How to Increase Your Website Domain Authority





Increasing your website domain power helps ALL your pages to rank higher in Google.

But should I chase increasing my DA score in Moz?

Or try to manipulate my DR score in Ahrefs?

Your overall website authority is important in helping you to rank for competitive keywords. But if you are chasing a higher Moz DA or Ahrefs DR metric you need to bang your head. These metrics are third party tools and not something you should chase as being a key component.

Our guide on how to increase your website domain authority will run through everything you need to know about improving your overall site’s power in July 2024.

How Do I Increase My Domain Authority?

Here are the main points on how to boost your website authority.


Links from high-authority sites and pages still carry significant ranking power, and they drive both Domain Authority and Page Authority.

At Searcharoo we see too many clients order the lowest DR links and feel the most authoritative links to the homepage really set the foundations to a healthy SEO campaign.

To build your overall domain rank you need to start looking at purchasing the DR60+ Topically Relevant Backlinks as it is this category of a link that will boost your domain metric scores.

Buying low-quality web2s, blog comments or spammy backlinks is not going to improve your domain authority.

Some SEO services will purchase spammy backlinks to give their clients a sudden boost in ranking.

Many link building companies are not up-to-date on current industry practices and webmaster guidelines, so make sure you’ve hired an agency that can rank websites and show you link building SEO case studies.

The holy grail of link building is acquiring links that come from legitimate sites with real traffic.

The best type of backlink is from a webpage ranking for the keywords you want your money page to rank for.

This is why guest post placements are perfect because you can write an SEO optimised content article to try and rank the guest post article for the focus keyword you want your destination URL to rank in the search engines for.

Power up all your existing backlinks you have pointing to your website.

Tiered link building is the process of building backlinks to your backlinks. The process is passing PageRank to your webpage by creating and building tiered links in bulk, with your webpage at the end of the chain.

It is important when buying tier two backlinks to understand Which Backlinks to Power Up With Tier Two Links because you do NOT want to be powering up links in your backlink profile if they are any of the following:

  • Nofollow Backlinks
  • High Outbound Links
  • Page Set to No Index
  • Low DR
  • Non Relevant Backlinks

Do Not Chase Third-Party Metrics?

Third-party metrics by Ahrefs (DR) and Moz (DA) are indicative website domain authority scores that help you make informed decisions.

But these third-party metrics in isolation should not be your focus.

Don’t obsess over Domain Rank (DR) or Domain Authority (DA) for its own sake.

Chasing higher rankings, more traffic and in turn, more revenue should be your definitive measurements.

For more information on why you should not chase third-party metrics check out Why DA or DR Isn’t A Definitive Measurement For Site Performance.

What Are Domain Authority Scores?

Domain Authority Scores are metrics compiled from your site’s link equity. They allow you to compare your site’s authority with your competitors. 

These scores, developed by software companies like Ahrefs and Moz, offer a snapshot of your search engine standing based on your backlink strength. 

However, it’s important to remember that a high domain authority score doesn’t necessarily translate to success in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Given that these scores can be influenced, they should be viewed only as indicators rather than definitive measures. As we look for more effective ways to enhance website authority, it becomes clear why adopting a tool like Searcharoo might be a wise strategy.

Why Searcharoo Is Your Best Choice for Boosting Website Domain Authority?


Searcharoo could be considered a great choice for boosting website domain authority for several reasons, for its features and how it aligns with SEO best practices:

Comprehensive SEO Tools 

Searcharoo offers a range of SEO tools, including keyword research, backlink analysis, and on-page SEO optimization; it can greatly help improve the factors that influence domain authority.

Quality Backlink Generation

Domain authority heavily relies on the quality and quantity of backlinks. Searcharoo facilitates the generation of high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, which would be highly beneficial.

Content Optimization 

Tools that assist in optimizing content to match user intent and improve engagement can boost a site’s relevance and authority, which are key factors for increasing domain authority.

Technical SEO

Improvements in technical SEO, such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and secure connections (HTTPS), all influence domain authority. A tool that helps address these aspects can be very effective.

Analytics and Reporting

With strong analytics and reporting features, Searcharoo could help website owners understand their current domain authority status and track improvements over time, making it easier to target weak spots in their SEO strategy.

User Support and Community 

Strong customer support and an active community can also be required. They provide guidance and insights to help users effectively utilize the tool to boost their domain authority.

Regular Updates and Best Practices 

Searcharoo stays updated with the latest SEO trends and Google algorithms. It can guide users in maintaining and improving their domain authority over time.

Searcharoo effectively incorporates these features. It could be a strong tool for anyone looking to enhance their website’s domain authority and improve general search engine rankings.

Optimizing Domain Authority: From Basics to Best Practices

Ensuring your highest DR backlinks are pointing to the homepage is the easiest way to spread power to your whole domain, and in turn lift rankings across your entire site.

Building your websites domain authority is important.

We do not mean the 3rd party tools prediction of domain authority but mean Googles scoring system on how well the sites perform.

Do the work and build the kind of real authority that moves the needle for Google and not chasing higher AhRefs or Moz scores.

Don’t let the third party metrics become just another vanity metric.

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