Buying backlinks is a tricky subject. Some people swear by it as a core part of their link building strategies, while others ignore it entirely and see it as an option that is far too risky for normal use.

No matter how you feel about it, though, there are both good and bad ways to buy backlinks.

The important part is making sure that you are not bulk-buying low-quality paid links: things that can actively hurt your own search engine rankings and general SEO efforts.

You want to approach paid links carefully, picking out link placements that can make a difference.

If you have been considering buying backlinks, or want to integrate paid links into your existing strategies, then here are some things to keep in mind.

What is Backlink Buying?

In a nutshell, the link-buying process is as simple as any other purchase. You give other websites or site owners some money, and in return, they link to your content.

These links influence your search engine rankings, making you appear higher in search results.

On paper, this should mean that buying links will boost your overall presence on search engines – while also being much faster than other SEO strategies.

However, if you are not careful, you can end up creating paid link schemes that actually penalise your high-quality content.

We at Searcharoo are a good example of a backlink source that you should be using.

We keep the link-buying process simple and offer great-quality backlinks, allowing you to get relevant and powerful links without having to do the SEO work all on your own.

Why Buy Backlinks?

If you buy backlinks carefully, you can easily benefit from the sudden influx of links that it can grant.

Instead of having to build links through a slow, deliberate process, you can often just buy links that relate to your own content for a quick (but useful) boost in rankings.

In the long-term, buying links occasionally can be very rewarding to a company in almost any niche.

While it can take a lot of practice to identify the quality backlinks from the poor-quality links, there are numerous benefits that can come from buying backlinks to your web content.

Backlinks can help rank your website

When you buy quality backlinks, you get the same benefits as natural backlinks.

This means that relevant, appropriate, and high-authority paid backlinks give you valuable rankings boosts, improving your overall rank on Google and other search engines that use a similar ranking system.

As long as you build backlinks that match your website or web content, they will be able to benefit you in the long term.

Having more backlinks, even purchased ones, can make a big difference and gradually nudge your rankings higher.

Buying backlinks saves time

Buying good links is a lot faster than trying to build links naturally.

While you still have to contact the website owner, the only real issue you might face is the cost of buying the link itself. You can get a link placement much faster than trying to write a paid guest post.

This makes them a great addition to an existing SEO campaign and allows you to bulk up your existing link profile with guaranteed dofollow links.

While link farms and other shady sources of links still are not ideal, link building using legitimate sites can make a bigger impact than you might expect.

There is also the added simplicity of buying high-quality backlinks, rather than trying to create high-quality content in a certain niche or area.

The cost of buying these links can be a lot lower than the time and effort spent on guest posting for links that may not even deliver anything worthwhile.

Natural links can be hard to earn quickly, and in situations where you need as many useful links as possible, choosing to buy high-quality links can be a much more efficient use of your time.

Is Buying Backlinks Safe?

One of the biggest risks you can run into when you buy backlinks is getting low-quality links from risky or fake websites.

Most search engine ranking systems are able to tell if a website owner has paid for a lot of irrelevant or spam-related links and will penalise them if they keep abusing that technique.

However, deciding to buy backlinks is a valid part of link building as long as you stick to reliable, relevant websites that you can trust.

Services like ours at Searcharoo make it easy to buy links that match the same link quality you would expect from natural backlinks, all without causing these penalties.

We have worked with thousands of clients in the past and gained them countless useful do-follow links.

Searcharoo’s staff take pride in giving their clients some of the best links available, helping them grow their online business or rank above competitors with ease.

The Risks of Buying Backlinks

While buying links can work really well, you also need to be prepared for the potential issues that you might run into if you are not careful.

Buying backlinks all on your own means that you have to face the major risks involved in buying links that you might not have looked into completely.


It can be extremely hard to find and buy quality backlinks that offer something relevant to your brand.

Even if you buy backlinks in the same niche, you want to be sure that they fit your SEO strategy and have an appropriate set of anchor text.

Even once you find a site, contacting the website owners can be hard.

You can usually contact bloggers through their email or blog comments if all else fails, but less visible website owners can be hard to track down.

Companies that might have resource pages or blogs that you want to target are a good example: they may not have useful contact details on their company website, so getting in touch can be tricky at first.


Earning a Google penalty or a similar penalty on other search engines can be disastrous for a business.

It often means that your entire link scheme can collapse since each offending link’s power is “turned off” and no longer applies to your website.

Many websites that have been buying links in the hundreds (or even thousands) suffer this problem when the do-follow links suddenly change to no-follow links at Google’s request.

Their domain rating tanks and the unrelated sites stop offering any useful power or “link juice”, destroying their rankings.

If you are buying links, then you need to buy quality backlinks that actually fit with your brand.

Link-buying is all about being subtle and nudging your existing link profile upwards, rather than flooding it with paid links that quickly begin to cause problems.

Unreliable Sellers

The other risk is the people that you buy links from. While trusted sites can offer relevant links that can form a great backbone of your link profile, other sites selling links might not be as trustworthy.

Unlike paid guest posts, there also is not any agreed content involved on the site selling links to you.

This means that the site owner may simply decide to alter the link placement, remove that page, or even completely purge their own site of paid backlinks eventually.

Depending on how much a link costs, this can easily result in you getting scammed by website owners.

There often is not much of a legal precedent for this kind of situation unless the links were officially bought as part of a deal.

Choosing high-authority sites that seem trustworthy is very important to getting backlinks you can rely on.

Low Quality Links

Like all link building efforts, you will not always buy high-quality backlinks. Some sites that sell outbound links are actually going to have fairly poor authority with search engines.

Always look at a site’s actual quality across multiple factors, not just their raw authority or how well-designed the site looks. You want to be sure that the link is worth what you pay for it.

For example, a site might rank high in a Google search and sell links of its own, but they might only rank high because they are using a lot of spam backlinks. When those links collapse, so will their site, and that means that you will have nothing to show for your money.

What Backlinks Should I Buy?

Just like regular link building, you need to approach paid backlinks with an understanding of what already works for your business.

Search engines treat paid and built links in the same way, so the same factors still apply. If something works for regular links, it works for bought links too.

Aside from relevancy – how well the anchor text and general subject fits with your content – there are also things like total value, the trustworthiness of the site, site and traffic region and whether or not you think it would actually help your business.

You also need to look into your competitors’ backlinks – no matter how many links they have, some of them are going to be useful for your own link-building efforts. This is similar to leaving guest posts on sites that they have targeted in the past, only faster.

Finding High Quality Backlinks

Link building services like ours make it easy to find link building opportunities while ignoring low-quality links and avoiding suspect or unreliable websites.

Our link building services at Searcharoo are perfect for tracking down high-quality websites that can offer equally high-quality links.

The links are not the only thing to consider. Anchor text, high-quality traffic, and even the purpose of the original website can all influence your decision about whether or not a backlink is worth the price.

Every site is different, and we aim to give our clients something that works for their website. We have worked with thousands of niches and competitive industries, all of which have needed specific links to help their site grow.

How much does Backlinking Cost?

Backlinks cost varying amounts depending on who is selling them, as well as the type of links that you purchase, the amount that you purchase, and even the niche that you are in.

When you buy a backlink, you are essentially transferring some of the power of one site to your own.

The more sway a site has, the more likely they are to charge a higher amount for one of their backlinks.

Most contextual links (as well as more specific options, like niche edits) are cheaper than getting brand new content created for a link.

However, this depends on the site, and some may price niche edits higher if the content is important.

Buying an entire link profile of links is not only risky but expensive.

Ideally, you want to supplement your normal SEO work with paid options, helping to bolster your rankings in key places and break into areas that you can’t reach through completely natural link-building.


The more powerful the link, the more it will usually cost. This means that links with a lot of value behind them are going to be priced accordingly but also makes them very useful if you can get enough of them.

Keep in mind that not all high-priced links are going to be powerful.

There will be times where you may have to rely on your own intuition to decide if a link is really worth the price being offered.

Remember to look at the site hosting the link, too. A powerful link could always be held up by that site’s unreliable link profile, so you want to buy from a site that seems trustworthy.


A link that is tucked away in a small piece of content is not really going to cost much since it will not interfere with the site.

However, many bloggers charge higher prices for links that are placed front and centre, especially ones that require specific anchor text that looks like an obvious advertisement for your company.

For some, this is just because they want more money.

For others, it is a higher cost to make up for the fact that they have to put an obvious link on their site, something that could reflect badly on them if they do it too often.

Either way, a link in a more popular or present piece of content (or page) is going to cost more, so be ready to pay slightly more for a front-page link.


Buying links in bulk can be a cheaper way to get a lot of them at once, but it also requires you to find a site that will offer multiple in the first place. Some refuse to have too many, not wanting to spoil their independence or content.

Packages of links are a great way to get multiple on the same subject, but if you are getting them all on the same site, they may not have as much of an impact as you would expect.

Bloggers that run private blog networks are your best bet since they have multiple sites that you could get a link from.

We at Searcharoo have a way to make this even cheaper, offering multiple link packages that can help you get specific link offerings at a discounted rate.

How to buy Backlinks?

Buying backlinks is easy – you simply have to approach the site and contact them or use a third party such as us. Either can work, but it depends on how much time you are willing to spend hunting links down.

Finding links yourself is definitely possible, but you still need to find a site that you can use, check if they offer links for money, figure out the perfect link, and then actually pay them.

Many sites that you approach may reject your offer, too, if they do not think it fits with their content.

While you can search market trends to try and find the links that you need, it is far easier to simply get in touch with a third party like us.

Our Searcharoo link packages make it easier than ever to get all the links you need without having to do the difficult part yourself.

How Many Backlinks do I need?

There is no limit to how many backlinks you can have, but generally, more is better.

The more relevant and useful backlinks you can acquire, the more of a benefit you will see to your online search ranking and general presence.

This is not always exactly the same for each site, though. Some of our clients prefer to only get backlinks from specific, high-quality sources, while others fire off every request they can to build up a decent link portfolio quickly.

Both are valid strategies, and both have their downsides, so do not worry too much about which option is correct.

The important thing is that you should get links that work and build a strategy that you are satisfied with. If it does not work for your site, then it is not worth using.

Where do I buy backlinks?

While you can buy links directly from other sites, using our link building services is a much more efficient way of getting all the links you want without having to do all of the work yourself.

Buying backlinks can be both very easy or extremely hard, and it all depends on what you are looking for. Even if you plan ahead, you can easily get overwhelmed.

You should not just buy backlinks from anywhere – buy them from sources that you feel are reliable and worth using.

Are Backlinks Good or Bad?

Backlinks can be amazing – and very powerful – if you get them from the right sources.

As long as a backlink is relevant and good quality, it should work very well with your website. Even if a link is not perfect, it can give you a nudge in the right direction and help your site grow.

However, it is important to remember that some backlinks are not worth using. You can easily end up accidentally buying a load of redundant or useless links, and there is not usually a way to get your money back.

Think carefully before buying any links, no matter how reliable they seem. You will want to do your research on the site and make sure you understand what you are buying, not just what you think you are buying.

Keep in mind that backlinks also vary based on how you use them. It is possible to waste an excellent link opportunity or turn something bad into an excellent tool, depending on the exact anchor text and linking methods you use.


Getting hold of reliable, good-quality, and varied links can make a massive difference to your site, but they will only improve its strength and rankings if they are actually valuable.

If your site is not ranking well for certain keywords or not ranking well at all, then you could consider buying a few great backlinks to help tip the scales in your favour.

Remember that each purchase makes a difference, both good and bad. Buying too many links too quickly can backfire, so you want to pace yourself and buy them when you need them most.

We at Searcharoo have many packages under the “services” heading on our site that might help. They offer easier, faster, and more reliable ways to build up your link profile with some careful purchases.

Whatever you are looking for, we can deliver, making sure that you get exactly what you need from your latest set of purchased links.

If you need a new influx of links but do not know where to start, or are not sure which links to hunt for, then contact us, and we can help. Our experience – and our excellent link packages – can make everything much easier and faster for any of our clients.