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In today’s digital world, maintaining your website’s visibility is crucial. SEO plays a key role in determining your ranking in search results.

Every search on platforms like Google produces thousands of outcomes, with the most visible websites appearing on the initial pages.

To capture the attention of your target audience, it’s essential to employ SEO strategies such as link building.

Link building, a strategy to enhance your domain authority, directly influences your position in search results.

Experienced SEO practitioners recognize the value of acquiring links from reputable sources to boost domain authority and rankings.

Building a link strategy demands effort, much like other SEO tactics. It’s important to assess if the time invested is paying off.

Monitoring SEO metrics is vital for businesses aiming to gauge the effectiveness of their SEO endeavors.

Among various metrics, the trust flow score is particularly insightful for evaluating the success of your link-building efforts.

Understanding and improving your trust flow score can lead to more effective strategies, setting the stage for further discussion on SEO metrics for links.

Earning high-quality links from other websites boosts your SEO efforts. However, the value of links varies, and some can negatively affect your search engine rankings due to their quality and trustworthiness.

You must ensure your links adhere to Google’s guidelines to enhance your ranking. Assessing your trust flow score is key in evaluating the trustworthiness of these links. Trust Flow, an important metric, helps determine the quality of these links.

About Majestic Trust Flow

trust flow score

Majestic SEO emerges as a key tool in evaluating your SEO efforts. It excels in measuring Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which track backlinks from other sites to yours.

These metrics, growing in favor of their impact on search rankings, measure the trust and influence of your site’s links.

Trust Flow, for instance, gauges your site’s reliability to Google, influencing its search ranking.

As you master these metrics, a closer look at Trust Flow scores can further enhance your site’s SEO strategy.

What Are Trust Flow Scores?

Trust Flow, a proprietary metric from Majestic, measures a website’s credibility by evaluating the quality of its backlinks.

Established by Majestic in 2012, Trust Flow helps indicate how a website might perform in Google and other search engine results.

It operates by examining the links between sites to assess their trust levels.

For instance, if website A links to website B, website A is effectively endorsing website B, potentially impacting its reputation.

Trust Flow tracks how this trust is transmitted via their internal links, offering insights crucial for site owners focusing on search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow

While Trust Flow is a key metric, Majestic offers other tools that deter role SEO success that’s why website owners and SEO experts need to avoid mixing them up.

Familiarity with Trust Flow sets the stage for exploring how such metrics guide web strategies, including efforts to create trustworthy online environments.

What Is Trust Flow?

The trust flow score of a website measures its trustworthiness, affecting its search engine ranking. It rates from 0 to 100 and increases with clicks from quality links.

Conversely, associating with low-quality links can reduce your trust flow score, similar to their negative impact on SEO.

The assessment of this score revolves around evaluating the quality of links that direct traffic back to your website. Knowing the factors contributing to this evaluation leads us to examine how trust flow is calculated.

How Is Trust Flow Calculated?

Trust Flow, evaluated by Majestic, measures a site’s trustworthiness based on the quality of links from other websites.

This metric verifies the reputation of associated sites, informing whether their links are beneficial.

By analyzing RDF triples—where your site is the subject, the predicate is the linking action, and the objects are the linking sites—Trust Flow predicts your site’s performance in search results.

A high Trust Flow score suggests a network of credible links, enhancing your site’s perceived reliability and ranking potential.

As we assess the impact of these connections, it becomes equally important to consider the volume of these links, which leads us into the realm of Citation Flow.

This metric measures the influence of a site based on how frequently other sites cite it.

What Is Citation Flow?

Majestic evaluates backlinks using two distinct metrics: Trust Flow and Citation Flow.

Trust Flow examines if a site is reliable and authoritative, focusing on the quality of its backlinks.

In contrast, Citation Flow looks at the number of backlinks a site has, measuring its popularity and the extent to which it attracts your target market through clicks.

Interestingly, a webpage might have high Citation Flow due to numerous backlinks yet suffer from low Trust Flow if those links are of poor quality.

As we consider the credibility and influence of backlinks, it’s also insightful to explore how Majestic categorizes websites based on topic relevance, a concept known as Topical Trust Flow.

What Is Topical Trust Flow?

Measuring a website’s trust flow is a crucial step in assessing its authority. We can more accurately gauge the trust flow by evaluating the relevance and reputation of the links pointing to a page.

Topical trust flow specifically looks at the relevance of these backlinks, making it an invaluable tool in SEO to enhance your website’s performance.

It’s important to measure both trust flow and topical trust flow to maintain a focus on topical relevance, which plays a key role in search ranking.

Evaluating the topical trust flow score allows us to assess the effectiveness of current SEO strategies and pinpoint improvement areas.

You can enhance your website’s topical trust flow by strategically linking with high-quality and relevant websites.

This intricate relationship between trust flow and topical trust flow subtly influences SEO strategies, setting the stage for further examination of how various metrics work in synergy, like Trust Flow and Citation Flow, to optimize website performance.

How Does Trust Flow and Citation Flow Work Together?

Trust and citation flow are interconnected and typically support each other across most websites.

An increase in trust flow often leads to a rise in citation flow, although the reverse is not guaranteed.

The ratio between trust flow and citation flow is a key indicator of a website’s reliability; a higher ratio indicates greater trustworthiness.

Digital marketers prioritize achieving a strong trust flow for SEO purposes rather than merely boosting citation flow.

When considering the impact of trust on a site’s reputation, it’s worth noting that different values can influence trust perception.

Different Values

The trustworthiness of a website, or trust flow, is more crucial for SEO than the volume of links and traffic it receives, contributing to its citation flow score.

While a high citation flow can result from effective marketing, it could also stem from links to malicious sites.

Prioritizing a higher trust flow is essential because it affects your ranking on search results pages more than citation flow.

Evaluating the importance of different SEO metrics raises the question: which one holds more weight?

Which One Is More Important?

Achieving a high trust flow score is challenging because it relies on building valuable connections between websites, rather than just acquiring links.

Additionally, considering topical relevance is critical, as it is equally essential for SEO alongside trustworthiness.

Therefore, focusing on enhancing your website’s trust flow should take precedence over increasing your citation flow.

While these two are interconnected, knowing what constitutes a good trust flow score can further clarify their relationship.

What Is A Good Trust Flow Score?

As we have mentioned, trust flow can be scored between 0 and 100 based on the trustworthiness of links.

Good Trust Flow: Higher than 50

This score is given to websites with the highest level of trust, such as major names like YouTube, Yahoo, and LinkedIn.

Average Trust Flow: 10 to 50

This is an average rating for trustworthiness and indicates that your site may need some more work to perform better. Most ecommerce websites fall into this range due to the structuring of their platforms.

Low trust flow: Under 10

This is the lowest level of trust that can be offered by Majestic and is a sign that your website is performing poorly. Connecting with websites with this kind of score is going to have negative impacts on your SEO and overall performance and should be avoided.

Scores In Summary

In most cases, a good trust flow score for websites is anything higher than 50. This is considered to be an excellent score on Majestic SEO, but there are other trust flow tools out there you can use with a different scoring system.

A trust flow score below 10 is considered poor in terms of SEO. Brand new sites may receive this kind of score when they are providing backlinks simply because they have not developed a reputation yet.

Flow metrics like this are something to keep in mind when developing your website’s marketing campaign, as they can determine who you want to work with.

What Is A Good Trust To Citation Flow Ratio?

trust flow score

In terms of the ratio between trust flow and citation flow, the best score for most websites is anything close to 1.

With a ratio of Majestic citation flow closest to 1, a web page is shown to have more authority and trustworthiness than just clicks alone. A ratio of 0.5 is average.

Those with a higher citation flow show that they have more links and traffic but not the good reputation required by search engines.

How To Use SEO Metrics For Betting Ranking

Now that you know the meanings and calculations behind these scores, you must share them with your marketing team.

The main goal when evaluating a website for link building should be its trustworthiness. Trust flow, as discussed, is crucial but not the only factor to consider.

For instance, in offering a guest post to a site, verifying that the site is reputable and aligns with your niche regarding topical trust flow is important.

Link-building strategies like guest posting are vital for SEO success and influence trust flow scores. Always aim to connect with highly trusted sites within your niche to improve your performance in terms of Majestic SEO and search engine rankings.


Link building is one of the most effective tools for SEO, but it can also take a long time to get right.

Using Majestic SEO, you can determine whether your backlink profile is beneficial to the ranking of your site on search engines or whether it needs more work.

There are three main scores given by this platform that can determine the success of your website.

These scores are given based on the trustworthiness and relevancy of links, as well as how much traffic is obtained through them. A good balance of all three offers the best results for your website and can be achieved with careful SEO practices. To delve deeper into the debate surrounding quality versus quantity of backlinks, explore the comprehensive insights linked here.

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