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When running an online business, getting noticed is essential. Competition is intense, with thousands of companies vying for the same audience in every keyword search. This is where search engine rankings come into play.

Improving these rankings should be a continuous effort for your brand. When your audience looks for the goods or services you offer, they turn to the internet and their favorite search engine. Any search can lead to thousands of results, but your audience rarely passes the first page.

If your website isn’t near the top, you’ll unlikely get the attention you seek. After investing time in creating a business plan and developing a niche website, you want to be noticed, and this can be achieved by focusing on search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital in all industries and ensures your business gets noticed online. One effective SEO strategy is using keywords, which show your relevance to a specific search and boost your rankings.

Inserting keywords into your content requires extensive research, and some companies dedicate entire teams to this task. After investing so much in keyword research, you want to ensure it pays off. This is where search engine rank-tracking tools come in.

These tools help ensure your keyword research leads to sustained success for your brand. With the widespread reliance on keywords and search engine rankings, many tools are available to monitor your website’s performance.

This guide will review some of the best rank-tracking tools and assess their strengths and weaknesses. These insights will help you choose the top SEO tools to improve your business and get your desired attention. Knowing how to track your ranking can significantly impact your SEO strategy.

What Is Rank Tracking?


Rank tracking assesses your domain’s performance in search engines based on keyword use. This ranking data helps improve your website by identifying the best keywords and enhancing your content for higher search engine rankings.

Keywords are crucial in your SEO strategy, making rank tracker tools invaluable for ongoing keyword research across all sectors. These tools analyze data over time, providing continuous insights into your website’s performance in search results.

Rank-tracking software informs SEO specialists about website performance, keyword progress, and other SEO metrics to support long-term URL success.

Business owners, web developers, and SEO experts use rank-tracking software to measure their SEO efforts’ effectiveness and identify areas for improvement to reach a wider audience.

Exploring the latest tools available in the market is helpful to achieve the best results.

Best Rank Tracking Tools of 2024

Regardless of your niche, assessing keyword rankings is incredibly useful and can improve your performance on search engines. The kind of SEO tools and keyword data you require can vary, so many rank-tracking tools exist.

Based on our experience and skills, these are the best rank-tracking tools out there for all online businesses to consider:

Rank tracker

Ranktracker is a great example of businesses taking things into their own hands and designing their tools for SEO. This rank-tracking software was developed by a business that could not find what it needed and had to resort to something new instead.

As it was developed by a business in the same position as most others when looking for a rank-tracking tool, it should come as no surprise that the keyword rank-tracking tool is one of the best.

Like any other rank tracking tool, this keyword rank checker tool assesses your ranking in search engines based on a target keyword. However, this SEO tool does not stop there; it offers a basic web auditing tool, keyword research functionality, and keyword tracking. This is on top of the SERP features, which come as standard and focus on monitoring the search engine results pages.

It is considered the best rank-tracking tool because it offers all of this within one program, making it easier for users to track multiple aspects of their performance on the search engine results page and improve this in the future.

Rank Tracker is a comprehensive rank-tracking tool that can provide daily updates regarding your tracked keywords. It offers insights for mobile rank tracking and standard desktop ranking data. This tool also gives you access to keyword tracking on international search engines and the average monthly keyword volume across these markets.

The SERP features of this keyword tracking tool can also be integrated with the Google Search Console and Google Analytics, along with other SEO tools based on your requirements.

This rank tracker SEO tool even has specific features that make it perfect for small businesses and affiliate marketers, such as tracking local keyword ranking.

Regarding ranking keywords, Ranktracker users can track keyword performance for 500 words with daily updates. This is a great keyword tool for all industries at a low cost of $59 per month and with a 7-day free trial.

Following the 7-day free trial, users do have to opt out of being charged for the full subscription.

SE Ranking

This is another great rank-tracking tool for most users because it is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides keyword rank tracking and additional data to inform other areas of your SEO strategy.

The most powerful feature of SE Ranking is the keyword position tracking tool, which allows you to monitor the positions of target keywords across all locations and major platforms. Target keywords are monitored on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.

It also offers collaboration tools and white-label capabilities to improve your website’s SEO and ensure you choose the highest keyword positions for your niche. Data for mobile and desktop keyword positions are offered separately, so it is easy to track your marketing team, and this can be paired with other tools like Google Analytics.

Despite its wide reach, this rank tracker continues to be an affordable option compared to many other SEO tools. It offers flexible pricing plans, making it accessible to many businesses.

As a top-rank tracker tool, SE Ranking monitors organic keywords and their rankings. It maps results, ad positions, and keyword rankings across multi-media content like videos and rich snippets. The keyword tracking tool focuses on your own keyword research and competitor analysis.

Users can track up to 20 competitors regarding rank tracking, helping you determine the best keywords for your niche.

The ranking data provided by this tool can be shared with your team and offered in a platform that can be customized to showcase your branding. Keyword tracking can also be on brand, and the platform used to showcase ranking data is a great asset to presentations and pitches due to the customization options.

For larger businesses, you not only keep track of your own domain’s keyword tracking but additional accounts can be created to allow staff or clients access to the data. Each sub-account can be created with varying assessment levels based on who you want to share this rank tracker with.

While this rank tracker tool’s main focus is keyword rankings, it offers additional data, such as a keyword research tool, backlink checker, web auditor tools, and on-page SEO checker.

Flexible pricing is a great aspect of this rank tracker tool, ensuring that companies only pay for what they need. Plans start at $23.52 a month, but the pricing calculator is needed to determine how much you need to pay based on the tools you want to use.

The exact price of this rank tracker tool will be determined based on rank check frequency, features, keywords, the number of keywords you are tracking, and subscription length.

A 14-day free trial is available for new customers to try SE Ranking.


This rank tracker tool comes with a great range of SERP features as it is designed for internet marketing. This means you can do much more than keyword research with this tool and work on improving the way your website ranks in search engines through various means.

SEMrush is a great SEO tool that covers all kinds of data, including social media, in their search results ranking to help you optimize all platforms for better reach.

This tool covers all the basics of keyword rank-tracking software. Using SEMrush allows you to track your rankings based on current keyword positions and offer competitor analysis for the same thing. This part of the rank tracker offers daily updates, allowing you to keep on top of your ranking in search engines and the keyword rankings for your competitors every day so you can constantly work to improve your rankings.

SEMrush provides this ranking data daily and information regarding how volatile the rankings are. This will vary based on the keyword difficulty and search volume. Still, it is a great way of assessing the different kinds of keywords you can use to reach your audience.

This rank tracker tool also offers data regarding the most successful websites in your region for each keyword you are tracking. Not only can you track keyword rankings for the keywords you are already using, but you can also get recommendations from the SEO professionals behind SEMrush based on what keywords you should use in the future for a wider reach, as well as ongoing custom-reports based on your specifications.

With so much as standard within this rank tracker tool, the pricing reflects this, and SEMrush is $120 monthly. There is a limit of 500 keywords for all users. You can monitor the keyword rankings for hundreds of different terms each time.

Additional keywords may be purchased if required.

Wincher Rank Tracker

This simple and affordable rank tracker tool has many SEO tools to aid your progress.

While various features are being offered as standard, this rank tracking tool does offer ranking data in an accessible manner. All keyword rankings are easy to read, and the insightful reports provided by the SEO professionals behind the software are clear.

This is a great feature of this rank-tracking tool, as it makes it easy for all users to monitor their keyword rankings and improve their websites. With consistent and clear reports containing competitor analysis and your keyword rank checker, it is easy to implement the information provided by this rank-checking tool to reach a wider audience.

Like some of the other rank-checking tools in this list, Wincher Rank Tracker has multiple pricing levels to ensure there is something for all users. Pricing is divided based on the kind of user. Still, all accounts can track unlimited keywords and get competitor analysis for ten additional domains at no additional cost.

Teammates can be added to your account, allowing for a company-wide assessment of keywords.

This tool can be integrated with other features, including Google Search Console and Yoast SEO. This can be a great way to import keywords onto your website and improve the ranking of all kinds of content on this page.

Ranking data is offered for mobile and desktop searches, helping you reach your audience across multiple platforms. All keywords and domains can be categorized to help keep the data organized and address the problem areas for search engine rankings.

All reports come with additional white label assessment as standard for both your keyword rankings and those of competitors.

With a low price of approximately $24 per month for the starter account following the free trial, this affordable rank-tracking tool offers a wide range of features to improve your website’s reach.

The additional price brackets are approximately $49 monthly for business users and $199 monthly for enterprise users.


This powerful SEO tracking tool has an intuitive user interface, allowing maximum customization and better data for all users.

Ranking data is presented by Nightwatch through lists, colorful graphs, and charts to make analyzing your performance easier than ever before. It is also interesting to observe data presented this way and are user-friendly, regardless of your experience with search engines and their data.

Not only is the way the data is presented user-friendly, but Nightwatch makes it easy for you to navigate through your keyword lists and find which ones meet the criteria of your website the most. There is sophisticated filtering with options for location, language, and search volume for all keywords to help you get more precise results based on your needs.

With a complete rank tracking software like this, users can get up-to-date information regarding their SEO campaigns so you can assess the effectiveness of your current SEO strategy and see which areas need to be changed. This information includes keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, and website audits.

Other versatile features include integration with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and competitor insights. This can provide a comprehensive package for marketers of all levels who want to improve their website’s SEO and track numerous keywords simultaneously.

It can also be a great tool for SEO agencies that want to track valuable data for multiple accounts without breaking the bank. While it is a more affordable rank tracker than others in this list, the data it provides is still highly valued and in-depth to support all kinds of search engine optimization.

There is a free trial for all new customers, allowing you to test out this rank tracker without the monthly commitment, as well as video tutorials that can be used to get the most out of this software. If you like how Nightwatch operates as a keyword research tool, you can purchase the full subscription for $39 per month.

This subscription gives you access to data for 250 tracked keywords.


This is one of the top rank tracker tools for businesses, as it has the biggest database of keywords. This database allows users to analyze key SEO metrics, including competitor analysis and site ranking.

Alongside the large database of keywords, Serpstat allows for a search of trending keywords and offers data regarding the most searched keywords in specific regions, which informs your ongoing SEO efforts. As a SERP rank tracker tool, various aspects of SEO can be monitored and improved with this software, including title generation, FAQ generation, and plagiarism checking for all content.

This allows users to work on multiple areas of the website at once, improving all areas of content with high-ranking keywords to ensure a greater search engine ranking for the website as a whole.

Combined with market intelligence and keyword research, this is a valuable keyword tool that can be used in all sectors to achieve a higher ranking on all search engines. There is even an advertising analysis that can assess your paid content and how effective your marketing has been so far and highlight the issues that need addressing.

With a regular site audit, you can easily track your keyword rankings and many other aspects of SEO that can affect your reach.

A standard subscription of $55 per month for the light plan, but other subscriptions are available:

  • Standard at $119 per month
  • Advanced at $239 per month
  • Enterprise at $399 per month

This allows users to pick the best rank-tracking plan for their needs and budget.


This is a specialty keyword research tool used specifically for SEO, compared to the various other ways rank tracker tools could be useful.

Ahrefs is a way of focusing your research and seeing how keywords perform in search engines specifically, as opposed to across the internet and other platforms. With this in mind, Ahrefs can be a great tool for beginners in tracking keywords. It is also being used by SEO professionals who want to offer greater insights into how Google search results operate in terms of the terms used.

The rank tracker interface is easy to understand. It offers insights into ranking specific keywords before comparing this data with competitors. This automatic process is done by default through this rank tracker software. It can be a great way to improve your website’s performance.

Using the information competitors provide, and how their keywords perform, you can improve your content and ensure you rank higher in search results to reach a wider audience.

The benefit of using rank tracker tools like this is that SEO performance is assessed over time. So you can keep track of your progress per week or month, with ongoing insight for each year.

With a 500-keyword limit, this SERP keyword tracking tool is available for $99 monthly.


This is perhaps one of the best rank-tracking tools for beginners to keyword research and contains several SEO features to ensure all bases are covered.

This software’s rank tracker tool is SERPWatcher, which is considered one of the most reliable on the market. It is also incredibly user-friendly for all kinds of businesses. This is because it has a simple layout to keep things easy to follow. It provides all the data you need relating to your website’s organic traffic without the usual complexities.

Mangools is made for beginners and can still support users as they become more familiar with rank tracker tools due to their simplicity. The Performance Index within this rank tracker is designed specifically by Mangools to help users get to the heart of the data. It offers the metrics on SERPs at a glance.

This rank tracker offers daily updates regarding your keywords on major search engines and lets you watch all movements from here on out. With the daily updates, you can instantly assess whether your SEO strategy is working and what areas need improving.

This rank checker sends email alerts for all important changes to your pages’ search engine rankings.

This simple rank checker provides precise data, including tracking over 50,000 locations across mobile and desktop devices, ensuring your SEO efforts can reach as wide an audience as possible.

While many users’ main focus when it comes to Mangools is the SERPWatcher, it does offer many more SEO rank tracker tools, including SERPChecker for search analysis, KWFinder, a keyword research tool, LinkMiner for backlink analysis, and SiteProfiler for insights.

Like many of the other rank trackers in this guide, this software offers a free trial, and a standard subscription is available for $29.90 per month.

Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker

While most rank-tracking tools offer competitor insights, Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker is designed to focus specifically on this area of keyword research.

This keyword rank tracker highlights the issues in your competitor’s SEO strategy and how this can be used to improve your efforts.

This software provides this data by tracking your domain and competitors’ positions in Google search results, which are done daily.

Using the daily updates, predictions can then be generated by this tracker tool to help you get your URL to the top. These positions are tracked in over 200 countries, allowing your business to grow internationally and reach a multi-lingual audience.

The subscription starts at $99 monthly, with a 300-keyword limit and 40,000 pages crawled monthly.


This flexible keyword rank tracker tool is great for all kinds of businesses, whether large brands or small start-ups. It allows for the scaling of tracking and can assess various SEO techniques to help you uncover new insights for better growth.

Wincher has a simple dashboard that appeals to all kinds of users from the offset. It is designed to be simple to navigate and allow for deep insights, which can be used to improve your website. This is why the layout is basic.

Opening the Wincher program gives you insight into all the keywords you have tracked and the websites you are tracking. This is not only current data but also historical data, so you can see trends within your tracked keywords and predict the next moves to make with your website.

Local ranking keywords are also available for over 100,000 locations in 180 countries, making it ideal for international businesses or those planning major growth.

You can easily keep track of your competitor’s performance as this software offers daily updates and automatic notifications for important updates regarding your tracked keywords. This makes it easy for you to keep on top of the ever-changing market, ensuring your brand can stay ahead of the curve to reach more people.

Like many of the other best rank tracker tools, Wincher provides more than just data on top-ranking keywords for your niche; it also offers keyword research tools within the system.

This fully integrates with the main tracking tools, allowing seamless data comparison and implementing updates when required. This particular feature of Wincher allows users to identify new keyword opportunities with automatic recommendations for top-ranking keywords, each paired with search volume and CPC data, to name but a few.

Following the rank tracker free trial, Wincher is a great value for $24 per month with unlimited users. This makes it a great tool for agencies or larger businesses that need multiple accounts.

There is even a limited free plan that allows for basic coverage of tracked keywords, ideal for beginners.


This best rank tracker tool focuses solely on keywords but not other aspects of SEO performance. This makes it useful for beginners who do not have a wider understanding of SEO and great for those who want to focus solely on keyword ranking.

It offers competitor analysis for the top-ranking keywords based on search volume, location, and even keyword difficulty. The reports offer additional data points that can aid with improving your website when focused on keywords.

While there are some great benefits to using such a simple rank-tracking tool like this, it is important to note that it only covers keywords. You must download another SEO suite or tool for additional SEO assessment. Still, AccuRanker can be a great tool for assessing your overall SEO strategy.

AccuRanker does not allow unlimited keyword tracking, but it has an incredible 5000 monthly keyword check limits for $109.

Pro Rank Tracker

This best rank tracker tool has existed for almost a decade and has developed quite an audience.

This ranking tool’s main targets are SEO professionals looking for affordable rank-tracking tools and agencies looking for the same thing but with a specific focus on white-label reporting.

Whatever kind of user you are for these rank trackers, Pro Rank Tracker is a great option because it does have a free plan. This can be a great way for people to get used to assessing search rankings in this manner, and the free plan allows for the tracking of 20 keywords for an unlimited period.

If you want more from this best rank-tracking tool, you must upgrade your subscription, but this option is affordable. Like all the best rank-tracking tools, Pro Rank Tracker is affordable, with plans as low as $13.50 per month for 100 keywords or $29 per month for 250 tracked keywords.

You can assess the SEO performance of specific keywords on desktop and mobile devices and work across multiple search engines. While Google search results are assessed as standard, this ranking tool also considers Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon regarding the data it provides.

One of the best features of this rank-tracking tool is that it can offer separate keyword tracking for Android and iOS devices, helping you reach a wide audience through mobile marketing.

This software’s interface is similar to WordPress, making it easy to use and navigation simple on all devices.

Google Search Console

When choosing a rank tracker tool, starting with the basics can be smart. Google Search Console stands out not only as the most popular search engine but also as a top-rank tracker tool. It is easy to integrate with your SEO efforts. Like other top-rank trackers, Google Search Console is free and provides mobile and desktop rankings data.

The keyword checks in Google Search Console show how your website performs on Google and how it is perceived based on keywords and other data. This information allows you to improve your content and outperform competitors. While some rank trackers offer a free trial, Google Search Console is free to use anytime.

This raises an important point about the role of keyword rank trackers in your SEO strategy.

Why Do I Need A Keyword Rank Tracker?

Finding the best rank tracker tool can be challenging but essential for your brand’s success. Google and other search engines monitor various factors to determine how results should be ranked, with keywords being a key element.

Keywords influence the relevancy and authority of domains on search engine results pages (SERPs). Due to the dynamic nature of the internet and changing consumer trends, keeping track of high-performing keywords and knowing how many keywords are needed in your content for better ranking can be difficult. Rank trackers simplify this process, helping website owners manage their SEO efforts more effectively.

They provide daily reports, track competitors’ performance, and offer detailed data analysis, optimizing your site’s SEO. Brands rely on rank trackers to ensure precise SEO performance and guide their websites toward better rankings.

But how exactly do these tools work, and what specific functions do they perform?

What Does A Rank Tracking Tool Do?


A rank-tracking tool monitors keywords based on your website’s needs. It helps you see how keywords perform and what your audience is searching for online. However, keyword assessment is not its only function. Some top keyword ranking tools offer multiple features for a broader SEO assessment and better user performance.

Some key features of a rank-tracking tool include:

  • Real-time updates on keyword performance and market trends.
  • Identifying relevant keywords to reach a wider audience.
  • Analyze competitor websites and provide data on top-performing sites in your niche.
  • Showing traffic sources in easy-to-read reports.

The tool should be easy to use and provide reports your team can understand. While advanced tools may require payment, many offer free trials to test them first. It is wise to choose a tool within your budget that you can afford long-term.

With many keyword ranking tools available, there’s something for everyone. Enhancing SEO can be easier than you think. And just as crucial is understanding how link-building agencies manage and track your domains effectively.

How Link Building Agencies Assist in Tracking Your Domains

Link-building agencies boost your domain’s visibility and performance in search engines. They use advanced tools and strategies to track keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and SEO health.

By regularly checking these metrics, they spot areas for improvement and apply strategies to enhance your website’s ranking. Continuous monitoring by these agencies ensures your SEO efforts are effective and responsive to search engine algorithm changes.

Their expertise allows you to focus on growing your business while they manage SEO and domain tracking. Speaking of expertise, let’s explore why choosing Searcharoo to track your business’s SERP rankings is smart.

Why Choose Searcharoo to Track Your Business’s SERP Rankings?

Choosing Searcharoo for domain tracking offers clear advantages to boost your SEO success. We provide tools that offer detailed insights into your domain’s performance.

Our experts monitor your keyword rankings, backlink health, and site performance to ensure top results. We can adjust strategies with real-time data to keep you ahead of competitors.

Our user-friendly reports simplify understanding your SEO progress and effectiveness. With Searcharoo, you have a reliable partner focused on maximizing your domain’s visibility and success in search engines.

And with such a comprehensive approach, there’s more to uncover about our benefits to your SEO strategy.

Comprehensive Overview of Rank Tracking Tools

You must first understand what you seek to find the best rank tracker tool.

As you can see from this review, many keyword ranking tools aim to improve your SEO and help your website reach a wider audience. What sets these tools apart is the features they provide as default, along with their price and search volume limits.

This means that to find the best one, you need to fully assess your requirements, determine how much assessment is needed to improve keyword ranking on your site and determine how much you can afford for such a tool.

Some tools are designed for use by multiple account holders, such as in a large business or through an SEO agency. In contrast, others are better suited to smaller businesses with one account.

No matter what kind of business you are running, you want to find a tool that you will use and provide the information your team needs for better results.

Keywords are an important part of search engine rankings, so keeping track of these terms and how they can be improved is essential for the growth of your business. Choose wisely.

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