Guest posting is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it has been an effective tool for a long time. Guest posting is based on writing and publishing a blog post on someone else’s website regarding what you offer.

It is essentially a way to organically share an audience with similar creators or businesses online, and it can be an effective tool to increase traffic to your platforms if done correctly.

Many people may be wondering whether guest posting and guest posting services are still relevant, as there are now other ways to optimize content online.

Even though there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure that it is successful, we’re going to show you why it’s an effective tool to increase your site’s authority that can be used by a range of businesses and industries, and it can be a cost-effective service when using bloggers to create high-quality content.

Niche Edits vs Guest Posts

Both of these techniques work towards increasing your visibility online through building up links and articles on your website but in slightly different formats.

Guest posting requires an initial blogger outreach to find relevant blogs or sites where your content can be shared. A guest post is an article that is published on another site to increase traffic and brand awareness of your business. Niche edits, on the other hand, work by editing what is already present on your online platforms to increase white hat link building within. 

Both can be effective forms of digital marketing when used correctly, but niche edits are more likely to target the clients and audience that your website already generates as opposed to reaching a whole new group. 

Niche edits require the editing of articles already present on websites or blogs by inserting relevant white label links. This kind of link will direct readers to other posts that already exist online, whereas guest blogging will create a whole new link via content on other blogs that are relevant to your target audience.

While the two concepts are similar in their aim, reaching wider audiences and ranking higher in search engines, it is clear that they operate very differently. 

Hyperlinks within a blog post can be a way to increase search engine ranking, as they can indicate a quality article that offers a lot of information to the reader. Quality is something that is used by Google when it comes to ranking their search results, and both guest posting and niche edits can work to create great content on your platform.

However, too many hyperlinks on blogs can make it seem low quality. This is why the number of links needs to work with the word count of websites. For example, a 500 words article will include fewer links and keywords than something over 1,000 words. 

Google will assess the number of links back to your platform to determine whether it is relevant or whether it is spam. This is why considering your link profile is vital to ensuring this strategy works as intended.

Guest posting is an effective tool for increasing brand awareness, and it can be a way to increase traffic to your website when it is done correctly. You can work with bloggers and other online writers through a blogger outreach program to create relevant articles that will link back to your web page, allowing you to share traffic and clients with brands.

Best Guest Posting Practices in 2021

A guest post is an effective way of sharing audiences and increasing organic traffic to your website, which means that you need to work with similar creators, and this is one of the best practices to continue using in 2021. 

There is no point in working with a blogger from a completely different industry than what your clients are interested in because the content will not be found organically, nor will it be deemed relevant. 

This is why the first step of any guest post service is a blogger outreach service. The company you are working with to create a guest post will reach out to bloggers with domain authority to ensure the content works well and there is a common interest to be shared. 

Outreach services, guest post writing, and ongoing support are some of the benefits you can get when working with a service like ours for SEO. 

As well as reaching out to bloggers, what is published through a guest post also needs to be considered carefully. Google determines not only the relevancy of any result but also the quality, which is why every guest post needs to be well-written with keywords and links that are suitable to your niche. 

When you use a guest posting service from a reputable agency, you will most likely gain access to the current best practices for this SEO strategy.

Guest posting services can help you create quality content that appears on websites with domain authority within your industry and backlinks effectively to your web page or social media to increase ongoing traffic.


Importance of Quality Content

Google considers the quality of web pages to determine where they should be ranked in results.

Google will consider the relevancy of all web pages and posts in terms of industry keywords and links. 

Keywords are a vital aspect of SEO as they can show both audiences and search engines that your web page is relevant to what they are looking for. Your business should operate with key terms across all of your sites to ensure high ranking. 

As with your backlink profile, however, too many keywords based on the average word count can reduce the ranking. There is a balance that needs to be met when it comes to guest posts, so sites are deemed to be of high authority and well written, which is what our team can help with. 

The word count within an article will determine how many keywords and links need to be used on average within the anchor text of an article to be considered high quality. You will not be able to reach your target clients or be considered an authority in your industry with poorly written content. 

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into creating quality blog posts, and it can be a lot to manage on your own. This is where hiring a guest blog posting service might come in very useful, and it can be a great tool to draw traffic back to your website and increase organic traffic overall.


How to Buy Guest Posts

A guest posting service is a brilliant way to get into guest blogging and ensure success for SEO.

With our guest blogging service, we offer outreach services and content creation in an excellent turnaround time based on your needs. All guest posts from our services come with a white label report that you can use to inform further content marketing of your website.

With our outreach services, we can ensure that your content is being handled by a blog with domain authority based on the anchor text, URLs, and keywords you have provided the team. 

This information is used to reach out to blog owners who run websites that will be a suitable posting guest for your needs. We can ensure increased monthly organic traffic by sharing a blog audience with our client’s website through guest posting. 

We only work with quality sites within our outreach services, and our team has good relationships with the blogs we work with to ensure great quality every time. All blog posts will feature quality backlinks and content links to connect audiences to you. 

Articles start from 500 words, and pricing includes all aspects of guest blogging, such as links and the sites where content is published.



Guest posting still works since is a fundamental part of any decent inbound marketing strategy and can be an effective SEO strategy for increasing organic traffic when it is done correctly.

Just make sure your content is relevant, credible, relatable and skillfully redacted. Also, pay attention to their volume, how they are used in your wider SEO, and complement them with the right link building strategy to help boost your authority.

And remember, our team provides an excellent guest blogging service, complete with blogger outreach and white label reporting to ensure ongoing success. 

Check out our prices to find the best deal for your needs today.