Link building is one of the most effective means available in SEO for gaining top positions in the SERPs.

Guest posts and niche edits are two of the more valuable and effective link-building tools in the market.

The number and quality of backlinks directly affect your Domain Authority and thus potential to rank your site.

There is an increasing debate on Guest Posts vs Niche Edits for increasing your site’s rankings. This article explains which one will boost site visibility and a web presence. We’ll settle any confusion over guest postings or niche edits once and for all.

What is Guest Post?

Guest posting is the practice of publishing content on another companies site. This builds relationships, exposure and authority and, most importantly, backlinks to elevate your website on Page 1 on search engines.

Guest posts are helpful marketing tools because they help build your reputation as a subject matter expert and spread your brand to a broader audience.

Backlinks are among the most practical aspects of guest posting. The link can be embedded in the existing content contextually or found in an author bio profile. The aged article should be approximately 300-4000 words (at least equivalent or much more significant than similar content elsewhere) and should also be engaging and informative.

How do I find sites that accept guest posts?

Try to find a list of blogs or websites relevant to your industry. They generally share posts on various social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The first step to getting a guest post link is to create a list of the best guest blogging websites. It is good to find sites with high quality content and search rankings to ensure the links pass power to your targeted page.

You can use a research tool that analyses what guests posts are currently building contextually relevant links to your competitors. You can then use traditional outreach strategies to reach out to site owners to see if they are interested in offering a guest post opportunity.

Guest Post Advantages

The huge advantage of using guest posting is incorporating your target keyword into the title and body of a post. A guest post ensures backlinks can be placed on super relevant articles and relevant sites.

A Guest post offers the following advantages:

  • More content to publish on an extremely relevant article.
  • Increased traffic and reach.
  • Give your readers diverse points of view.
  • SEO benefits.
  • Guest posting helps build authority.

High authority websites put their clients first and assign their editorial teams the proofreading task, meaning guest posts are an excellent option for SEO agencies and website owners.

Guest Posting Disadvantages

Guest posting may not provide instant results when compared with links placed on a pre existing article.

A piece or article on several sites will not necessarily result in immediate site traffic.

You often also need time to invest money or to hire people to write valuable material yourself.

What is a Niche Edit?

A niche edit is a link building strategy in which you embed a link in an existing article rather than create a new blog post.

Historically known as contextual links, these types of edits contain the location of links to articles that may have already been indexed. Unlike blogs, where you must start from there to write something high quality. You should make sure that the post you choose to use has a good relation to your keyword.

The more traffic on a website, the more visitors you gain. It’s easier and cheaper than doing a guest page. It saves a lot more money if you create it from scratch. It also has a higher ROI. It is becoming more popular because it can rank more quickly and provide instant results. We call our niche edits, topically relevant outreach links.

How do I get a Niche Edit?

You can obtain niche edit links by reaching out to relevant site owners and asking for high-quality backlinks to be placed within existing blog content.

You can either send a direct payment to the website owner for a backlink, or you can trade a link insertion service for one. White hats use traditional outreach such as broken link building to obtain niche edits.

Like an SEO agency, link building experts have already established a trusted outreach network dedicated to niche edits. They ensure that websites are properly positioned to make them stronger and that their links are not spreading too thin. All you need to do is select a niche and order links.

Niche Edit Advantages

The main advantages of using a niche edit link building strategy are:

  • You don’t need to write a blog post article.
  • Niche edits are more easily accepted by website owners than guest posts.
  • Improves rankings and passes link juice faster.
  • Targets relevant niche-specific content.
  • White had link building from aged articles.
  • Overall, niche editing consumes less time and money and have a reasonable ROI.

Niche edits are a great way for an SEO agency to obtain contextual links from high authority websites and are seen as one of the best forms of link building to strengthen your target site.

Niche Edit Disadvantages

A downside of niche edits is Google has criticised companies for allowing unauthorised websites to publish their content with SEO hackers.

You should ensure that your links are integrated into a post that is pertinent to the target keyword.

Although Google does not promote links, niche edit links are a way to ask a website owner for backlinks without getting penalised.

How do you choose between Guest Posts and Niche edits?

There’s no single correct answer. Your choice depends on your aim and available resources, whether you opt for niche edits or go down the guest posting route.

You might be more comfortable using guest posts if you are looking for a long-term backlink strategy.

If you need a powerful link, a niche edit link is a great solution for people wanting instant backlinks. This is the preferred option for web developers looking to increase the search visibility of their websites.

If you choose niche edits, then you can compensate for their low relevance by using supporting documents. These documents should contain the keywords you are attempting to promote.

Both guest posts and niche edits are strong backlinks and have their own unique strengths.

Ultimately it’s best to diversify your links by using both links to get the best results possible. Therefore they should complement each other for maintaining diversity and contribute to a mix involving authority relevance and authority.

Final Thoughts

White hat niche edits links on existing posts are generally more cost-effective than guest posts. These contextual links offer good results faster since the linking pages are already indexed and trusted by Google.

Guest post links can lead to more referential traffic than niche edits and offer more targeted content that is highly relevant.

Both guest posts and niche edits should be employed in conjunction as part of a varied link strengthening strategy.

If you would like to find out more, our Statistical Ranking Blueprint delves a lot deeper to uncover your current link profile and whether niche edits or guest post links will strengthen your own website.


Does guest posting still work?

Guest blogging still works in 2021. The numbers show that guest posts are still relevant to gaining high-quality links.

This being said, effective guest posting today is very different to what it used to be. For the latest techniques and processes to ensure you fall within Googles guidelines, book a free strategy call with an expert to map this out.

Is niche editing safe?

Niche edits are an extremely safe and widely used link building method when implemented correctly.

If you start using the Black hat niche editing SEO technique and go to the darker side, you risk getting into trouble, though.

To understand if linking is dangerous, it’s best to look at the way Google regards linking.

Do niche edits work?

Niche edits are an extremely effective way to build links and improve your google search results. Inserting backlinks on existing sites that are already ranking will be sure to pass power through to your website if done correctly.

What does Google think about link building?

Google Search Central warns that a link designed to manipulate PageRank may be considered part of a link scheme for a website. This does include all behaviours that manipulate links to your site or incoming links that come from your site. Even link exchange or use of keyword-rich anchor text on guest postings violates Google guidelines.

In summary, all links should be considered “natural”. There are no other link possibilities. There are still grey areas there, and we don’t want to go into more details here because it’s one long article on this subject.

Can backlinks hurt your site?

Links that are low in quality can sometimes result in sites getting hit with a penalty. This only usually occurs when you build multiple spammy links from sites with low authority.

In most cases, it is extremely safe to build backlinks using niche edits or a guest post to satisfy the most important ranking factors and increase SEO quality.

If you are unsure, it is often wise to consult the services of a professional who can help with the placement of guest posts, and niche edits editorial links.

Why are backlinks Important?

The higher your domain authority, the higher your likelihood of ranking well in Google. Linking is vital to most websites owners who do not want to rely on advertising or other forms of advertising for their traffic.

Not every backlink is created the same, but those with broader effects might be stronger than other links. We have looked into two links building strategies that implement the editorial link strategy, niche edits and guest posting.

The more editorial backlinks you get from authoritative, relevant websites, the better your domain authority will be.

Check out our link packages for some of the best deals when it comes to guest posts or niche edits.