Building links for your restaurant could not be more accessible when you have a website and know how to make search-engine-optimized content. Although this process can be time-consuming, it is worth it. Being able to build different links with other companies can help you not only get the word out there about your restaurant but can help the community, too.

Creating content that fits with search engine optimization can be tricky. Search engine-optimized results appear higher on the search engine results page, meaning more people will find your website. Having content that is optimized can help if you are a small business.

It is important when starting your restaurant business that you put your restaurant online; digital marketing in the restaurant industry is very important. Having your restaurant’s website optimized can help link building in other methods to word of mouth.

What are Backlinks and Link Building?

Building links can be essential when building up your SEO for your websites. Let us start with what backlinks are; backlinks are links that will take you back to another company or website.

Most of the time, these will be to companies you trust, or if you are backlinked to a company, it will show that the company has faith in your business. This is shown by allowing the backlinks.

You can remove backlinks from companies if you do not want to have them connected to your websites. However, this can have a knock-on effect as to whether people will connect to your website. Good quality backlinks can help improve your domain authority, which will help you get more links and more people viewing your website.

Link building is the process of building links with other websites and companies; this can be through digital means or word of mouth. People having a positive opinion of you and your business can help with this.

Link building can be done in different ways, which we will discuss later in this article.

What is Link Building for Restaurants, and Why Do You Need it?

You need to build links for your restaurant; building them can help people find you far more easily than without them. If you do not have links to other websites or businesses, it can be difficult to get people to come to you.

Getting links to other restaurants can improve your links and build backlinks to another site. Both link building and creating backlinks make it easier to find and show people that people trust your restaurant and business.

Business Listings of Your Restaurant Website

Having business listings on your restaurant website can help with not only your link-building efforts but also build backlinks to other local businesses. By working with other businesses, you can build high-quality backlinks that will help your business.

Building Backlinks with Photos of Your Dishes

Adding backlinks with pictures of your dishes can help people view what you have to offer in a way that is more appealing than words on a page.

Pictures of your dishes, again, can bring people who may not ordinarily look into your website to click on the site and see how your food is presented.

It also makes it easier for other companies or people on social media to create a backlink to your website.

Event Listing Sites

Event listing sites are a good place to get your website linked. Whether for a special occasion or a charity event, getting your website linked will help build backlinks to other sites.

It is worth checking different event listings to see which restaurant websites are on. If other restaurants have events or are involved in events locally, it would be a good idea to get your site on the list and do an event.

Whether you choose to do an event that gives a cheaper eating experience or you want to show people your lunchtime specials, make this an event that can go on an event listing site.

Local SEO

Using local SEO will help you; whether this is links from a local restaurant or different social media platforms, getting the word out about your restaurant will build links.

Using search engines, such as Google and even social media marketing, can help with your SEO and bring local people to you.

If you want to build local SEO by word of mouth, you could do this by throwing an exclusive event that you can invite different influencers to. This type of event will get the word out more locally and, in some cases, wider.

If people online like your food and business, you will find more people will come to your restaurant.

Invite Food Bloggers to Your Restaurant

Inviting local food bloggers to your restaurant will help build online reviews, and your online reputation will improve due to good reviews. Whether you get the word out in the local newspaper or through word-of-mouth marketing from the food blogger, this will help you.

Having someone who loves food reviewing your food and menu items can easily help boost the popularity of your restaurant. You will then find you have more food traffic because people will want to know more.

Food reviews from trusted bloggers are also a great idea if you want to try a new menu. Getting people from the community to come and taste the food gets more worked out and more links formed.

Partnerships with Local Bloggers

Creating a partnership with local bloggers and foodies will help build links within that community, bringing people to your restaurant’s website.

Local bloggers will have their websites and Facebook page, which will then be linked to your website, again building links through a social network.

Guest Posts

Having someone make a guest post and other content that can link to your website will help to improve your SEO on search engines such as Google. Whether you go to a food blogger to write a guest post or you hire someone else.

The more content there is to work with for your company, the better the search results.

Create Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts make it easier for people to find you. So whether you choose Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform, this is a link to your website that can help people find the home page for your website.

Not only does this create another link to your restaurant’s site, but it makes it easier for other people to link to you, whether this is your food blogger or just another local company.

Local Business Directories and Review Sites

Getting into the ultimate guide for your city or other business listings will help your restaurant’s name be seen and known.

Having reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor will often not allow backlinks. Although you will not get the link juice from these, the reviews can still get more foot traffic to your website.

Local Links

Work with local companies and people, whether a local food blogger, local news outlets, or by helping in a local charity event. Building links with people in person as well as in your online presence will help get more people to your restaurant website.

Website Accessibility

Make your website accessible and easy to access; having links to your menu and home page throughout can help people navigate it.

In addition to the menu, include the best deals and pin photos onto your homepage so that when people come from Google, they see the best of what you do.

Support charity events

Through supporting charity events, you can create and nurture your local SEO. Recognize your local customer base and take care of those people; you will keep the word out about your website.

By helping charities, it shows that your restaurant cares about the area you are in and supports all different people.

Use Photos as Backlink Freebies

If you allow other people to use your pictures as an example, this can give you some backlinks without needing to do much.

Whether this is a blogger making a post on social media or someone else using it on their site to show different food locally, this can lead to you having a backlink from their page to yours.

Learn from Your Competition

Other restaurants will have backlinks, and you can use them as an example of how to create your website. Learn from other restaurants, see what effective marketing strategies they are using, and include them in your website.

Other restaurant websites will likely already have backlinks before you approach them. If you want to get ahead of link building, you can find the links on your competitors.

These links will be grouped by page and domain authority, allowing you to contact them all to see if they will also link to your website.

Guest Blogging

A guest blog is a good way to get your restaurant website known well, either through getting your restaurant name out into circulation or by someone creating quality content and including your restaurant website within that work. Guest blogging can help your restaurant’s SEO.

If your guest blogger uses key phrases, this will also help with link-building to your restaurant. If they use keywords that people will search, their reviews will be more easily found. They can then link to your restaurant’s websites.

Do Not: Ignore Basic SEO Practices

It is important to remember the basics of restaurant SEO and how to get the right words in to improve your results. If you want to be higher on the search results on Google, you need to use the best buzzwords.

Some basic ideas are to include phrases like “the best pizza” and “the best Indian cuisine,” whatever fits with your restaurant’s food.

People will search for a business that has the best of what it does; this is why these words can be important. Including relevant keywords can boost you up the list on Google when people are searching for somewhere to eat locally.

Do: Make Basic Information Easy to Find on Your Site

Making basic information available about your restaurant is just good business. Showing what you can do and are good at will help your restaurant.

Many people looking for restaurants will want to visit your site to see what you do. Having some of the most popular dishes on show, your address, or a how-to get to your restaurant will also help people who view your website.