As an information technology consultant, you are used to solving problems. While your working hours may be dedicated to solving issues for technology and software companies, there is one major issue that you need to work on for yourself.

Generating business leads as a consultant is no easy feat and has become increasingly more difficult now the market has moved online. A few years ago, it would not have made a difference if your clients knew you had a website or not because that is not what they needed from you, but now most leads are generated online, and this means you need to have a hub for your clients to connect to.

Due to this change in the market, lead generation efforts have also changed, and you may need to work on your strategy to ensure you can continue generating leads for your business. As a consultant, your work relies on helping clients, and this is why lead generation is so important.

Without leads in your contact book, there is no purpose behind your consulting business, and you will soon come into difficulties. Luckily, there are some solutions out there that can be used to generate clients from tech companies and keep consultants working.

In this guide, we are sharing some of the best lead generation techniques for consultants to use to reach potential clients and continue to make money.

What Are IT Consulting Leads?

Leads are the term given to prospective customers, as these are people that have shown some kind of interest in the work you do. For IT consultants, this is usually technology companies and associated parties because these need the services on offer.

The purpose of lead generation is to attract prospective customers with your work and marketing, where they can be nurtured into paying clients. Leads are people on the cusp of the sales funnel and to make money as an IT consulting business you need to move these clients along.

For many years, tech companies could be approached in person, and it was common for consultants to generate leads at networking events and through in-person contact. However, with the boom of technology, almost everything is done online these days, and this also applies to lead generation.

As an IT consulting business, you will be aware of how important technology is as this is the basis for the work you do. Technology is not just important for your clients but also for you and the work you can do in generating leads.

While you can help technology companies troubleshoot their technical issues and ensure a smooth operation, you also need to rely on the same kind of technology to maintain your own work and keep people coming in. Lead generation looks different these days as the majority of it is done online, but this does not mean that you cannot be successful.

Generating leads may seem more difficult because of the competition that comes with being online, but it is possible to remain successful in your work by using the right lead generation strategies for your target audience. We are going to explore some of the best strategies for you to use in this guide, all of which are used by IT companies across the board.

The way that one business generates leads may not be the right option for you which is why there are many options, and you can tailor this process to suit your particular market.

Each client has unique needs, and this is something you can tap into when it comes to lead generation, ensuring a wider scope.

Regardless of your niche and the work you do, lead generation continues to be a vital aspect of consulting, and you need to continually improve this process to be successful. You understand that the work you do is highly valuable, and this needs to be shown to your audience to ensure you get more quality leads in the future.

Lead generation is a vital aspect of business in all sectors, including IT consulting, because it is the cornerstone of success. Without leads, which can then become paying customers, there is no service being offered and no money being made.

How To Get More Leads For Information Technology Consulting

To bring people into the sales funnel and ensure your consulting business is making money, you need to create a successful lead generation strategy.

There are various ways that you can work on attracting new leads to your work and getting people interested in the services you offer, which we will explore in more detail throughout this guide. Before we can offer examples of lead generation strategies that you should consider, we first need to discuss the basics of lead generation, so you will know where to start.

Any lead generation strategy should follow a similar pattern, which is:

1) Understand Your Target Audience

Before you can work on generating new leads, you first need to understand your audience. Understanding your audience and what they need determines everything else you will do as a consultant and can make lead generation easier.

It is easier to market to people when you understand them, which is why this is the first step in lead generation.

While most IT consultants work with tech companies, this does not mean that every business operates the same way. There are many kinds of technology companies, each offering different services and therefore has unique needs from their consultants.

This is why when researching your target demographic, you need to focus on a niche. Take a look at your current customers and see what they have in common to determine your niche within the tech industry.

Each consultant needs to have a niche, as this is what sets them apart from anyone else in the same field and can be used to your advantage in both marketing and lead generation.

Understanding this niche will determine how lead generation works for you and what techniques you need to use. For example, your existing customers may be part of the same sector, and therefore you need to focus on B2B lead generation to reach these tech businesses with your work.

The kind of leads that you want to attract will determine the strategies you can use, so start here if you want to get more leads for your consulting business.

2) Develop A Content Strategy

Now that you understand your market, it is easier to create content that appeals to them, which can be used to generate leads.

All audiences, including technology companies, are looking for engaging content that they can relate to. This is what will get people to your website in the first place and needs to be done well to ensure the greatest volume of traffic.

The product or service you put out there needs to hit the pain points of your audience and indicate that you know what is best for this particular niche because you understand them. This will give the impression that you are a trustworthy source and someone that they can rely on for consulting services.

As we have mentioned, technology companies come in all shapes and sizes, and it is your job as a consultant to ensure you are creating content that appeals to your demographic.

There are various forms of content that you can create, from blog posts to social media updates, all of which should be aimed at your target demographic to get them interested in the work you do. To bring in more leads and quality leads at that, you need to offer something, which is why content is important in all sectors.

Content is a way to get your name out there and ensure people are interested in your business. Whenever your target clients have an issue, the first place they will go is online, which is why you need to have relevant content out there that they can use.

3) Capture Leads

No matter what kind of content you put out, you need to have some kind of lead generation strategies in place to turn your audience into paying clients.

There are various techniques that you can use for this, which we will discuss in more detail throughout this guide, but the key is to ensure you can get the information you need from your audience so your sales team can contact them.

You can capture contact details in various ways, as long as you have a lead generating website and informative content that appeals to your audience.

4) Turn Viewers Into Qualified Leads

This is where the sales team comes in, as they will use the information you have gathered from visitors and viewers to make them qualified leads.

Leads are people who have shown interest in the work you do, which can be shown in various ways online, and it is now down to consultants to get them through the sales process.

You must capture people at the start of their buyer journey, so they are more likely to spend money on your services. With good marketing, it is easier to keep people interested and get them to buy.

5) Nurture Leads

With the information you have collected, it is important to keep nurturing your leads by offering them ongoing services and content, such as through email marketing.

This should result in further lead generation and ensure success for your business. It is important to nurture the leads you have already generated as well as aim to promote a product or service to new people.

How To Get More Leads for Information Technology Consulting: Strategies To Try

Now that you understand the process of lead generation and what it takes to bring in tech companies as a consultant, let us look at some ways you can do this.

The following can be used to generate leads successfully:

  • Provide Valuable Information

As we have mentioned, content marketing is a large part of lead generation. To attract people to your website where they can learn more about your services and pay for your work, there needs to be something on offer.

Content can come in many forms these days, and it is a good idea to ensure that everything you put out there conveys your value proposition and overall brand image. Not only do you want people to see your content as an advertisement for the quality of work you offer, but it can also be a good way to increase brand awareness and get your name out there.

With high-quality content on your website or social media channels, you are encouraging people to share the word about your work which in turn can be highly beneficial for your business. For example, using a blog post to explain complex data can be useful to almost anyone in your sector and is a great tool in getting you noticed.

Your ideal client, for example, a new business in the field, may use this guide and turn to your website to learn more. Here you can capture them and generate leads from their traffic.

  • Build Engaging Landing Pages

Your website is the first impression many clients will get of your business, so it needs to be done well. A landing page is the first thing clients will see when they click on your link, so it needs to appeal to them and offer engaging content.

A landing page aims not only to welcome visitors to your site but to also ensure they stay there. Keeping people engaged is the key to your overall website content, as there is so much competition out there.

As an IT consultant, you can have a dedicated landing page for each aspect of your business or the types of tech companies that you want to appeal to. These landing pages should appeal to the pain point of this specific audience, ensuring you have something to offer them.

On landing pages, you should also use techniques to generate leads. To generate leads, you need to get the contact details of your audience, so this can be used by the sales team later on.

A great technique to use to get this information as a consultant is to offer a service, such as free trials. Having a promotion for free trials on your landing page is eye-catching and will get people interested while also ensuring you get the information you need.

By offering free trials to anyone who registers with your company, you are opening the door to lead generation and giving the sales teams something to work with in the future.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have a solid website and good content to promote, it is time to ensure it gets noticed. You will not be able to generate leads without anyone coming to your website in the first place, which is where search engine marketing comes in.

Whenever software companies are looking for help regarding a specific issue, the first place they will go is to a search engine like Google. As with any query, where they will be met with thousands of results for the same thing, and by not working on SEO you could be missing these opportunities for lead generation.

SEO is the process of improving your website and content, so it appeals to search engines, determining your website as a reliable source. The more that you work on search engine marketing, the higher your website will rank in search results, which means more people will find your website or social media platforms.

More visitors to your website can mean more leads for your business if you get their contact information. This is where techniques such as offering free trials to new clients can come in very useful, but you need to have people on your site first to get this offer.

Techniques such as ensuring your website works on mobile devices and focusing on keywords in your content marketing can get you noticed on search engines.

  • Use Multiple Platforms

To ensure you are reaching as many technology companies as possible with your marketing campaigns, you need to be present everywhere. There are various platforms out there that you can use to appeal to your clients, and the more sites you are present on can result in more leads.

As an IT consultant, you appeal to technology companies, and you can showcase your talent for this kind of work by using all the platforms that are available to you. As well as having a solid website that is full of informative content and responsive, you should also share content on social media channels.

It is a good idea to be present on multiple forms of social media, as long as this appeals to your target demographic. These platforms should be a key part of your marketing strategy and work on the process of referral marketing.

Whenever people interact with you on social media or through any other platform, they should be linked back to your website, where they can pay for your services. For example, if you do offer free trials, this can be promoted on social media and bring people back to your website, where customers will enter their information which can then be used in cold calling from the sales team.

Marketing on various platforms allows you to be creative with the kind of content you put out there. You can look to the top tech companies for inspiration, which may lead to you launching your own podcast or YouTube channel, all of which will bring people back to your website to become leads.

  • Try Influencer Marketing

As we have mentioned, social media is a vital aspect of marketing these days.

These platforms can be used to promote your referral programs, which get people onto your website and offer information that can be used to generate leads. To ensure your marketing team has a lot to work with, consider using one of the most valuable forms of marketing these days, which is influencer marketing.

This is where you will connect with an influencer, which is someone with a lot of social proof and a wide audience who can promote a product or service for you. It is simply getting a relevant figure in your industry to endorse your work, and it can be highly successful.

Ensure you choose someone, or a company relevant to your audience, for example, a tech company, to promote a product or service, as this is more likely going to result in leads. With a similar audience, you can generate high-quality leads as you are working with people who are already interested in what you offer.


Providing consulting for technology companies is a worthwhile job, and you can be very successful in this field for a long time. There is a constant growth of tech companies these days, and they all need support at some point, which is something consultants can capitalize on with successful lead generation.

Lead generation focuses on bringing in people to your business where they can become paying clients and increase revenue for your brand. There are various strategies that you can use to generate leads, but the key is to offer something of value.

In this guide, we have shared some of the best ways to get more leads for your IT consulting service. These are ways to attract software and technology companies to your brand, where they can learn more about what you offer and become a paying client.

To ensure success in this industry, you need to have a constant influx of clients, which lead generation can help with when done well.

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