When you are trying to rise up the search engine results pages (SERP ranking), you are usually trying to find as many effective link building campaigns as you can. One of the concepts you may have encountered on news sites is the concept of “PR link building.”

But what are PR backlinks? And how can you get high PR backlinks? In this article, we are going to explain this concept and how you can use it in your link building strategy.

There is also a list of high PR website examples and recommendations on how to identify high authority websites to develop backlinks during a link building campaign.

While you can sometimes buy high PR backlinks, we are going to focus here on how to organically earn referral traffic through dofollow backlinks on websites that can help you rank higher in the SERPs.

The main purpose of this article is to help you understand what high-authority backlinks are and how they may assist you in improving your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. To learn more about how to build high PR backlinks, whether that is dofollow or nofollow backlinks, read on below for all the answers!

What Are High PR Backlinks?

The PR stands for “page rank,” and it is one of the many SEO metrics used to determine the worth of a link.

Page rank is assigned a value from 1 to 10, with 1 being the least valued and 10 being the most valuable.

There is a clear correlation between high PR pages and high search engine ranks in general; therefore, obtaining links with high PR scores is critical to enhancing your site’s rankings.

These backlinks are from websites that have a high PageRank, which is a measure of a website’s authority and trustworthiness. Backlinks with a high PR can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) by indicating its legitimacy and importance.

In short, high PR backlinks are connections to your website from sites with a high page rank (or authority). Because part of the PageRank value is passed to your site via the link, strong PR backlinks between PR7 and PR10 can help your website rank better in search engines.

What Is a Web Page’s PageRank?

PageRank for a web page is an algorithm developed by Google to assist in determining the authority of content in order to rank web pages in search engine result pages (SERPs). The “Page” in PageRank does not actually have anything to do with web pages! PageRank was named after Google co-founder Larry Page as a mechanism for determining the trustworthiness and prominence of online sites.

Google PageRank has a logarithmic scale ranging from PR1 to PR10.

PageRank is essentially a link authority algorithm that evaluates the quality and amount of links pointing to other websites on the Internet. A website or web page with a high PR metric is frequently referred to by other reliable websites.

The PageRank number is incredibly significant for identifying which websites rank top in the search engine for particular keywords for various search queries. As a result, it is critical to strive to raise your website’s PR score in order to boost overall ranks for target search terms.

Despite the fact that Google employs PageRank as a ranking indication, this SEO statistic is not publicly available for you to track the current level of PR for your site.

You can only predict based on the amount of other high PR sites referring to your web pages (based on authority and trust indicated by other SEO tools).

How to Calculate the PageRank of a Website

Because Google does not disclose PageRank scores, current SEO tools employ their own analysis of SEO indicators to provide an alternative score known as Domain Authority or Domain Rating.

However, an open-source program called Open PageRank was developed to restore PageRank measurements so that various sites may be readily compared. You can examine the PR scores for its top 10 million websites and obtain free API access.

How to Get High PR Backlinks

There are several different methods you can use to get high PR backlinks to support and boost your website traffic. Let us take a look at some of the best ways you can get high PR backlinks from reputable websites.


One of the best ways to get free high PR backlinks is to use a service known as HARO or Help A Reporter Out.

You may have heard of this system, as it is a popular way to drive organic traffic to your website and boost various SEO metrics, including access to a high PR dofollow backlink from a media news outlet or other news websites.

HARO is a free service that links journalists and authors with sources. After joining up, you will receive daily emails from websites asking for quotations and thoughts on issues that might lead to your company being featured and receiving a backlink.

It operates in three steps: journalists publish information requests on the internet, sources contribute information, and journalists incorporate content from sources in their stories.

It is not only a great strategy to get connections for your site, but it is also quite simple. There is nothing involved in HARO that is any more complex than techniques you will have used elsewhere in digital marketing, like guest posting or creating resource pages.

Perform competitor analysis

You may evaluate the backlink profile of your rivals using an SEO tool like as Ahrefs, Semrush, or LinkMiner to uncover high PR backlink prospects. Once you have found a high authority website, you may strive to gain the same backlink to your site.

The easiest approach to utilize these tools is to examine your competitor’s backlink profile and then arrange the list by highest to lowest in the domain authority, domain rating, trust flow, or citation flow categories, depending on the SEO metrics the program employs.

Websites with high PageRank scores often have high values in all of those valuable SEO metrics.

Get links from government and educational websites

Government agencies and colleges are two of the most authoritative sources of high-quality backlinks. These websites often have a .gov or .edu domain extension.

Although a high PR backlink from a major page on one of these websites is unlikely, a link on an inner page or resources page somewhere on the main university domain, for example, may be possible. So hunt for these kinds of web pages and contact the content owner to ask if your site may be featured on them.

Reach out to professors who oversee the material for their department’s page on the main university domain or have their own subdomain with complete control over the links posted. You may then approach that individual and ask them to include a link to your website as a relevant resource.

The same method may be used to approach municipal government websites, which are a great source of authoritative backlinks for more organic traffic.

Simply identify the contact person and send them a message about having your site included as a public resource. Government websites are rarely updated, so this is a great way to get a permanent backlink from high-authority sites.

Create Backlinks on Free High PR Websites

A third approach for obtaining high PR backlinks is to publish material on free-to-use high-authority sites such as Blogger, Flickr, WordPress, SoundCloud, and others.

You may construct your own profiles and/or webpages on these free websites, and you can link to any other sites you like within the material.

Although they are not the strongest backlinks you can get because they are not coming straight from a web page published on the main domain, they may still help to balance out your backlink profile when you are just starting out with off-page search engine optimization.

This should not be the only way you build backlinks, but it can be a good starting point as part of a broader link building portfolio.

Keep these forms of free high PR backlinks in perspective. They are not spectacular, but they are also not useless. However, you may increase the value of these pages by linking to them as well. This is known as tiered link building.

Tiered link building is an SEO strategy that involves producing backlinks for your backlinks in order to boost the PageRank value of your current links.

This is a method combining SEO techniques with digital PR options familiar from other websites, and it is a much more effective link building technique than you might expect, particularly for other niche websites with limited opportunities for guest posting on high domain authority sites.

Guest Posting

The act of creating material for another blog in exchange for a hyperlink to your own site within the piece is known as guest blogging. It is one of the oldest and most successful tactics for gaining new backlinks available.

Here are some things to remember while guest blogging:

  • Guest blogging works best when you write about something that your target blog readership is interested in.
  • Make sure to include your target keywords at least once in the article’s formatting, and use those keywords as anchor text back to your own site.
  • Do not guest post on sites that are not related to you.

Remember, not all that many high PR websites accept guest posts, so finding leads can be time-consuming when you build links via a blog post like this.


There are many great ways of building backlinks to obtain referral traffic to your website, but the impact of each individual link from a high PR website should not be overlooked.

A high PR backlink, as you have seen above, is a connection to your website from another site with a high PageRank or authority.

While obtaining a PR7 to PR10 backlink is not straightforward, you should still seek to collect these links over time because even a handful of them might assist your website to rank better in search engines due to the transfer of link juice from that high PageRank website.

It can be a long, slow process to obtain high-quality backlinks from high PR websites, but it is always worth the effort. The added website traffic that a few good dofollow backlinks from a guest post on a website with a high PR score can make a huge difference to your SEO metric tracking!

Remember, not all backlinks are high-quality backlinks, and more backlinks from poor-quality sites will be less useful to you than a single high-quality backlink on one of a few really high PR websites.