At some point in their lives, around one-third of all American adults have used online dating services.

Nowadays, people find partnerships online instead of meeting through friends or in public settings. Like most other aspects of life, dating has gone online in recent years. No more musicians playing romantic tunes: instead, it is all about search engine optimization, link juice, and organic traffic. The workload has expanded with the number of potential website users for dating businesses that specialize in the online dating sector.

However, due to the difficulty of creating a robust enough internet presence, dating firms face intense competition from others in the field. There are many dating websites out there, and every online dating website has the same problems to overcome.

With the help of our dating site link building services, you can enjoy more traffic to your dating site without putting in a lot of effort, even if you have just set up a brand new domain that does not even have a single member profile on the site yet.

Why Should Your Dating Website Use SEO?

The market for dating apps and websites is competitive, and SEO is unquestionably one of the most affordable ways to outperform your rivals and attract more qualified visitors to your dating website or app. This is where our SEO experts come in, helping your site to rank higher in Google results through a combination of backlinks, metadata, keyword indexing, and building linking trust.

Bring in more customers

With a personalized National SEO and/or Local SEO plan that drives qualified, relevant search traffic to your company website, you may expand your online audience and your prospective customer base. Bringing in more customers than other dating websites is good for you and good for the customers of your dating site, who need people to match with.

Increase Your Income

Focusing on the medium to long term with a consistent SEO strategy that is well thought out and executed will result in higher search ranks, qualified organic (free!) customers for your company, and possibilities to increase sales revenue.

Be More Competitive

Outrank your rival dating sites to attract more customers. Because a well-thought-out, cutting-edge SEO approach is difficult to top, we only create and employ cutting-edge SEO techniques and strategies for our clients.

Reduce Excess marketing expenses

Spend money on SEO for your company instead of expensive TV, radio, print, and paid search advertising. The benefits of a persistent SEO strategy will pay off in the future with free, qualified traffic to your organization and the chance to significantly lower your traditional marketing cost, even though SEO is initially a slow burn.

Gain Access to a Community of Online Dating Users

We avoid link farms by dealing with legitimate websites that are pertinent to the online dating sites market. This indicates that the target audience for your content will be people who have already expressed interest in online dating sites and services.

If the website referring backlinks to your page has a suitable audience, readers are more likely to interact with your natural links, and your site may receive more attention as a result. For instance, you should target websites with millennial readers if your goal is to encourage more young folks to establish profiles on your dating service.

Using Your target keyword and placement of synonyms

The target keyword you want to rank for should be mentioned as often as possible on the landing page of your new site. Your landing page is central to search engine optimization and the Google algorithms, so you need to make sure your dating niche keywords are prominent here in both the main text and the meta title. Make sure all the keywords function properly within:

  • The titles
  • The writing
  • The URL
  • Title and description metadata

Include as many alternative words for the primary keywords as you can. The likelihood that they will function effectively increases with simplicity. Avoid trying to reinvent the wheel; instead, include something that the system will appropriately interpret. Keep your target keywords groups together, with terms like “dating” used as part of longer strings.

Long-tail keywords will also raise the text’s rank in search results for all search engines. They have a high discussion rate and are simpler to process. Keep these natural, though: meta title ideas are unnecessary, and your possible phrases will be better in the body of your text.

Locating Links that Fit the Online Dating Niche

We employ the most efficient link building techniques as part of our SEO strategy to guarantee that traffic to your dating website keeps increasing naturally over time. The most secure strategy of link building to assist you in reaching your goal is this one.

We do not permit the use of outreach services that add client links to already published content. We take pride in creating fresh dating-related content and collaborating with reliable bloggers to publish it. High-quality content attracts more traffic, even to a new site.

By working with reputable sites, you can ensure that organic links point from an external site to the homepage of your own site, giving you the highest value results possible. If one link points to the title of your homepage, the next points to the main body of your text, ensuring a broad spread of links across your site pages.


Our strategy for SEO is motivated by a sincere desire to not only raise the keyword rankings for the websites of our business clients but also to increase the number of qualified leads for their dating websites. We achieve this by trying to build links to relevant sites and drive organic traffic to our client’s web pages.

Auditing SEO

An exhaustive SEO website audit, sometimes referred to as an SEO health check, is a crucial initial step in a properly implemented SEO plan.

The result of this procedure is the detection of any technical problems with your website that require fixing.

Keyword analysis

Keyword research is arguably one of the website owners’ most crucial initial (and ongoing) activities.

Our experts will find keyword prospects for your dating website and company using sophisticated keyword research tools.

Page-level optimization

Our team will ascertain the purpose of each website page and optimize each one to target the selected keywords after conducting keyword research and agreeing on the initial set of campaign keywords.

This includes producing all of the meta information for each page of your site.

Making Content for Your Website

A well-thought-out approach will include content development, and as Google is stressing the value of high-quality on-page material more and more, our team will make sure that only unique, optimized content is published on any site.

Smart Link Construction

Getting trustworthy inbound connections to your business or website is one of the most important parts of SEO.

To create quality links to your website, increase online traffic, and boost search engine results, our staff will get in touch with high-authority websites.

Reporting and Monitoring

Your investment in our SEO service will be monitored and reported on regularly, and this will include information on how your website is performing for selected keywords and link building efforts.


If your business is in the online dating sector, getting your site fully optimized for SEO should be your top priority. Any new business entering this sector has a lot of competition from pre-existing sites to deal with, and doing everything you can to get a leg up is just solid business sense.

With our link building services, your site will be able to thrive in even the most competitive of online niches.

Predatory SEO companies are common, particularly in spaces such as this, and it is important to avoid committing any money to anything until you are sure you will get what you pay for.

Get in touch with us today to ask for a free quote, and we will be able to get you up and running as soon as possible once you are happy with the services available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to Google index the pages of the users who use your dating service?

Naturally, indexing profile pages will increase your traffic. If you allow the ranking algorithm of Google to crawl your member profile pages, and it does so in accordance with the terms and conditions, you may be able to increase traffic.

But before you do that, have a look at the profile pages to see how much content there is.

You ought to feel assured that there is enough content on the dating members’ profiles to count as meaningful.

This is because duplicate content issues will only be exacerbated if Google index algorithms mistake your pages for bots or consider similar pages to be false.

The solution is to only take into account member profiles with the most information and sections completed.

That means finding pages with good online visibility that use big personal description sections to provide a lot of text, meaning that the algorithm will see them as unique content pages.

If you are not careful, you will just arouse duplicate content problems.

Empty profile pages all look the same to the Google algorithms, so they will assume that you are just using fake paid links or that your web developer is filling your site with spam content if it sees only profiles with the default content.

Even if each profile is a different page, it will often look like unnatural linkage rather than natural existing content unless the indexed pages make use of the maximum sections available.

How much do link building services for dating websites cost?

When starting out on their link building adventure, dating organizations should have a budget in place, but they should also be aware that costs tend to be a little higher in this market.

It can take longer to find suitable places because some bloggers are hesitant or openly refuse to publish content that is about dating, relationships, etc.

Although we maintain the same standards regardless of price, we charge more for this service to account for the extra time and work required to secure publication sites for content with dating links.