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Leads for your moving company are essential for growth and business success. Even if you are just one person with a moving truck, you are going to need leads in order to make any money from your moving company at all.

Whether you are moving equipment from storage facilities to a local concert or helping individuals to move house, lead generation is essential.

You need to find customers by any means necessary: your primary channels could be email marketing, appearing in organic search results, or physical advertising in your local area, but whatever they are, you will want to do what you can to drive new customers to your moving business.

Top Tips for Getting More Moving leads


In order to effectively compete with other movers in your area, you are going to need to market in many different areas. This will help you in getting more jobs, supporting your business, and generating leads for your moving company.

  1. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is widely regarded as one of the best and most reliable ways to get moving leads. Thumbtack has some of the best SEO in the business, driving traffic by putting your page in front of potential leads on Google when they search for moving companies, real estate professionals, or other business listings in the relocation industry relevant to you. This is a quick, easy way to boost your digital marketing efforts beyond what you could get from attending real estate events or similar.

Once a potential client visits the Thumbtack page they have found from their search queries, they are asked what kind of service they require and where. Thumbtack will take that data and, as part of their excellent service, send it to relevant local service providers registered with Thumbtack.

Once that has happened, you can contact the lead and send them a quote. This is an easy way to generate a consistent flow of leads for your moving company, and it is much cheaper than paying for google ads tends to be. Local businesses are charged a small amount to send their quote, but this is the only fee for using Thumbtack, making it a great choice for smaller local business companies in the moving industry.

  1. AdWords

Running ads on Google AdWords is a fantastic way for moving companies to generate quality leads. Google ads are the best and most effective form of direct marketing today. You can easily showcase your services to potential customers searching specifically for what you offer.

AdWords operates on a pay-per-click basis, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This method, though it may cost a few bucks, is the top way people find moving companies, driving significant traffic to your website. Being on Google, appearing in relevant search results, and getting in front of potential customers is crucial for lead generation. This approach ensures a steady flow of moving leads into your business.

If you’re exploring other platforms for lead generation, there’s another option worth considering.

  1. Bing

Advertising on Bing is similar to Google but on a smaller scale. Bing is less popular and won’t generate as many leads. It’s also not as user-friendly for advertisers and can be tricky to set up ads. While Bing won’t bring as many leads as Google, it’s still worth considering. Prioritize Google, but if you want to reach more potential clients in the moving industry, Bing ads can be useful. If your budget allows, consider using both Google and Bing ads.


For a recommendation site focused on the moving industry, try It works much like Thumbtack but specializes in moving company referrals. With strong SEO, it ranks high on relevant search pages and directs potential leads to local moving companies registered on the site. Although more expensive than Thumbtack, requires a small monthly membership fee from home service companies, plus a fee per lead.

Knowing where to find reliable referrals can make a big difference in choosing the right moving company.

  1. Referrals

Each of your past customers can kickstart your sales funnel, drawing new leads to your moving company. Moving is stressful, and no one wants to risk hiring a low-quality mover. This is why referrals are a key marketing method for moving services. People prefer recommendations, and with excellent service, you can easily top their list.

By offering outstanding service and providing a few business cards, your customers can share your info with friends, property managers, cultural organizations, and others who might need moving services. This approach requires more engagement than digital marketing. You must deliver professional service and impress customers to earn their recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask them to spread the word.

Alternatively, consider a formal referral program. Offer discounts or rewards to those who recommend your services and those who join your mailing list. The referral business has various strategies, with no single best approach.

To broaden your reach further, think about other key connections in the industry who can enhance your referral network.

  1. Get To Know Realtors

Realtors are an amazing ally to moving companies. They know who is at the relevant stage of the moving process and can provide valuable referral leads. Realtors are a consistent, reliable source of moving leads. Invest time in building relationships with them and encourage them to send you leads. Be proactive by reaching out to local realty firms, showing them your reliability and professionalism, and asking for moving leads.

Building these connections can lead to other fruitful opportunities, including partnerships with residential communities.

  1. Get In Touch With Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes are great sources for moving leads. With many tenants moving in and out, moving companies are always needed. Building managers seek reliable movers they can recommend to tenants.

Reach out to local apartment complex managers and introduce your moving company. Offer them commissions for moves your company handles, and they’ll likely be pleased. Moving companies should prioritize partnerships with apartment complexes, as these provide valuable leads.

In addition, understanding the dynamics of local businesses can further enhance your reach and reputation.

  1. Shop Local Websites

Link building is a reliable strategy essential for every local business to stay competitive. It plays a crucial role in search engine optimization and helps maintain referral traffic to your moving company website. However, not just any link will do; focusing on high-quality links is vital. “Shop local” websites are a great source for these links. These business directory websites list local businesses, typically in medium to large cities, providing value to both consumers and businesses.

These websites function as a large database, listing deals or rewards offered by local businesses to customers who visit through links on the site. Shop local websites list and promote businesses offering deals, receiving views from customers searching for information in return.

Often shared in community Facebook groups or through Facebook advertising, these sites reach local customers effectively.Shop local websites offer high-quality links that attract clicks, significantly boosting your SEO and Google ranking. They also drive traffic through referral links.

Identify your nearest shop local website, offer a discount for referrals, and you’ll likely be listed quickly, bringing more traffic your way. For even more exposure and opportunities to attract local customers, consider looking into popular deal platforms.

  1. Groupon & Amazon Local

Groupon and Amazon Local are often overlooked for directing leads to your website, but they shouldn’t be. These sites list deals you offer to customers, and while you need to provide discounts to get listed, the extra traffic is often worth it. A link from Groupon or Amazon Local can attract attention and boost your SEO rankings significantly.

To fully leverage these links, focusing on how your website handles this increased traffic will be essential. Optimizing your site can make a substantial difference in converting these leads effectively.

  1. Website Optimization

In today’s online world, SEO is essential for moving companies. Being on Google’s first page is the best way to get quality sales leads. SEO should be a key part of your web design process whenever you update or add a page. By optimizing your site for the search terms your customers use, you can consistently get moving leads. However, over optimization can hurt your SEO efforts and decrease your site’s visibility.

Finding the right balance is important. Avoid keyword stuffing and other manipulative tactics to rise in search engine rankings and attract more potential customers. SEO has many benefits, one of the biggest being that it requires minimal upkeep once set up. With a well-optimized website, appearing on the first page of search results will consistently bring in leads.

You don’t have to pay for Google listings; you’ll be visible to those searching for your services. Potential customers find you through local searches, Google Maps, and other search methods, so being at the top of search results is vital for attracting sales leads.


How many leads do you get in a week at the moment? Well, once you start using our top tips for getting a consistent flow of moving leads for your moving business, that number should start to rise rapidly. A moving company needs customers, and there are many people out there with stuff to move who need a moving company to help them.

It is a perfect match, and you just need to ensure that they can find you as easily as possible.

There is no need to buy leads: you can attract high-quality leads to your moving company website easily if you approach your marketing strategically and carefully. As with any business development strategy, you need a plan!

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