We have you covered whether you are attempting to remove backlinks, erase a Google penalty or just manage your backlinks.

Our expert team can handle the complete link removal process and procedure for you, importing your SEO links from all of the main backlink checkers and working to identify and remove bad backlinks.

Bad backlinks can ruin your backlink profile, racking up massive penalties, and you will need to get rid of bad links if you want to fix things up.

That is where our link audit and link removal process services come in.

We help clients find those unnatural links and remove all the bad backlinks harming your SEO profile. Get in touch for a free quote today, or read below to find out more about our link removal services.

Service for Link Audit and Bad Backlink Removal

Are bad links to your website harming its search rankings? Allow our search professionals to do a thorough audit of the sites in your backlink profile to identify and eliminate any spam backlinks that are impeding your progress.

Whether you are attempting to overturn a Google penalty or simply want a routine review to ensure your backlink profile is clean, our skilled team of link auditors and cleanup staff can assist.

Once we have found the toxic links harming your rankings with search engines, we will start on link removal immediately.

With those links removed, you can rise up the rankings in search engine results once again!

Deep backlink analysis

We provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of analysis and link removal services to assist you in improving your rankings and avoiding or reversing penalties.

Building and cleaning up links is not an enjoyable process, but it is critical for a successful SEO strategy. When examining websites’ backlinks for webmasters, we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we’d be pleased to perform all of the work to remove toxic links for you or your clients.

We search deep into your website’s complete known profile to uncover harmful and suspicious connections when we audit your backlinks.

To ensure that no stone is left unturned, we use both automatic, automated tools and manual human reviews. Our link removal team can then take care of all unnatural links causing problems.

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery & Prevention

Since Google’s Penguin update went live, poor links have gone from having no value to being a major factor in ranking your site in results.

Negative SEO assaults, black hat SEO link building, and other elements in your business or website’s past might all have led to a big drop in ranks.

If your website was impacted by Google algorithm adjustments to their Google webmaster tools or even penalized, our audit will detect and remove the unnatural link penalties.

If we determine that you have not already been hit, we will check over your site and complete a link profile for possible risks that might lead to algorithmic or manual penalties that can cause your rankings to suffer.

Toxic backlinks can have a significant impact, and link removals are an important way to fix up low-quality backlinks. We can also send a reconsideration request to remove any manual penalty as well as algorithmic penalty.

We may offer you SEO link cleanup services to eliminate all of the bad links once we have completed an analysis of your backlink profile.

Our staff does the time-consuming work to manually reach out to site webmasters and send reconsideration requests that links be deleted, keep a record of all outreach conversations, submit them, and, if required, prepare a disavow file that includes any remaining hazardous links.

We will then notify Google that you no longer want these to be counted against your site page rank.

Google Penguin: An Introduction

The algorithms Google uses to decide which websites will appear first on a search results page are updated on a semi-regular basis. The majority of them are tiny, but occasionally they release a significant upgrade that is given a name.

Google Penguin, which was originally introduced in 2012, is a significant component of their algorithm that deals directly with backlinks.

Whereas previously low-quality links that Google considers unnatural would not impact your ranks, they now harm your rankings and may result in your site being penalized.

As part of their practically daily algorithm adjustments, Google continually adjusts the Penguin program.

However, only significant modifications and alterations are normally made public. Unless you are a highly skilled webmaster, you will probably never notice most of the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a link audit?

When it comes to optimizing your website, having a good mix of quality and a number of backlinks is recommended, and we make sure you have both.

If your website’s traffic and search rankings suddenly drop, or if your website rank just can’t catch up to your competitors’ ranks no matter how much time and money you invest in SEO, a link audit of backlinks should be one of the first things you perform, followed by link removals.

How is link cleaning or backlink removal carried out?

Following a thorough analysis of every backlink referring to your website, we launch a manual outreach campaign to ask the owner of the offending website to take down any links pointing to it.

If link removals are not completed, a link disavow file request needs to be made. If necessary, the disavow files are uploaded to Google webmasters, informing them that you did not endorse these backlinks and do not want them to confer any SEO benefits.

The file is reviewed by Google’s spam team, which has the ability to delete the bad links from your website’s rankings. Backlink removal can make a huge difference, so asking for a quote for a backlink audit as soon as possible is recommended!

How does link auditing work?

All links pointing to your website are gathered by us using a variety of techniques. We then evaluate each link and referring domain, giving them a quality score using a combination of automated technologies and manual assessment.

We mark a link for backlink removal if we determine it appears artificial or is of extremely poor quality. We then present you with our report, including what we learned and the links that need to be taken down.

What does a bad SEO attack look like?

Some unethical businesses may actively generate and point harmful links to another website with the explicit objective of getting them penalized because bad and unnatural connections can lead to a website being penalized by Google.

It can be one of your rivals’ sites or a black hat SEO firm they employed to give them an advantage.

Despite Google’s claims to the contrary, our own experience with clients has proved that these assaults do indeed succeed. We advise our clients to remove these because they may affect their rankings now and in the future when Google rolls out significant algorithm upgrades.

What distinguishes a bad link from a good link?

A reputable and authoritative website provides a high-quality backlink. Based on their backlink history and the volume of traffic and connections they receive, Google has high confidence in the links they employ.

A bad backlink originates from sources that are unknown or irrelevant due to their own backlink profile or brand reputation.

This is a red flag that they are trying to manipulate search algorithms to boost their rankings or to use inbound links to harm other websites as part of a negative SEO campaign.

How can I tell if Google has penalized my website?

The primary indication that your website traffic has been negatively affected by Google is when you notice a sharp fall in daily traffic that never reverses.

You can also check SEO ranking tools to discover if your most significant, previously highly ranked keywords had significant overall decreases. Finally, you may check your Google Search Console account to see whether your website has received any penalties.

It is important to stay in Google’s good graces at all times, and if you identify bad links after checking your Google Search Console account, contacting our backlink removal team to take those spam backlinks down is key.