Topically Relevant Outreach Links

A superior type of link that gives you the most bang for your buck.

A contextual edit is where your backlink is placed on an aged article that is relevant to your topic and on an established website.

How It Works

Searcharoo handles your link building for you. Here’s how it works.

1. Outreach

First step is providing your anchor text, URLs and keywords to our team for your clients placements. Our outreach team will then reach out to blog owners and assess suitable placements available to us.

2. Snippet Creation

Our experienced content team will craft the text snippet that is related to your niche edit and the blog owners audience. It includes a natural in-content editorial style link placement, mentioning your chosen anchor text.

3. View Your Link Edit Placements

Once all your guest posts have been published, you will be provided a detailed report, including website metrics, by your dedicated account manager.

Genuine Outreach

We secure placements on websites we genuinely reach out to.

In-Content Links

Links are placed within the article content, not the footer or sidebar.

Newspaper Quality

Our content team has high writing standards, and all snippets are 100% unique.

High Authority

We outreach to sites with high authority and quality metrics.

Content Optimized

Live contextual edits receive social signals to assist with Google crawling.

Outreach Link Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

Building links on scale in any niche can be a tough and time-intensive task. But with the help of our awesome outreach team, they will do all the hard work for you.

With our large inventory of contacts that we’ve built relationships with over the past 3 years, we can accommodate link building for any niche.

If you have a website and you want to grow your organic traffic, look no further. We have 4 options for you, based on DR (domain rating). We recommend a regular mix of high DR links for more competitive niches.


What Types of Links Are These?

These links are contextual edits. Contextual edits are different from guest posts, in the sense that the website owner is editing an existing related post that is already indexed, aged, live and sometimes has organic traffic and existing backlinks. This combination will ensure your links are picked up quicker and enable you to rank faster. The best type of link possible, in our eyes. Case Study Using Contextual Edits: How We Grew 4 Affiliate Sites Daily Traffic by 2789% in 12 Months


Do You Offer Links for Pharma, Gambling, Adult Etc?

Yes. Please see our “Naughty Niches” packages, as we have a special selection of websites for these types of links. They are separated from the normal link packages for the peace of mind of our other clients.


Are These Links Relevant To My Site?

Our aim is to provide links that are topically hyper relevant to the page where you’d like the backlink to go to. Our ideal link placement would be your keyword in the title of the post, and this is what we always try to find for you first. However, sometimes, blog owners haven’t written about your specific subject yet, so we go for the next best topically relevant post.


Do You Send Social Signals To All Your Links?

We provide a Social Signal Blast for every link you purchase to give each link that extra boost. This will increase the rate Google crawls your shiny new links and sends additional trust signals that your link is authoritative! This is completed by our team, as soon as your link is placed. Social signals are drip-fed over a 30 day period.


Can You Provide A Sample?

Due to the NDA we automatically agree to with our clients when they purchase from Searcharoo, we cannot provide link samples. You can, however, order a single link or backlink package from us to test the quality, speed, and support.

What Is RSOS?

Reverse sink or swim (RSOS) is a term coined by the guys at OMG (One Man Gang). Links that include your keyword or are directly related to the page you are trying to rank, get an additional boost and become the most powerful link type you can get. This is the ideal type of link, that we always aim to get for you.


Can I Use These for Foreign Language Sites?

Yes, although we recommend URL/branded anchor text in English. As they will be placed on websites with content in English.


Is There a Limitation On Anchor Text Selection?

No, we are very flexible and we allow the use of any type of anchor text you’d like. On rare occasions, some webmasters may not like the anchor text chosen, we will contact you with the necessary information.

Note: Larger orders or complex niches may take up to 30 business days due to website owners response times. Smaller orders average 14 working days delivery time.

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