If you work in chiropractic care, you know that new patients do not appear out of the sky.

It usually requires a combination of recommendations from existing patients and chiropractic marketing strategies to find new clients interested in your work.

For your chiropractic services to combat the competitive market and maintain a good stream of new patients, you need to work on lead generation. After all, before any of the patients you are currently working with became patients, they were leads.

If you are scratching your head, wondering ‘how to get more chiropractic patient leads’, you are in the right place.

Leads are people who have shown some interest in your work and can become paying customers with the right attention. To ensure your chiropractic practice continues to be successful and can work with people who need these services, you need to generate leads to welcome potential patients to your business.

While each brand has its own business goals, maintaining success and making money is something all chiropractic services have in common, and this is what lead generation can offer when done well.

In this guide, we are sharing some of the chiropractic marketing strategies and lead generation tactics that you should be using to gain new patients and maintain success.

What is Lead Generation?

Essentially, lead generation is a form of patient acquisition online.

Getting new patients for your chiropractic care service is not easy in today’s digital age.

The world is smaller than ever, so your potential patients can find hundreds of other chiropractic businesses in the same region whenever they go online. This is why your lead generation efforts need to take place online, so you get noticed, and your chiropractic business can be found.

Lead generation is a process of developing leads, which is a term for potential patients. These people may have shown some interest in your work before and need to be turned into paying patients, which can be done online.

Chiropractic services are required by specific people at certain points in their life, which means chiropractic lead generation differs from anything else. All of the lead generation efforts you use to generate patients for your chiropractic business are focused on a specific group of people with select needs.

You can generate leads in a few different ways, which we will discuss in this guide, but your aim is always for qualified leads. These people are interested in what you offer and will become patient.

How To Generate Leads For Chiropractic Businesses

There are various ways that you can bring in new patients to your chiropractic business, such as:

Optimize Chiropractic Website

As we have mentioned, the majority of lead generation takes place online. This means that having a website is essential for businesses in this industry.

With a chiropractic website, you can direct people to a range of information and process payments online. A website is essential for any chiropractic practice to attract new patients, as this is where your chiropractic marketing strategies will lead and lead generation.

All your digital channels will be created to generate leads and link back to your main chiropractic website. This website should be the first impression of your business that you give to leads online and therefore needs to represent your chiropractic company well.

To learn more about web design and the kind of information that should be on your website, you can take a look at other websites in the industry. However, there are some things you need to ensure, such as offering all of your business information, including contact details and opening hours for patients, as well as making your website responsive.

How easy your website is to use and whether it is accessible is something to consider for lead generation, as it can open your business up to more people. This means ensuring your business website can be accessed on mobile devices and desktop computers, so all kinds of patients can learn more about what you offer.

You want to ensure your website is responsive, informative, and attractive in a way suitable for your brand to ensure it appeals to all leads.

Call To Action

With a website, you can use call-to-action prompts to learn more about your prospective patients and generate leads. All visitors to your website can be potential leads as they have shown some interest in your work, so you can capitalize on this with call-to-action prompts such as asking for an email address or contact information.

This cost-effective lead generation solution you will have experienced elsewhere on the internet. Whenever you click on a website, and there is a prompt to find out more or keep in touch by entering your email address, this is a call to action and is a great marketing tool for people in this field.

You can ensure that a new patient will keep in touch with your company and can become a qualified lead with call-to-action prompts.

To ensure that people leave their information, such as email address or phone number, you will need to offer them some incentive. Your clinic can offer free consultations, for example, to attract new patients and get them to leave their information which can then be passed to the sale team.

Work On SEO

Now that you have a website, it is time to ensure this gets noticed.

New chiropractic patients will search engines like Google when looking for the kind of services you offer. However, as anyone who has used a search engine can tell you, it is hard to get noticed here as there are thousands of results for the same thing.

To ensure that you are getting the website traffic you deserve from these patients, then you need to work on search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves online content to ensure it ranks highly in search results.

Search engines, such as Google, have a series of factors that they consider when it comes to ranking their search results. Web pages deemed to be the most relevant and trustworthy will land on the first few search engine results pages, where they will get the most attention.

This is why if you want to attract new patients, you need to improve the SEO of your website.

Potential customers need to see your brand as a reliable and trustworthy source, which you can do through various means. It is possible to work on SEO yourself or pay for a marketing service to do this, depending on your budget.

To ensure you reach prospective patients from search engine results alone, you can work on your website by making it responsive and informative.

Your landing pages should be welcoming and offer the information customers need so they spend time at your site, ensuring you rank highly. As well as working on the appearance of your website, you can also optimize content for SEO.

For example, creating a blog post that not only includes key terms but is also engaging and informative is a key chiropractic marketing technique that can get you noticed. This can be something that contributes to SEO by being shared elsewhere, improving the authority of your website.

SEO is a large part of any chiropractic marketing strategy, and you will find that a lot of the work you do in appealing to your target audience also relates to your search engine ranking.

Focus On Local SEO

As well as working on search engine optimization, it is a good idea for chiropractic businesses to focus on local SEO. In most cases, chiropractic practices are local businesses, and you can ensure your content is being seen by people in your region through targeted SEO.

You need to tailor your chiropractic marketing strategies for local lead generation to this region. Again, as with standard SEO, there are various ways that you can go about this, but it is a good idea to present yourself as a local chiropractic office online to get more patients in your area.

This is a way of standing out against other healthcare providers that may also appear in the same search results because you are meeting specific needs.

As a local chiropractor, your website should have landing pages dedicated to the regions you work in so patients can quickly find out what is relevant to them. Your service areas should be present in all online content as a key term to impact search engine ranking.

You will find that this will become a marketing tool within itself, as this is what will get you noticed against other small businesses and can generate more leads.

Learn Your Target Audience

You need to understand what kind of patients you want to attract to your chiropractic practice in the first place, as this will determine all marketing strategies and lead-generation tactics you can use.

Much like working on local SEO, you need to have a good understanding of what your target audience desires and where to find them to ensure you can generate leads. Focusing on your specific target audience is similar to local SEO because it can help you stand out.

There are hundreds of chiropractic clinics, each of which is vying for the same attention as you. Most of these will appear in the same Google search results as your business, so you need to offer something to make you stand out.

It is likely that you already have some idea of who your prospective patients are and will use existing patients to find this information, however, to generate leads, you need to take it one step further. All healthcare providers have a specific group of people that they focus on most, whether this is people in a certain region, or they are a clinic that focuses on particular issues, such as a chiropractic clinic.

This can become a key element of your marketing strategy because it allows you to focus your efforts on a specific group of people. Using market research into your prospective patients, you can tailor your chiropractic marketing strategy to become a lead magnet for this specific group.

It will be easier to attract potential patients when you can focus on niche groups, and this is something you can use across the internet, from your own website to your social media channels.

Use Social Media

As well as having a website, every chiropractic practice needs social media pages if they want to reach potential patients.

You can find new patients from social media and keep in contact with existing clients to ensure repeat business. This is because most people spend their time on social media, which has become a great location for businesses to advertise their services.

If you want to find new patients, you should be on social media to meet them where they are. You will find that many local businesses are also on social media, and you can use their social media platforms for marketing ideas when you want to optimize your pages to reach more patients.

In most cases, having a social media presence at a chiropractic clinic is worth it because this makes you accessible.

However, it is important to maintain your online reputation with social media. Every social media platform, whether Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, is a representation of your chiropractic practice and therefore needs to showcase your brand well.

This is sometimes the first impression your brand patients will get if they have not yet found your website, so you need to keep it professional. This means keeping personal information away from your business account, only connecting with professional acquaintances on social media, and focusing on reaching prospective clients with these channels.

Your social media platform should link back to your main website, where people can learn more about your company and eventually pay for your services for it to work in lead generation.

Paid Advertising

While there are many chiropractic marketing strategies that you can do for free, there may come a time when you have to spend money to get results.

This is where paid advertising comes in, taking place across the internet. You can pay to have advertisements appear in various locations, all of which will link back to your Google Business Profile or website where customers can enquire further.

A great tool for chiropractic businesses is Google Ads, which will place your business link as the top result in Google search results for specific terms.

Paid advertising through Google Ads is essentially a way of cheating SEO by making your link appear as the first result so it will attract more attention.

This can be a great way to attract new patients and is especially useful for chiropractic companies. This is because when people need a chiropractor, one of the first places they will go is to Google, where they will search for this service.

By paying for your website as the top result with Google Ads, you will bring in more new patients than anyone else and give off the impression of a good online reputation. This is because only the best results appear at the top of a Google search, and you can pay for this.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to do this, and it will ensure that your relevant content gets noticed by the right people.

Use Customer Reviews

You can use current patients to bring in a new patient base by asking them for reviews.

Online reviews are a great tool for all kinds of businesses, including those in the chiropractic industry. Reviews are usually written by patients to showcase the kind of experience they have had with a particular service, and this is used by potential leads to determine whether they should use this clinic over another.

If you are doing a good job in your clinic, you can use these happy patients to generate new leads by asking them to leave online reviews for your services. You can use the contact details you already have for them to get in touch and ask them to leave a review.

Patient reviews can appear in your Google Business Profile and use them across social media and on your website to bring in new leads.


As a chiropractic company, patients are essential to everything you do.

You should work on lead generation to ensure you have a good flow of patients and that someone is always coming to your clinic.

This is a process of bringing more patients to your site where they can learn about what you offer and hopefully become paying customers.

This guide has shared some of the best marketing ideas for your chiropractic practice to reach new people.

It is possible to find a whole new patient base with these few tips, and we hope to see many chiropractic practices become successful online.