Why should you aim for Targeted Links?

Let’s get something out of the way early on; Link Building isn’t easy. Understanding the nature of Link Building is something that takes time and demands active research, strong social skills, excellent communication, persistence, and creativity.

It’s a compelling new trend from the SEO (or search engine optimization) world that, even if relatively recent, still requires you to overcome these entry-level barriers. This is why many project leads struggle to keep that SERP ranking needle moving up, regardless of the effort they put.

Of course, it goes without saying that knowing what Link Building is and why it works should be a high priority on your to-do list if you’re serious about trying it out for your business. And you should; whether you plan to create a strategy by yourself or hire an agency that proves to have the required expertise on the matter, definitely should take Link Building seriously.

Benefits, such as increased site authority and improve ranking on a search engine result page, are just the tip of the iceberg on what Link Building can offer your project. 

Done the right way:

  • It’ll allow your site to connect with a bigger audience.
  • It’ll create more traffic and visitors to your site.
  • It’ll grow your brand awareness and increase its prestige.

Which, in turn, will make your business recognizable, a point of reference that is trusted by its users.

In today’s hyper-connected online world, where links are the main way of online navigation by pointing humans from one site to the other, Link Building is vital for any project that wants to grow, and direct more users and Google towards their websites.


There is the wrong way, and there’s the right way

When it comes to Link Building, the goal is relatively straightforward: Create quality links that improve your organic rankings in the SERPs without getting flagged as violating search engine guidelines. Get flagged by the search engine, and your site will face penalizations. This could mean its ranking/position in the SERPs decreases which in turn could lower the traffic. Create low-quality links that look suspicious, have no content value to the user, or are irrelevant to the target and destination website, and the result will be the same.

So, how do you go about creating the best Link Building strategy for your project?

It’s simple; you aim for a backlink network built around smart connections that net topically relevant links coupled with relevant content. Also known as targeted links. When it comes to Google or other search engines, links have different values, and they have to pass various levels of trust. This is called: authority.

Additionally, the amount of quality and trustworthy links required to climb up the ranks for a specific website varies depending on its niche. Some need a lot more links than others to move you up the result pages. So how do you go about building these targeted links? Well, the best SEO agencies that specialize in Link Building follow a specific system for interlinking their sites:


Keyword Research 

First, if you want your page to:

  • Have a good ranking for relevant, intent-driven keywords.
  • Manage to attract healthy organic traffic to your website.

It would help if you used a keyword research tool that allows you to identify and optimize your site for the specific keywords users are searching for. 

There will be numerous keywords suggested that’ll be both relevant and popular, choosing the most effective and consistent will allow you to:

  • Curate your content to be cohesive and useful for said keywords.
  •  Potentially increase the value of your backlink network.

Now, keyword research is an essential part of Link Building, but it’s just the mere tip of the iceberg. Many business owners and marketing agencies make sure to use keyword research as a fundamental piece of their SEO efforts when, on its own, it doesn’t guarantee success or efficacy.

But no need to fret, keep reading and let us show you how Link Building experts get it done. This is how we expand upon your initial keyword research as a supporting piece, start building targeted links to drive users to your website, and ensure profits for your projects.



Every good link building strategy truly starts to come into its own with a reliable outreach system. But what is outreach? It’s the part of the Link Building process where we contact site owners in your niche and introduce them to your content.

And by “content,” we mean something worthy of a link— whether it’s a product, service, business, brand, or even personality. But being honest, outreach almost always works best with linkable assets paired with excellent written content.

Meaning, reaching out to people in your niche that:

  • Have a site that deals on/writes about similar assets to yours.
  • Have an article talking about specific content or type of product/service/business on your site. 
  • Have mentioned your target keyword in their articles.
  • Have linked to similar articles on the topic.

This way, your linkable asset —long blog posts, tools, infographics, etc. — will have value and will be useful to site owners and their visitors.

When it comes to choosing an authority site to link back to yours, the best Link Building agencies in the market aim their outreach tactics towards two valuable metrics. 

The first one is called DR or Domain rate. And essentially, this metric tells you how effective the link placed on the target site will be in procuring a higher authority for yours.

The second one is Organic Traffic, which means user traffic that is targeted to the specific keyword that the target site shares with yours. The higher traffic a website has, the more potential users looking for the kind of content your site can provide will be directed towards it.


Targeted Anchor Texts 

Lastly, only top SEO agencies apply your keyword research to intelligent inter-linking by connecting sites to content found through outreach and using the keywords you’ve discovered.

The execution of targeted anchor texts for your Link Building strategy is vital.  Since there are two critical elements to ranking a website, which are:

  • Premium content.
  • High-value links.

Having well-optimized content, coupled with links to the right pages and the correct anchor text, ensures your website will be relevant to users of the target site. When content and links appear relevant to users, they will more likely follow the said link and get you moving through the ranks.

The content on your website and on the article that will link back has to be organic, make sense, and add value to users to be considered a quality link. Quality links significantly improve the odds of achieving an improved ranking on the SERPs and the visits you expect to get. 


The Value of Targeted Links

Having Link Building done the right way, which is with a strategy aimed at targeted outreach, keyword research, and links, can significantly impact the growth of your website. 

But not just that… 

Links are responsible for the interconnected part of the internet. They are what makes the world wide web a network of information. Targeted links organize and connect all these hubs of information tied to specific keywords that make sense of the search process and bring users closer to the content they want.

With them playing a pivotal role on the Web, the value of targeted links should be obvious to you and your project. When they’re correctly implemented by knowing experts, they also can connect your sites to pages with high authority and audience, increasing the accessibility and visibility of your business. The more sites with a high domain rate and organic traffic link to yours, the more significant the boost to your site’s reach and the possibility to rank in the first results of a user’s query. 

Links placed in a website relevant to your niche, inside the paragraph of a related existing article with a compelling anchor text, are what you should be looking for in a Link Building strategy. 

Anything other than this, like links placed in sidebars or as a footnote, are simply put, not quality links. Without high-value targeted links, it is impossible for any SEO strategy to promote your content effectively, regardless of how well-crafted and exciting it may be. 

The significance of high-value targeted links makes finding professionals that understand this vital when considering partnering with any SEO agency that specializes in Link Building and search optimization.


Experts that can elevate your SEO strategy

It’s evident by now that the best Link Building strategy with a Targeted Link approach has more probability to help online projects looking to increase their reach.

It’s an essential factor in any online SEO strategy aimed at increasing your website’s traffic and growing your business. It expands upon the right keywords to bring valid leads, allowing you to reach a broader audience and increase profitability.

And right now, you’re a step closer to getting all of those benefits.

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