If you own a locksmith business, now is a great time to try to generate leads and bring in more customers. As a locksmith, it makes sense for you to assume that business is going to continue as usual and that people are going to find your services simply because you are available.

However, failing to take hold of lead generation and actively working towards bringing more people to your business can be detrimental.

Lead generation for a locksmith is not the same as generating leads anywhere else because there is a specific audience for this kind of business. In fact, as a locksmith, a large portion of your customers are most likely repeat business, and this may have served you well so far, but now it is time to try something new and see who else you can bring in.

Coming up with a new strategy for locksmith lead generation can be the key to the success you have been looking for. You can secure more customers, more high-paying jobs, and more brand awareness simply by working on lead generation for your locksmith company.

With so many benefits, you should not hold out on lead generation much longer. In this guide, we are sharing the tactics you need to use to secure exclusive locksmith leads for your business.

What is Locksmith Lead Generation?

Lead generation is something all businesses have to focus on at some point. This is the process of securing leads, which are potential customers for your company, and without them, you are unlikely to make money.

Customers are the backbone of any business, but this is especially the case for a locksmith company that provides services to the general public. Without a public to serve, there will be no need for locksmith services which is why generating leads is so important.

When you focus on generating leads for your locksmith business, you are actively working on ways to bring people to your company where they can enter the sales funnel. For many in the locksmith industry, business relies heavily on existing customers and repeat service, but this is not sustainable.

To ensure that there is a good lead flow in your company, you need to get online. Most lead generation is integrated with digital marketing these days because it is easier to find customers online in this current market.

This can seem complicated to those who have no experience with digital marketing, but your business needs to get online, and we can help you with this guide.

Locksmith Generation Basics

Before locksmith businesses can start working on generating new leads, some things need to be done first. Many service professionals in this field are traditional, which is why a lot of their business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat customers.

However, to ensure consistent success with your business and to keep people interested, you need to move forward, and this is where online marketing comes in.

Let’s face it when people hear about your company and the great locksmith services you can offer, where are they going to go first? Customers turn to the internet to find local businesses and services in their region and to learn more about companies that have been recommended to them.

This is why you need a locksmith website that is dedicated to the work you do and can offer all the information new customers need.

This should be the first step in any lead generation process for locksmiths, and it is the key to generating exclusive locksmith leads.

With a website, you can work on other lead generation tactics to bring new customers to you.

When launching a website for your locksmith services, you need to include a range of information, including:

  • Service areas
  • Service hours
  • Links to the social business page
  • Contact details, including address and phone number
  • Non emergency services and emergency services

With this information, it will be easier to generate locksmith leads as customers understand what you offer. There is more to generating locksmith leads than simply having a website, however, which we will explore.

How To Generate Locksmith Leads

There are various ways that you can generate leads for your locksmith services, such as:

Optimize Your Website

As we have mentioned, having a locksmith website is one of the best things you can do for your business. All of your locksmith marketing will lead customers back to this site, where they can learn more about your company, the services you offer, and what you can do for them.

However, as you can learn from any other small business out there, having a website is not enough. Your site needs to be accessible and easily found by your customers, which is where search engine optimization comes in.

This is the process of optimizing your website content to ensure it fits in with the factors search engines like Google look for. By optimizing your website and making sure the content fits in with keywords and is informative, you can improve the ranking of your site in search results.

This is a tactic done across the internet to drive traffic to your website against any other. Whenever you are looking for service professionals, you turn to search engines like Google.

Any keyword search will bring up thousands of results which can make it difficult to get noticed by the right people. This is where optimizing comes in as it will make you rank higher in search engine results so more people see you. Top results are considered to be the best out there, so this process not only gets you noticed but makes you appear like a high-quality website that customers can trust.

There are various SEO tactics that you can use to improve your ranking in results, including content marketing.

Improving the way your website looks, as well as providing engaging content, can go a long way when it comes to your ranking in search engine results, and this is a way to generate more leads. You should also make sure that your website is mobile responsive so it can be accessed on mobile devices by all forms of potential clients. Accessibility is a large factor used by search engines to determine their results ranking, so this is worth your time not just for locksmiths but in other industries as well.

Working on search engine optimization is a way to bring more traffic to your website, which can result in more leads.

What is brilliant about SEO, however, is the fact it can provide ongoing results. By ranking highly in search results, your website is going to be exposed to more leads. The more people that use your website, the better you will perform in results, so this is a win-win tactic for your online reputation.

Call To Action Prompts

Once you have a website, you want to be able to transform website visitors into paying customers. This is why call-to-action prompts are very useful and you will see them being used in all sectors.

Whenever you log into a website and are promoted to enter your email address, you are faced with a call to action. This is a tactic you can use to generate leads from your website.

If someone enters your website, they can be faced with a prompt or notification of some kind that requests their email address or phone number. This will give you the information you need to keep in contact with these people, allowing you to turn them into qualified leads over time.

However, to get people to give up information to a business, you have to offer an incentive.

To get the email address or phone number from leads, you can offer a free quote, for example. This is something customers will be interested in and will want to hear back from your company, so they are more likely to leave their information.

Use Local SEO For Business

Focusing on search engine optimization can have a lot of benefits for your website and will generate locksmith leads. This is why there are various areas that you should focus on when it comes to SEO, including general locksmith business terms as well as local SEO.

As a locksmith business, you work with customers face to face, which means you are considered to be a local business. You work in a specific region and offer services to customers in this area, so your lead generation needs to focus on these people to be successful.

SEO can be a great tool for online marketing, and it can be tailored to suit specific needs, including local regions for locksmith leads. By using specific key terms and optimizing your website as a local business, you can get noticed by customers in your area online and stand out from the crowd.

You can see what other local businesses are doing to get noticed in your service areas and learn from them.

A great tactic for local SEO is to have a landing page for each of your service areas, welcoming people from all regions whenever they enter your website. This gives them the information that is relevant to their needs of the moment, ensuring they stick with your company instead of going elsewhere. This will only work if, like many other strategies, you have an informative and welcoming landing page that gives a good first impression to this customer base.

Another way of targeting people locally is by having a Google My Business listing. As the name suggests, whenever a customer goes to Google to learn more about your company, they will find everything they need to know.

Google My Business is the listing that appears at the top of search results whenever you look for a business or local services, showcasing everything you need to know. This is a way of getting ahead of other contractors without constantly working on marketing, but there is a fee for this.

However, many potential leads will come from people in your local region as a locksmith, which is why this can be a great tool to use for generating leads.

Be Present On Social Media

Much like turning to Google for answers, customers spend a lot of time on social media, and this is where you can generate leads for your locksmith business. You may be missing out on a lot of opportunities if you do not have a Facebook business page or an Instagram page.

All of your social media can link back to your main website, where potential customers can learn more about what you have to offer and how to pay for your services. As a business owner, you are missing out on a large portion of your customer base if you are not present on social channels in some way, and this can be a great platform for marketing.

There is a whole section of work dedicated to social media marketing, and you can hire specialists in this area to help you, however it is a good idea to get online in this way. You may find exclusive locksmith leads from social platforms as people spend a lot of time here, and you can refer them back to your website to learn more.

The key to social media is to provide engaging content that not only provides the information your customers are looking for, but that also helps you stand out. Where your website is the first impression many potential leads will get of your brand, you can use social platforms to maintain this image and ensure there is a good awareness of what you offer.

As well as posting content, it is also possible for customers to pay for services from your social channels meaning this can be a tool within itself to turn viewers into qualified leads. For example, having a Facebook business page where customers can book your services and pay for them in advance can be very useful for locksmith businesses.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Locksmith marketing is done well when it covers multiple channels because this opens you up to a wide range of potential customers. When working on lead generation for your locksmith business, think outside of the box.

While it is a good idea to have a main locksmith website, as many hardware stores do, you also need social media. Along with these social channels, you could also try opening a YouTube channel where you share videos of the work you do.

Providing valuable content, for example, showing the work of your locksmith business or offering advice as a small business, is going to get you noticed online. With the right marketing, you may be reaching people outside of your service area, but this can still benefit you when it comes to online traffic and leads.

Leads are more likely to come to your website or social channels if it is popular, which is why having multiple channels is a good way to go. Here you can create content and get your name out there in various ways, allowing people to learn more about what you do.

New clients will be able to find you through this online popularity that you have gained and can become qualified leads.

YouTube is an incredibly popular platform, and this is only one example of where you can promote your business. There are various other platforms and social channels that you can use to promote your locksmith service, helping to reach clients all over and within your service area.

Even if the content you put out there reaches people from outside of your region, you are developing a reliable reputation which is invaluable. Providing useful content and tips and generally helping people out online will build your credibility as a locksmith, which is something new clients will be looking for when they find you.

Another example of multi-channel marketing is email marketing, which is something you can use to reach any potential customer that has already interacted with your brand in some way.

In most cases, email marketing is where high-quality leads come from, as these are the people you have specifically targeted and understand well.

Paid Advertising

While it is possible to purchase leads for your locksmith company, this is not what we are talking about when we mention paying for content. Instead, you can pay for advertising which can appear across the internet.

A service that offers paid ads is Google Ads, which is ideal for locksmiths who are usually in demand and need to take action immediately when they are contacted by potential customers. This is because Google Ads takes place in the Google search results, which is usually where people go first when they have some kind of issue or are looking for a specific service.

In this state, they can find your locksmith services which will appear at the top of the results based on how much money you spend. There are various forms of paid advertising that you can use to attract customers and generate leads, but most are image and text based.

This is not to say that you cannot pay for a video ad to appear on YouTube or similar channels to reach your audience, but this is at a significant cost. Instead, you can pay Google or similar businesses to push your link to the top of relevant results, so you generate locksmith leads.

With paid advertising, you can control how and where your business appears. It is a very useful tool for all kinds of businesses, but especially a locksmith service business that operates in a specific service area and needs to reach people on time.

You can generate locksmith leads from specific search terms, including your local area, to ensure your service gets noticed when it is needed the most. Pay-per-click advertising is a great tool for this, and it works along with any search engine optimization tactics you may be using, helping to bring your link higher in search results.

When you appear at the top of search results, whether this is through paid advertising or SEO, you can lead more people to your site where they can pay for your services.

Customer Reviews

You may be surprised to find out how many leads can come from customer reviews.

For a locksmith service, customer reviews are highly valuable. These not only contribute to your reputation as a business but can also be used to generate leads online.

When people search for a service, they want to know that they are choosing a reliable one which is where reviews come in. You can have reviews on your website, social platforms, and even on larger sites like Google.

Using the information left by previous customers, such as through their payment method, you can ask them to leave a review for your service. While you cannot control the reviews that may come in about your locksmith company, if you are running a good service, then you have nothing to worry about.

How To Get Quality Leads

Locksmith leads refer to any potential customer that has shown an interest in your brand. As you can imagine, there is a whole range of people out there who may come across your service at some point, but not all of these will become paying customers.

Much like marketing, over time, you will find that generating leads becomes more about quality rather than quantity. This is why the next stage of lead generation is working to generate quality leads, which refers to a specific target audience and people who are going to bring money into your business.

With such a niche business, locksmith leads should come from people who are genuinely in need of your services and will become paying customers.

While marketing will get you noticed by a wide range of people, there will come a time when you only want to lead relevant people to your website, and this is where high-quality leads come in.

You can control the kind of people that come to your site and interact with your brand using research. There are services out there that can do this for you, but if you want to save the cost of a service, you can simply ask qualifying questions to leads.

This can be a good starting point to determine the quality of leads and narrow down your options.

Qualifying questions are very important for your business as they can determine whether your lead generation tactics are working and whether you are marketing to the right people. These are things you can ask of your customers to determine who they are and whether they are part of your ideal customer base, which will continue to inform your generation tactics from here on out.

The questions you ask should determine whether a lead is your ideal customer and how you can help them. This is where your market research will come in once more, as quality leads are a way of narrowing things down, so you target a specific niche instead of a wide industry.

These questions should find out everything from their location to determine whether they are local and whether they can afford the cost of your service based on their job title so you can see who your business is appealing to and the kind of leads you attract.

Qualifying questions can be added to any call-to-action prompt that appears on your website to generate leads, such as a call for an email to get a free quote. However, to ensure that leads do fill out these questions and offer the information you need, keep things brief.

This means simply having a section for their name, address, and job title along with the email request if this is the information you need. It is best to keep things brief because this ensures customers will offer the information to you, which can then be used to find quality leads.

You should be able to find out everything you need from a few simple prompts which can be added to your call-to-action prompt. You can also perform audience surveys or pay a marketing team to research for you.


As a locksmith service, customers are vital. Without people requiring and paying for your services, there will be no business to offer, and you will find yourself running out of money.

This is why you should work on generating leads, and this can be done online to reach a wide audience. Leads are potential customers that you are welcoming to your brand to see if they can enter the sales funnel and spend money on your services.

Working as a locksmith means your service is required by a specific niche of people and at certain times, meaning lead generation here is different than for any other service out there. You need to be available for people as they need you and a large portion of your customers are local, meaning there is a potential for repeat business.

With this in mind, we have provided some of the best tips for generating locksmith leads in this guide and hope to see companies be successful with them.

Leads are the backbone of any business but especially a small service like locksmiths, which is why you should put effort into lead generation to see ongoing success.