Private blog networks (PBNs) can be a great tool to increase search engine rankings and are used in all industries to bring more attention to your site.

Working with a private blog network (PBN) can be a great way to get more links pointing to your website, which can increase traffic as well as your ranking on search engines.

Like any other link building tactic, private blog networks can be a great way to bring more traffic to your site, which means more potential customers for your business.

If you want to market your website well and bring more people to your brand, getting PBN links is a great tool and should be considered.

In this guide, we are sharing everything you need to know about private blog networks, how they work, and how you can use them for link building.

What Are Private Blog Networks?

Understanding how to identify private blog networks (PBNs) can help significantly with the marketing of your website and bring in more traffic.

A private blog network (PBN) is a collection of websites or domains that are owned by the same website owner. It is a network of links built by the same IP address and the same creator.

PBN websites can be a great tool for your SEO strategy and link building because they give you multiple unique links back to your website; by instead of reaching out to multiple websites, you only have to connect with the main site owner.

All the websites will be seen by Google as unique links, even though they come from the same main owner.

This allows you to improve your link profile with one technique instead of reaching out to multiple website owners and spending a lot of additional time creating content, such as guest posts.

PBN Links and SEO

To understand how beneficial PBN links can be for your website, you need to have an understanding of link building and how this works for SEO.

Link building is an SEO practice that works on getting more traffic to your website and increasing search rankings.

If you build links with multiple other websites, you can work to improve not only brand awareness but also domain authority (DA), which in turn will increase your ranking in search results. 

All of these come together to increase traffic to your site, which means more potential customers for your business.

DA is one of the ranking factors considered by Google and other search engines to determine which links appear on the first few pages of results. Links contribute to this by making your site appear as a reliable, relevant, and useful resource due to being referenced on multiple sites.

Websites that rank on the first few pages get the most traffic, and this is a desirable outcome for all website owners, which is why you will want to work on SEO and authority.

To improve your DA and, therefore, your ranking in results, you can use links with other websites to build your reputation and show that your site is a reputable resource.

Building links with multiple websites can take a long time and requires connections with multiple high authoritative links, which is why PBN links are so beneficial.

How Does A Private Blog Network Work?

The SEO community is aware of how beneficial PBN sites can be in terms of a site’s rankings because you can get several links from one resource.

By connecting with a private blog network, you are essentially showing the Google Search Console that you have a lot of connections with other websites.

This can have a great impact on your backlink profile, which is another factor considered by search engines, and will increase your site’s rankings.

Where Do PBN Links Come From?

So many marketers and SEO professionals create private blog networks because they understand how valuable it can be for sites wanting to rank higher in search results.

When done by these professionals, PBNs can be a great link building tactic because they will include high-quality links. A PBN contains authoritative domains which can come from a range of sites.

Many PBN owners may buy expired domains that have already done the work to perform well on Google’s algorithm so they can provide the best results for the sites that connect with their network.

An expired domain can pass link equity to other sites because it has already developed a reputation.

New websites, however, will not have the same benefits and should, therefore, be left out of private blog networks.

Is Buying Links Allowed?

All SEO tactics that you use to improve your website need to work with Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

This means that in your link building efforts, you are working to provide relevant links and high-quality content to ensure your website is useful to readers.

As we have mentioned, building links can take a lot of work, and many website owners do not have the time or the skills to get it right.

While you can pair with SEO professionals, you can also buy into a private blog network which can give you multiple backlinks from one source.

PBNs are used widely across the SEO industry because they can be a good tool to increase traffic, but some rules need to be applied to ensure the best results.

Even though you are working with one main site for multiple links, there should be no signs that point links to one owner.

The primary website also needs to be relevant to your own, as unnatural links will result in a manual penalty in the Google Search Console.

While buying links is not always recommended, PBNs are not necessarily a form of black hat SEO when done well, but they do go against Google’s guidelines as a rule.

Avoid Issues With PBNs

To prevent issues with your website, all link building tactics used need to fit in with Google’s Webmaster guidelines.

This means that you need to avoid all unnatural links and toxic links which will come from low-quality websites.

PBN links can give you tens of thousands of views, increasing the number of potential customers you can market to by connecting you with high-rank websites as well as offering referral traffic.

However, you will only experience these benefits if the other websites within the PBN are related to your own websites.

For example, if you are a money site, you need to be working with other websites within your niche.

Suspicious links would be anything unrelated to this topic, as when Google discovers the unnatural links, they will understand that this is a ploy to generate traffic as opposed to an organic SEO method.

While most of these issues will result in your website being ranked lower, they could lead to a manual penalty from Google, so you will need to issue caution when using PBNs.

How To Use PBN Backlinks Safely

There are some methods that you can employ to ensure that your PBN links have the best benefits for your site in terms of Google search results and avoid issues.

These include the following:

Quality Backlinks

The whole purpose of using PBNs is to generate multiple links from one resource. This will not be worth your time or money if you are not connecting with a well-established network.

Most PBN backlinks will come from quality sites that have already developed a good reputation.

PBN owners will ensure their websites offer the best results in terms of traffic and reputation, which is why they have multiple sites available in the first place.

The best PBN backlinks are those provided by older websites or even expired domains that already have a good reputation on Google and get good traffic numbers.

Established PBN owners will be able to offer this due to their work in this field previously.

Established or expired domains can provide link juice to your website, improving the reputation in the eyes of Google for better ranking.


As we have mentioned, it is important that the sites you are working with for link outreach are relevant to your website.

An unnatural link comes from a website with a different audience and theme and is an immediate red flag to Google because it simply does not make sense in your content.

There needs to be a natural connection between your website and the sites you are sharing links with, even when using PBNs, to prevent issues.

There are many forms of PBNs to ensure there are options for all forms of industries, so consider your options carefully.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a way to help Google understand the context for links and the relevancy of this connection.

They are used in posts to showcase when a link is being used while creating a seamless connection.

One benefit of using PBN links is the fact you can customize the anchor text to suit your work, which is why they are so popular on all kinds of websites.

Anchor text is a great tool for content marketing, and it is a good idea to use the same kind of keywords every time, even when using PBN links. This can be used to show that the links are relevant to your site and are providing value.

PBN links can seamlessly be used in your content due to the fact this text can be edited, and this can show Google that it is a legitimate connection.

Why Use PBN Links?

As there are some risks associated with PBNs if they are not used well, you may be wondering whether it is worth the effort.

Like all other forms of SEO, you need to determine which is the best technique for your website and audience.

PBNs can offer a range of benefits, and there are many options out there for you to consider.

Benefits of PBN links include:

Increased Traffic

The main purpose of PBN links, along with any other form of link building, is to get more traffic to your website.

This increased traffic can come from two main sources: link building and buying PBN links.

Traffic comes from referrals from sites within the private blog network and from the increased search rankings that come with a better link profile.

Saves Time

Link outreach can take a lot of time and requires you to make multiple connections across your niche.

Buying PBN links can still help you connect with multiple websites, but as they are connected to one site owner, less outreach is required for the same results.

In some cases, it can also be more cost-effective to buy into PBNs instead of reaching out to other websites as well.

Improves Domain Authority

The whole purpose of building a link, whether this is done organically or through PBNs, is to increase the authority of your website.

The better your DA, the higher you will rank in search engines, and your connections with other quality sites can contribute to this.

PBNs give you multiple backlinks from one main source, allowing you to develop a good reputation in the eyes of search engines, which in turn contributes to your ranking.

Are PBNs Worth It?

If you want to increase your ranking in search results to bring more traffic to your sites, you need to have a good backlink profile.

This can be done using organic methods, using blogger outreach, and creating guest posts, but it takes a long time. Buying PBN links is a way to get multiple links from different websites without all the additional work.

As PBNs are owned by one main source, there is less work needed to be done in terms of link outreach.

For websites that want quick results or simply do not have an excessive budget for marketing, PBNs can be a great tool as long as they are used well.

As this is technically a black hat method, you must use PBN links with caution and ensure you are only connecting with relevant sites.

Some great benefits can come from PBNs, and many websites have found success using this particular technique for SEO.

It is a good idea to work with established networks or SEO professionals when using this method to ensure you get the best results.


PBNs can be a great SEO tool for all kinds of websites as they offer multiple links from one source.

Connecting to a private blog network or creating one of your own is a way to get multiple links in your backlink profile without all the additional work usually associated with this tactic.

When this technique is done well, such as when working with a reputable network owner, it can provide great results for your website.

PBN links can increase your ranking in search results, which brings more traffic from searches alone.

There is also referral traffic available through the network itself, meaning there are multiple sources of traffic to be enhanced.

There are many options for private blog networks, ensuring there is something for all niches and industries.

You must use specific tools and techniques to make PBNs effective, which professionals can help you with to ensure the best results for your website.