Press releases can be a great way to create hype around a new product or service within your company. Press releases are a great tool for media attention and can be useful in all kinds of industries.

However, writing press releases takes a lot of time and requires skills that you may not have in your company right now.

To ensure that your press release is well written and will get the media attention-grabbing headline you are desiring, it needs to be done by a professional. There are professional press release writers that you can hire to work for your company and create press releases on your behalf.

If your company does not have the skills, time, or budget required to write press releases to the standard required by the media, then hiring expert press release writers is the best option.

What Are Press Releases?

First things first, we need to discuss what a press release is and how this can be beneficial for your company. A press release is a marketing tool used to spread the word of a new launch within a company.

A press release operates as a vehicle to get your name out in the media and create hype around a certain aspect of your work, whether this is a new product or service you are launching.

What Is The Purpose Of A Press Release?

Press releases are written to create interest and awareness of a business launch and are often provided to traditional media outlets to generate attention.

This is one of the most effective and often the most affordable forms of marketing that can be used by all kinds of business sectors, as long as you have the right outlet for them.

What Is A Press Release Writing Service?

Press release writing is a specialist skill that requires experience and knowledge of the media.

Being able to write and produce press releases is something that you may not have this kind of experience within your business, which is where a press release writing service comes in.

Hire Professionals To Write

With a press release writing service, you can hire professional press release writers to do the work for you and ensure your press release will be well-informed, high quality, and worthy of publication.

Press release writing services allow you to connect with professionals in content marketing and writing, such as journalists, editors, and marketing experts, to create a press release suitable for your brand.

What Do They Do?

A press release writer will handle the writing process of the press release, using the outlines provided by your company to create a high-quality piece suitable for public relations.

Often, this service also gives you access to press release distribution services, which means not only do you get your press release written but also delivered to the media to generate attention and interest in your brand.

The Main Purpose

Essentially, working with a press release writing service allows you to generate a professionally written press release that is ready to be published.

How Do Press Release Writing Services Work?

Opting to work with a press release writing service will connect you with a professional press release writer to ensure the best standard of work.

While the actual steps within press release writing services can vary based on the company you choose to work with, there is usually a standard process that you can expect when it comes to writing press releases.

This includes:

  • Provide An Outline

Once you have found the best option out of the press release writing services you have considered, it is time to provide an outline for the press release writers.

Often, a team of press release writers is made up of freelance writers, journalists, and other expert writers, which means they can handle all kinds of requirements.

A professional service should be able to write content suitable for any distribution service and will help you get the attention you desire.

What Do I Need To Provide?

Your outline can be simple and brief, offering a standard summary of your announcement or news, which will then be handed to the writing team to process.

The outline should include your word count, overall outline, and the kind of media coverage you want to generate, whether this is news websites or radio stations.

  • Writing Process Begins

This is where the freelance writer or team will get into writing press releases for your company.

They can generate a single news story or create multiple press releases based on your requirements in the outline.

As you are being left in the hands of professional press release writers, you can rest assured that they will generate the perfect press release for your company that is ideal for search engine optimization and will attract media attention.

They will come up with a unique angle that is certain to drive traffic back to your business and attract the right audience using your raw thoughts and basic outline.

  • View The Content

Once a first draft has been written, a professional press release service will allow your business to see what has been done. This is your chance to determine whether any changes need to be made and what can be done to improve the content.

I Need Changes

It is important to note that additional work may increase the cost of this professional service. However, some companies may offer unlimited revisions of their press releases. Unlimited revisions usually vary based on the word count of the original piece.

If you are happy with the work that has been done by professional writers and feel as though it expresses your brand message, it is time to move on to the distribution services.

  • Distribution

Some press release writing services may help you with this process, but their main concern is usually with the content creation side of things. However, once the expert writers have created a press release, it is time to send it out into the world.

This can be done through a PR agency, where PR professionals will send the release to targeted journalists and white papers.

However, you can also develop a content strategy yourself, which is something many small businesses do simply by reaching out to other websites using email marketing or similar tools.

  • The Final Press Release

Once your press release is out into the world and reaching your desired audience, you can expect to see an influx in attention for the work you do.

The aim of a press release is to get attention and reach more people, which can be guaranteed when working with professionals.

Why Use A Press Release Writing Service?

Many benefits come from using a professional service or hiring freelance press release writers to do this work for you.

Access To Professional Writers

To create a good press release, you need to have skills in press release writing and understand how to generate media attention. This may not be something you have within your company, but working with a press release writing service gives you access to the best press release writers in the business.

Whether these are freelance press release writers or journalists, this service will connect you with professionals who will write a press release worthy of media attention for your company.

It takes a lot of skills to be able to write a press release, and you can outsource this to writers who have experience with this instead.

Save Time

Writers who have a lot of experience in generating press releases will be able to do this work much quicker than you could on your own.

Based on the deadline, writers can have your announcement ready the same day as your order, allowing you to hand it to PR professionals for publication immediately.

Handing your work over to Verblio writers, for example, is a great way to meet deadlines and ensure your audience is informed ahead of time of your latest release.

Credible Resource

Likewise, instead of waiting to build credibility within your industry, working with professional writers is a great way to fast forward the process.

These writers already have a good reputation, which can then contribute to your overall PR strategy.

Save Money

While there is a fee for professional writing services like this, it will be significantly cheaper to outsource than hire writers within your team.

If you want a press release written and published, it is always a good idea to outsource it to these kinds of companies as they offer expert services, which would simply cost too much to hire in-house, especially as a small business.

Versatile Purpose

A press release can be written for all kinds of things, whether this is to promote a new product or service, describe a launch, or even reputation management for your business.

Professionals can write a release to suit the specific needs of your business and ensure you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to your audience.

With their skills and experience in writing, professionals can create a press release for any purpose, making them ideal for all kinds of businesses and events.

How Much Do Press Releases Cost?

The total press release cost will vary based on several factors. Of course, you are paying for the actual writing, which is done by professionals, but there are other factors to consider as well.

Type Of Press Release

Professional services can offer a broad range of writing, from website content to traditional printed media. Based on the requirements of your outline, your press release will need to be generated differently to suit the intended audience and platform.

When it comes to web copy or getting press releases written for landing pages of a website, the total cost may be more than a traditional printed news article because there are other factors to consider, such as SEO.

Word Count

You can determine how long you want your press release to be, and this will contribute to the cost of the service.

It is important to consider your target audience and platform when creating a word count for your press release. The professionals can help you come up with the best solution for your needs.

As you may expect, the more words you want the professionals to write in your release, the more expensive the service will be.

Additional Services

While the main focus of these professionals is to write press releases, they can also offer additional services to aid with your marketing.

This will vary based on the company you work with, but some may also offer publication and promotion as well as writing press releases. Each additional service will contribute to the cost.


Press releases are a highly valuable marketing tool that can be used to generate hype and interest around your company.

While they are often written to promote a new release of products or services, there may be other reasons why you need to speak to the public, and this can be done through a press release.

To write a press release, you need to have specialist skills and experience, which may not be something you have within your current team. Instead, you can outsource these skills to professionals by using a press release writing service.