There will be a time when working through your SEO strategy that you will have to decide between backlink quality vs quantity.

Both the quantity and quality of backlinks that you have will be important at different times in your SEO journey and can benefit you in different ways.

However, it is important that you always avoid links that could point to spammy websites. Even if this is part of the quantity backlinks section of your strategy, it will be harmful to your domain authority with low link quality.

Below, we will take you through information regarding quality and high quantity links, which will help you to decide when and how to deploy each in link building.

If you are new to link building and are looking to increase your domain authority, research is key to achieving your goals.

What Is a Backlink, and Why Does It Matter to Search Engines?

A backlink is a way to generate traffic to your own website from other websites. Link building strategies are becoming increasingly popular as a way to show that your website is trustworthy, relevant, and genuine.

The more links you have on other websites that link back to your site will increase the domain authority of the site that you have created. This could be from social media sites in addition to guest blogging, sales sites, review sites, and more.

Search engines filter through websites when generating each search engine results page, so while a high quality backlink will help to generate passive traffic to your site through search engines, the more links you have, the more there are for a search engine to ‘see.’

Backlinks are one of the most common ways to increase the authority of your website and to improve the conversion rate of the traffic to your site.

Backlinks are assessed by search engines to determine the level of trust that customers can place on a website.

A website that is ranked as trustworthy and authoritative by a search engine will rank higher in the results pages and so will be seen by more customers.

Ranking on the first results page of any search engine will increase the number of people who will visit your website and will create more traffic to your site.

The higher the traffic to your website, the better the chance of conversions.

Building High-Quality Links

Link building between websites is a way to acquire links to improve your SEO rankings with popular search engines.

Building high quality backlinks should be part of every link building strategy, as this is an easy way to increase the ranking of your website.

However, it is important to note that not all backlinks are high quality and that any link building campaign should factor in some low quality links pointing to your website.

A high quality link will increase the trust in your linked site as the quality of the referring domains will be assessed by search engines when assessing spam links.

Find Out How Authoritative Your Website is With a FREE Authority Check

You can use an authority checker to see how your website’s authority is ranking. There are a number of different authority checkers that can be used, including those you need to pay for.

An authority checker does what it says; it assesses the authority of one website against others in the same or similar niches.

As no search engine states exactly what it ranks authority based on, the site authority is based on the parameters of the checker.

An authoritative site is one that is trusted in its niche and has a history of providing high quality information and products.

With free authority checkers, you can assess the same information without increasing the cost of your content marketing strategy. Search engines trust websites that build links that are relevant, even if there is a higher backlink quantity.

Why High-Quality Backlinks Are Good

It may seem like a redundant statement to say something of high quality is good. However, if you are new to creating content or building links, you may not know why generating high quality backlinks will benefit you.

With high quality links, you will be able to relax without worrying if the link is to a spam website. High quality links are links you can rely on that will increase your domain authority as they will create trust for customers who reach your website.

With an increase in domain authority, you can almost guarantee an increase in Google rankings, making high quality backlinks valuable links to have when looking to increase your site’s SEO rankings.

Is Link Quality More Important than Quantity?

A quality backlink will form how search engines view your website; however, link diversity is also important. If you are accidentally generating backlinks through reviews, this will help your website.

If you can build backlinks to high authority sites, this will increase the page authority of your site and can bring high commitment traffic to your site.

Search traffic and how search engines such as Google will rank your website to direct traffic are not a certainty. However, many authority checkers have made educated guesses based on Google’s posts.

At different times in your own SEO plan, the quality or quantity of backlinks will be more important. Link building can be a slow and difficult process when beginning a new website.

This early part of the process of link building is where link quantity can benefit your site.

If you generate backlinks in a high quantity with a mixture of link juice (authority), you will find that the authority of your website will increase more steadily.

A steady increase rather than a quick rise up the search engine results page is what you should be aiming for and is the best way to build your website.

Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks can be generated in a number of ways. You can make contacts with trusted companies and build links with those.

If a trusted news site is publishing articles about your niche and includes a link to your site, this will be a quality link.

You should be aware that if you are contacting other companies to build quality backlinks, each authoritative website will receive hundreds, if not thousands, of backlink requests each week.

The more authority a site has, the more particular it becomes about the links it allows, which means that as a new site, you cannot expect to build many links of high quality quickly.

To count as a high quality link, each link should add domain authority; for follow links, the higher the domain authority, the better.

Each link should also be relevant to your site or niche; adding random links that have nothing to do with your business will not be helpful.

Irrelevant links will also damage the conversion rate of your business, as potential customers will be routed to your website only to find that it is not what they were looking for.

You should be confident in and pay attention to your anchor text. The anchor text that you include on your website is analyzed by Google and other search engines to find out what each page of your website is about. Ensuring that the anchor text is up to date is always a positive.

It is important to always ensure that there is diversity in the backlinks you have on your sites. Having no diversity in the backlinks on your site could lead to your site being counted as less trustworthy by search engines. Lack of diversity can also lead to the links being seen as spammy.

If you are looking for backlinks of high quality, it is important to take into account every factor that leads to a link being seen as high quality. If you aim to meet all of the criteria for a quality link, you are more likely to succeed.

Why High-Quality Backlinks Are Bad

Although we have said that high quality backlinks are a good thing to have, there are circumstances where fewer high quality links can also be good.

The reason why high quality backlinks can also be bad for your business is the time it will take you to create them.

If you begin to generate high quality backlinks when your business is very new and your domain authority is low, the length of time it will take to increase your domain authority if you only build high quality backlinks will be high.

It is very unlikely that, as a new business, you will be able to acquire links from major businesses, companies, or influencers in your niche at the beginning.

Therefore, if you are not able to build high quality backlinks immediately, you should consider backlink quality vs quanitity.

Low quality backlinks may be a necessity when building your website while you wait to have enough exposure to be able to build links with high domain authority websites.

What are Some Quality Link Building and Earning Tips?

If you wish to build quality backlinks, you can use a few tips to try to improve the authority of your website.

Begin by reaching out to any blogs, websites, reviews, or publications that mention your company and asking them to add a link back to your site in addition to the mention.

You can use guest posts and blogs that mention your site or products to drive organic traffic to the site.

Additionally, you should include at least one image of each product to ensure that customers can see what they are interested in.

Ensure that the keywords attached to each image are relevant and that you have the correct anchor text in place.

If you have a high quality website in place, it is more likely that you will increase the earnings potential of your website and products.

How to Get a High Quantity of Backlinks

It is always beneficial to have other links from external websites, such as review sites, so when a new customer works with you, we recommend asking each one to leave a review.

Building backlinks pointing to your site into reviews will generate organic traffic.

Asking each customer to include a link to your site can increase leads for your business and products in addition to the volume of links.

Customers who are reading reviews of your site or products are already interested in what you have to offer, or they would not be reading them.

Employing a content creation company to create blog posts or guest posts that highlight your business and improve the keyword search results is another quick way to increase the number of links.

Although you are increasing the volume of links quickly, they will all be relevant and diverse, which will reduce the risk of the links being viewed as spammy.

Increasing the number of relevant links quickly will also increase the authority of your site, so although they are not as high quality as alternative links, the quantity will help your business.

Why Quantity of Backlinks is Bad

A fast and high increase in backlinks to your site could harm your website ranking in both the short and long term.

A quick increase in backlinks could lead to Google penalties while also risking that you attach spam links to your site.

Increasing the number of backlinks via irrelevant links will also reduce your domain authority and decrease your SERPs.

All of the benefits of the links of higher quality that you have been building can be undone very quickly by introducing a large quantity of low value links.

Quality vs. Quantity of Backlinks

The quality vs. quantity discussion is one that is hotly debated for a few reasons, and we recommend that you do your own research into backlinks in your niche.

It is generally accepted that you should aim for quality content and anchor text on your website without keeping all your eggs in one basket in terms of backlinks.

Link building is not always an easy thing to achieve and can lead to low commitment traffic if the referring domains or inbound links are low quality or not used often.

This is where an authority checker can be used to help you see what the page authority is of the page you are link building from, and you can determine the link quality.

Whether you choose quantity over quality, the opposite, or a combination of the two, it is important to avoid spammy links at all times. Spammy links will harm your SEO strategy 100% of the time.