Elevate your SEO strategy

So, you have the answer to the needs of your niche, but somehow you still can’t seem to reach them? Well, every day, many business owners are faced with the same problem as yours. For all the hurdles and distance this digital era of interconnectedness helped us overcome, new complexities and ever-changing rules of the game keep arising. Some consolation may lie in the fact that you are not alone in these entrepreneurial hurdles. Some projects even have innovative products or service models that should have a fast adoption rate, yet still fall short on market penetration. Others create fantastic content that people are interested in and effectively informs them, but no one can find.

The truth is that market visibility remains a serious and pervasive issue, even amidst this digital era. One that, no doubt, you should direct all your efforts and resources at overcoming it. And one that, as serious as it may sound, can be easily fixed with a smart SEO strategy. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the value and size of your website’s traffic by growing its visibility on a web search engine like Google. Plainly speaking, this means:

  • Position your business site to the top spots a search engine shows its users during a query.
  • Show up on the first page a search engine, such as Google or Bing, shows its users.
  • Potentially increase the number of users accessing your site, content, or services.

Essentially, the ultimate goal for every web-based project and a process that encompasses many different approaches, some concurrent and others exclusive, but all with the same aim in mind.


But what does this have to do with link building?

Link Building

There are several strategies and techniques that help boost the SEO ranking of a website. Still, the most effective ones are those that not only understand how we humans search for something we want but also how search engines present that information to us.

Enter, Link Building. A trend that has become very popular in recent years, Link Building is a digital marketing strategy. Its objective is to get as many websites as possible to link back to yours via a hyperlink and anchor text that point users and Google towards it. This process allows search engines to determine which sites rank for which keywords. The reason why Link Building works so well in search engine optimization is due to Google’s algorithm taking your website’s backlinks as a signal that it is an excellent source, worthy of reference for a specific keyword. 

In short, more backlinks mean higher rankings.


And what does this get you? You might ask

Yeah, we know, it all sounds a bit technical. And it still might be challenging to spot the real value behind a well planned Link Building strategy for your site or business.  But don’t worry, the benefits are significant and plain to see once you’ve established an effective backlink network for your site:  

It drives referral traffic back to your site

The more referral traffic you get, the more users access your site and visualize your services/content/products. This traffic improves your brand exposure and recognition, which gives you the ability to tap into new, diverse audiences to enable:

  • Growth of networking opportunities
  • Future leads for your business site.

Increases your site’s authority

A high authority means that your site will gain a larger relevance for a specific subject area or industry. Thus, becoming a point of reference that is trusted by its users, industry experts, other websites, and search engines. An authority website gains prestige, and its content is more easily perceived as:

  • High quality.
  • Novel.
  • And relevant for your industry niche.

This will allow you to attract advertisers on a large scale, which means more exposure and an increase in affiliates or sales.

Improves your organic rankings

Basically, a high organic ranking is what puts you on the first page of Google’s search engine results page (SERPS). However, without this organic reach no matter how incredible your branding may be or how ground-breaking your product or service, the mainstream audience may never know your site or business exists. Actually, the first spot on a Google search enjoys a vast 33% of said search traffic. As with our first benefits, the increased traffic and the higher rankings improve your business exposure and prestige.

Expands your brand awareness

And the ultimate consequence of all these benefits and the smart use of a highly targeted Link Building strategy is increased brand awareness. The more visibility your project reaches, it ends up connecting to a bigger audience to the point where people start looking for your brand instead of performing a general search. This is very different from being a point of reference. Expand your brand awareness enough and watch your project, product, or service transform into the face of its corresponding industry.  We’re talking about becoming what Coca-Cola or Pepsi is to the beverage industry and what Facebook or Twitter is to social media.


Here’s how you can gain all those benefits…

The Benefits

By now, you already know that, with the right link building strategy, it is almost guaranteed that users and search engines will find your content or services. It is not easy to find an effective way to increase your backlink network. Less alone, one that translates to organic traffic increase and real growth, but today you’re in luck. Here at Searcharoo, you can find your personal pre-built SEO team to help you develop better online connections and increase traffic, at affordable prices. The best Link Building strategy, from an experienced team of marketing specialists, at your service. Take a quick look at our highly targeted Backlink Packages, Topically Relevant Outreach linksand our professional-quality Guest Post services.

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