Do you think you need dot com dot au domains to rank in Australia?





Well, think again.

Hey guys! In our video above we have our very own Tom Phillips going over a common question that we get from our Australian-based clients. 

But just in case you can’t watch it or you prefer the good old habit of reading, the question is: Do you need dot com dot au domains to rank in Australia?

And the answer is no, pretty much

From the statistical data that we can pull up from Ahrefs, most of the websites that are currently ranking in Australia actually only have about 8% to 10% of dot com au domains, and the rest of them primarily are dot coms. 

So, and you’ll see once you do a quick check, the data is pretty obvious. You don’t need dot com dot au domains to rank. 

And this fact also makes it a hell of a lot easier when doing outreach. 

Basically, the whole reason behind that is there are not many dot com dot au sites that:

  1. Are powerful enough to even get a high DR.
  2. Don’t want ridiculous rates in the thousands of dollars to place a link on their sites. 
  3. Also, there are not as many dot com dot au sites in general. 

So, it’s a lot- lot trickier to find a site with that country TLD (top-level domain) that is actually relevant to your niche. 

For this reason, we always tell our clients that we can try and go after dot com dot au sites, and we do have a few of the best ones that we have contacted in the past. However, it’s a lot easier and effective, for you and for us; to go for dot com websites since;

  1. There are so many websites in America that actually have a lot of power even for Australian audiences 
  2. There is a very high chance to find dot com websites that are also related to your niche.

Yes, we can go after dot com dot au sites, but at the same time, you don’t need them to rank

So, if you check our video you can see Tom jump in on the screen to show you additional proof of this.

For instance, if you search rubbish removal as a keyword in Australia, which is a pretty difficult keyword to go after as there are sizable amounts of searches for this, they are all dot com dot au websites.

But when you check each of the top rankers for how many dot com dot au domains are actually linking to these sites to verify what we’re telling you, you’ll see:

  1. which has 80% dot com domains, and for dot com dot au is only 8%. So, they’re an Australian site ranking very, very well and they have just eight percent of their domains as dot com dot au.
  2. and these guys have 11% for dot com dot au, which is slightly higher, and 64% dot com sites linking to them. So, the huge majority is obviously dot com on that, and then you have dot net, dot org, and all the TLDs.
  3. And lastly, we check that only 14% of their domain’s ccTLDs are dot com dot au and the rest are dot com. 

So, it’s quite conclusive that you don’t need dot com dot au domains

Yes, it’s very easy to get dot com dot au domains as well. 

But it’s better to use citations and things like that in Australia to basically get dot com dot au domains, if that is, you know, something that you really, really want to do. 

But from a linking perspective of topically relevant links and guest posts, going with dot com domains is absolutely fine. 

These sites rank very, very well and they’re using those top-level TLDs as you can see on there.

So, we hope this helps, and we hope this gives all our Australian-based clients a conclusive answer!

Any further questions, please bring us an email or hit that free strategy call button down there and we will help you out and get back to you. 

Thank you!

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