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Parasite SEO is the process of posting articles to high-ranking websites. Google likes authoratative websites, and utilizing those high-authoritative domains makes it easier to rank higher in the search engine for your specific keywords.

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What Is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is publishing an SEO optimised piece of content on an established, high-authority third party website to rank on search engines.

The high DR websites gives you the benefit ranking high in Google SERP and generating high volumes of traffic for your desired keywords.

This means parasite SEO will allow you to post an article to an third-party external site, ride the coattails of that high authority website into search results and build backlinks to promote an affiliate program.

Does Parasite SEO Work?

Parasite SEO is the best SEO strategy at present to leverage higher rankings and generate traffic fast.

Many competitive search terms are filled with parasite SEO websites.

Many of the market leading SEOs are saying “Parasite SEO is their secret weapon for growth in 2024”.

What is the difference between Parasite SEO & Barnacle SEO?

“Parasite SEO” is a specific term used in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

It refers to the practice of leveraging the authority of an established website to rank a new page or site more quickly in search engine results.

While there aren’t direct synonyms that carry the exact same meaning, there are related terms and concepts within the SEO field that share some similarities.

Here are a few:

  1. Barnacle SEO: Similar to Parasite SEO, this involves attaching your content or listings to “big” or highly authoritative websites to leverage their ranking power.

  2. Piggyback SEO: This is another term that implies a similar strategy of leveraging the existing authority of larger sites or platforms to boost your own content’s visibility.

  3. Authority Hijacking: It refers to the method of utilizing the established authority of a website to support or enhance the ranking of new content.

  4. Satellite Website Strategy: This involves creating multiple smaller websites (satellites) that revolve around and support a main website, sometimes by linking back to it.

  5. SEO Leeching: A less commonly used term, but similar in concept, it implies drawing benefit from the SEO strength of another site.

Each of these terms has its nuances and might not be a perfect synonym for “Parasite SEO”, but they represent related strategies in the field of SEO.

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