Creating local backlinks requires more hard work, but the advantages to your company are well worth your time and effort!

This article will show you how to leverage local SEO link-building tactics and attract relevant referral traffic to your website.

Most businesses underestimate the value of backlinks in SEO. While all backlinks from reliable websites are beneficial to organic SEO, local niche websites have the biggest effect on local link building efforts.

Backlinks from local press, such as local websites and the local newspaper, may help increase local search rankings. These are all instances of geographically relevant websites.


Difference Between a Citation and a Backlink

The phrases backlink and citation are often used interchangeably in the SEO sector, and the two may be confusing. A backlink is a link from another website to yours.

This link often uses relevant anchor text to direct visitors to a related page on your website. On the other hand, a citation is when your company’s name, address, and phone number appear in an internet directory. These three pieces of information are also known as your company’s Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) details.

Your company’s website may be included in local directories at times. In this case, you would have a citation and a hyperlink from this web directory.


Important Link Building Features

When it comes to being noticed online, local companies confront particular hurdles.

Smaller businesses must compete with big-box retailers with extensive brand awareness.

And if small companies aren’t careful about standardized NAP citations, it may be misleading for both SERPs and people.

Because of these specific hurdles, the most successful local SEO tactics vary from organic search or standard SEO.

According to a Moz analysis, the following are the top-ranking variables for local SEO:

  1. Links to Google My Business listing
  2. Customer reviews
  3. Forth-page signs such as NAP citations
  4. Keywords in titles

Claiming your Google My Business page is the single most effective move you can take to increase local SEO.

The next stage should develop a solid connecting strategy to and from relevant local sites. This necessitates the consideration of off-page SEO.

Are you ready to tackle local link building? Check out these six local link building strategies.


Local Link Building Strategy

Produce regionally relevant content.

Finding themes that interest your target audience then planning, generating, and releasing material on those topics, is the process of content development. Consider local content relevant to your company and valuable to your audience.

Topics such as “what’s the greatest sort of grass for your location,” “what plants are most prevalent,” or simply the cost of services in your area may spring to mind.

Granted, it’s doubtful that this sort of material would automatically draw many connections. Email outreach makes it simpler to develop links to.


Create Social Media Accounts

Setting up social media accounts is the initial local link development approach. The use of platforms like Instagram and Facebook to communicate with your consumers outside of your website is a terrific way to connect with them, and it’s also one of the simplest methods to establish a backlink to your website.

When you create a business profile on Facebook, for example, you may include your website’s URL, resulting in a hyperlink to your website! Since social networking sites have high domain authority, these backlinks boost your website’s backlink profile.

Some social networking networks allow you to include your company’s NAP data, which helps Google confirm your information. It is critical to remember that you should only establish backlinks from social media platforms that you plan to increase your brand’s visibility actively.


Participate in Community Outreach

Doing good is not just beneficial to your community; it can also be helpful to your company. Consider donating to a charity or becoming involved in community outreach projects that promote causes that are important to you.

As an example:

  • Pet food companies may foster animals with local rescues to increase adoptions.
  • Christmas will be the time for a food drive.
  • Raising funds or gathering materials for a back-to-school campaign.


Contact Local News Sites and Local Community

While this local link-building technique requires more manual outreach, reaching out to local newspapers, forums, or online groups is a beautiful way to promote your brand in your town while maybe gaining high-quality local backlinks.

Once you have identified some local newspapers, forums, or communities, you may use Google’s Advanced Search feature to identify pages on each website or domain that include your target term or phrase. The following are examples of standard search terms:

  • business features
  • entrepreneur
  • local businesses

Once you’re sure these communities or forums publish articles or posts on your target keyword or phrase, you may match your content or service with their publication.


Sponsor a Scholarship in Your Local Community

Scholarships are another method for achieving a win. Your local business may support the community while also gaining connections. Every year, several firms donate $2,000 or more.

These are often found on scholarship listings on college websites, where they may be pretty valuable connections.

For the greatest outcomes, tie the scholarship to your company somehow. A company that sells teaching materials, for example, can give an annual scholarship to students studying to become teachers, or a law firm founded by a first-generation college graduate might offer a scholarship to students who are the first in their families to attend college.

Share the application page on social media and encourage your followers to forward it to any college students they know.


Contact Local Bloggers

Contact local influencers in your region to conduct a story on your company. This form of local link-building approach may assist in boosting your company’s exposure in your town and, as a result, attract more prospective clients since they will most likely have a solid following. You may even offer to exchange your product or service for a feature; this way, they will also gain some form of benefit.



Getting links to your website is just as crucial for local SEO as it is for any other sort of SEO, and many of the same tactics apply. This involves publishing excellent material for your target audience, promoting relevant influencers, posting on other blogs, and obtaining links on key resource lists.

Begin by using a couple of the suggested local link development tactics listed above and see how your brand performs. Once the links start coming in, you can further local link building strategies like creating local landing pages and soliciting more client feedback.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need local SEO?

With local SEO, your company stands out and helps drive more business to your storefront.

How important are backlinks for local SEO?

SEO relies on backlinks to show search engines that your website’s content is valuable.

How does local business SEO link building work?

Local SEO increases your business’ visibility in SERPs through search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses with physical locations or serving a specific area can benefit from SEO.

Is blogging helpful for local SEO?

You can increase your local search success and gain more customers by blogging regularly about local events and things happening within your business.


And finally, if you simply don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself, consider using our local link-building plan and let us help you increase your company’s SEO efforts.