How We Grew 4 Affiliate Sites Daily Traffic by 8042% in 24 Months





Heres one of the four websites…

May 2018 – May 2020. 57k hits a day. 8042% increase in sites daily traffic.

UPDATE – 5th May 2020: Almost a year on and these affiliate sites are still growing stronger than ever. We’ve been using the exact same strategy that we recommend to all our clients. A consistent number of high-quality links, with a consistent amount of new content.

I’ve updated all the screenshots and traffic stats to reflect the last year too.

– Karl Hudson, Searcharoo Founder

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In 2017, our sites content was growing faster than we could link build. Our content team were knocking it out of the park and creating more content than our link building and buying could handle.

We couldn’t get enough links, without suffering on the quality?? (a problem I know a lot of website owners or agencies face)

The link providers at the time were pumping crap. PBNs as guest posts, not providing the metrics promised, sites with zero traffic, no relevancy or just plain slow to fulfill.

We decided to go back to the drawing board, combine teams and processes.

After a year and half of testing teams, tools and SOPs, we finally had a new strategy that 100% worked, and was providing the number of links to keep up with the growing content teams.

In late 2018, we put the process through beta testing to select few clients. They had excellent results.

Happy clients indeed.

Knowing our new system for relationship building with website owners worked, we scaled the team further, hiring more full-time employees in Florida, America. We now have a range of link building packages, strategies and now actively build links for some very high-level sites in the UK and US.

In terms of offsite SEO, we kept to a straightforward process and strategy. High DR, relevant links, with safe anchor text, a sprinkle of targeted anchors.

Here are a few of the different strategies used, as well as the results.

Types of Anchor Text

Over the past 12 months, we’ve tested various anchor text types and found that if the page that your link is on, is directly related and contains the keyword (or similar) in the page title or URL, you can use anchor text that is on the “safer” side of things.

In terms of “safer” we mean an anchor text that isn’t exact match or contains your main keyword.

This includes brand-able anchors and root domain URL variations.

Example: Walmart,,

Instead of using exact match, or risking things by pushing the bar in terms of over-optimized anchor text, you can go a lot safer with your anchor text selection, and still rank very well.

In addition to this, building up a solid foundation of branded and URL links effectively puts a moat around your brand and if done correctly, prevents other blackhat anchor text types from creeping up and overtaking your anchor text percentages. This can have detrimental effects on ranking for your brand name, as we’ve previously experienced.

Build links with a high amount of relevance (keyword in title or URL), with branded or URL anchors. ‘It’s a lot safer.

Another strategy we used consistently for all the websites, was to create content, let it index for a few weeks, see where it places, then link build to them.

Sounds basic, right? But how many site owners do this consistently?

Depending on the power of your site, how much Google favours it, the competition of the keyword, and your content, you should be able to see what position your page lands for your main keyword, after a few weeks of publishing a new article.

From this point, you can decide whether or not to link build to it straight away or leave it slightly longer.

Using a combination of topically relevant links, we start to build up a foundation layer for the page —  1 or 2 DR45+ to DR60+ topically relevant links.

After waiting a few more weeks, you will be able to see the results of your first set of link building.

Analyse the page, with the following questions in mind:

Taking this data into account, plan out your next steps for the next few months of link building to that page.

Repeating this process to pages on your site will help build up a solid foundation, show Google you’re getting niche relevant links. If your site is interlinked correctly, the entire site should start to rise.

Side note: I cannot stress the importance of consistency here. Keeping the compound effect in mind, repeating this process, will ensure a steady increase in referring domains. As many of you know, SEO is a long game, where overnight results come from consistent effort and progress.

Picking the low hanging fruits

Review your sites every few weeks, to pick out which pages you should build links to next.

Using a tool like Ahrefs is an excellent way to see where your pages once published, and how they are moving around in the SERPs.

Here is a tactic to finding and picking the low hanging fruits, and how to boost up those pages directly.

Load up Ahrefs > Organic Keywords > Set the Position drop down from 10 to 6.

You will now see all of the keywords that your ranking 6th to 10th for.

These are the pages you can make quick wins on, by doing new link building.

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Position 6 receives under 3% of the total clicks on the first page of Google. 

Position 1 gets a whopping 31% of all clicks. That’s a 933% increase in clicks.

In some cases, this could be the effect of 1 or 2 powerful and relevant links.

We regularly use this strategy to find which pages to link build to next, on our sites.

Build links to this page, wait, and see how the page responds.

Build more and wait longer.

Go back to our previous tactic shown about the 3 questions to keep in mind.

The Results in Sites Daily Traffic

The results of the consistent compounding the two tactics above, result in a fantastic boost in traffic, keywords, clicks, and revenue.

Here are a few examples of sites we own, where we have used the tactics shown above and links that we offer on Searcharoo.

analytics searcharoo

May 2018 – May 2020. 57k hits a day. 8042% increase in sites daily traffic.

Sites Daily Traffic

May 1st 2018 – May 2020. 34k hits a day. 750% in sites daily traffic.

June 2018 – June 2019. 14k hits a day. 1385% increase in sites daily traffic. (cannot update analytics, website sold)

May 1st 2018 – May 2020. 11k hits a day. 1733% in traffic. (Recent traffic wobble by Covid-19)

Please Note: These are the results of topically relevant links, in combination with a lot of new content, compounded over time.


I hope this gives you an insight into what is possible with consistent link-building and patience.

Try to stay away from the latest “quick ranking technique” that the industry suddenly discovers, as this could destroy all your hard work and effort.

“Compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… He who doesn’t, pays it” – Albert Einstein.

If you’d like to find out more about how the services Searcharoo provides can help increase your link building, you can book a 15-minute consultancy call with us here.

Thank you for reading.

Karl Hudson  – Searcharoo Partner

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