having more links provided each time.

All websites used in this tier will have high traffic numbers and a good domain rating.

  • Tier Three: £150 +

Some websites offer more than three tiers, but the highest monthly subscription will offer the best results for your business in terms of traffic and authority rating.

Offered As Standard

No matter what subscription you choose or what agency you work with, manual outreach should be offered as a standard to ensure the best results for your business.


Blogger outreach can be a highly effective technique to increase rankings in search results and, therefore, reach more people online.

Like all other forms of SEO, there is a lot of work that goes into blogger outreach, which businesses may not be able to afford when working alone.

This is why working with a professional outreach service is the best way to go and can ensure the greatest results for your business.

In this guide, we have explored the various benefits that working with these kinds of services can provide and how this can aid your business’ success.

If you want to get the most out of link building, then consider working with a professional service for outreach.