Google’s May 2022 Core Update Recovery: Mastering Silo Structures, Link Disavowal, and LP Analysis for Enhanced SEO




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Are you looking for an in-depth guide on how to recover your lost rankings from the May 2022 algorithm update? This guide breaks down what we did with a client’s websites to regain lost rankings.

First, we need to analyse the three key reasons why a website could get penalised. These are poor technical SEO, on-page SEO & off-page SEO. Then we need to figure out which one is causing the issue.

Luckily for our team at Searcharoo we have the tools, resources, and knowledge to figure out what’s causing the problems, so let’s tackle  into what we should be looking at when trying to fix our website rankings.

Silo Structure

The website in this example had a lot of fresh content uploaded. Approximately 20 articles were published weekly for the past four months before the May algorithm update; however, internal linking and post categorization were non-existent.

The lack of internal links and categorization led to many orphan pages that Google struggled to index. We ran a screaming frog audit and got a list of all the orphaned pages.

If you are unsure if you have any orphan pages, you can download a tool called Screaming Frog, which will scan your entire website and tell you any technical issues you could have on your website, aiding in penalty removal efforts.

Screaming frog also has a filter which you can select, and it shows you in a list what pages on your website are orphan pages. These pages lack internal links, meaning Google will have a hard time trying to crawl & index these pages.

Check the screenshot below for how you can view orphan pages.

orphan pages screaming frog report

Why orphan pages are bad?

Orphan pages aren’t being linked to across your website which means google has no way of finding these pages crawling and indexing them.

Untimely the more orphan pages you have the more it affects your website and pulls your website down.

Why categories are important

When scaling your website you should always try to use categories.

Categories organise your posts you are also able to keep a very tight internal linking structure.

For example, if you have a website which especially is around shoes you might create categories like this:

  • Men’s Shoes
  • Women’s Shoes

Or if you started really scaling content you could get even more granular like this:

  • Men’s Shoes
  • Men’s Running Shoes
  • Men’s Football Shoes
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Running Shoes
  • Women’s Football Shoes

This structured approach not only enhances user navigation but also strengthens SEO. Such detailed organization of links and content leads us seamlessly into the topic of Link Disavow, where we focus on identifying and disassociating from harmful links that could jeopardize your site’s SEO integrity.

oprhan pages searcharoo

Link Disavow

Once we had fixed the on-site we then had to take a look at off-page then and take a look at what other link vendors had built.

For the past 3 months, this website had bought approx. 25 backlinks per month (75 links in total). We precisely decided to focus on these links that had been built and found out that out of the 75 backlinks, 19 of the links had to be added into a disavow as they were causing harm to the website.

In total, the website had 500 referring domains, and we decided that we had to disavow 105 referring domains as they were either blacklisted websites or high in our internal spam score.

Our team used the internal checklist to manually review every referring domain. We also cross-checked all the referring domains against our blacklist, which contains over 45,000 domains on which we would never build a link. This list actively gets updated on a daily basis.

If you want our team to take a look at your site and perform a link disavow, then get in touch here.

This thorough attention to link integrity directly leads into our next focus area, LP’s Analysing, where we explore deeper into evaluating link performance and relevance for your site’s optimization.

links disavow

LP’s Analysing

Once we had completed the links disavow we also had a long list of fresh guest posts that another link provider had built to the website which weren’t completely helping out the website.

When doing link building our team at Searcharoo have a slightly different approach to other link builders we look for power, trust & authority. At Searcharoo, we leverage free SEO tools to enhance our link building strategies, ensuring power, trust, and authority in every outreach.

We decided to analyse any existing guest posts that the website had and build some link power-ups to help with power, trust & authority. Some of these links either had no power but lots of trust or low trust and a lot of power.

tiered link building

The creme de la creme of a link should have all 3.

  • Power
  • Trust
  • Authority

The website still had some great links; however, there was no power going to any existing guest posts, which did not help push the needle.

Out of the 56 referring domains, we decided that 24 of the links needed to be linked to help pass more power to the money site.

Once we had analysed this we decided that instead of building new links to the money site, the existing backlink profile desperately needed a power-up.

We decided to do tiered link building to help pass more power & trust through to the new guest posts which then passes more power through to the money site.

If you want to purchase tier 2’s then visit our page here.

Tier 2 Links

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Summary: Effective Recovery from Google’s May 2022 Algorithm Update

This guide outlines strategies to recover from Google’s May 2022 algorithm update, focusing on improving technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. Key actions included using Screaming Frog to identify and rectify orphan pages, emphasizing the importance of structured categorization and internal linking. Considerable efforts in link disavowal were made, with 105 out of 500 referring domains disavowed to eliminate harmful backlinks. Further, analyzing existing guest posts and backlinks led to a tiered link-building approach to strengthen the site’s link equity. For custom SEO recovery strategies and advanced link-building techniques, Searcharoo provides comprehensive services to enhance site rankings post-update.

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